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Great Moments in Gaming History

6aming's Anna gives us some insight into her greatest gaming moments. Do you have any memorable games that have stuck with you through the years? (Culture)

dannygamer  +   142d ago
Great list of amazing gaming moments, my favorite moment was while playing BF4. I killed 5 players in an helicopter with rpg while I was on another helicopter :).
xNomaD  +   141d ago
Nice! Those moments are so epic in the Battlefield series. Just wish I had it recording at all times to ensure others could see those lucky moments.
jacobvogel  +   142d ago
My favorite moment was beating the final "boss" of Super Mario 3D World with a friend.
timothyckeegan  +   142d ago
For me it was simply playing Super Mario Bros. for the first time.
andrewsimons  +   142d ago
Popping my first achievement and becoming addicted.
xNomaD  +   141d ago
I can't even remember that far back. Probably a good feeling, however.

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