3DS Piracy Cartridge Bricks User’s 3DS

A company known as Gateway has claimed to have cracked the 3DS and has allowed users to download and play ROMs using this device. The company claims that the primary use for the device is to play backups of titles that you own. However this is the claim that all console piracy device manufacturers use, the fact remains that a large majority of people use these devices to play illegal copies of video games.

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DarkZane1550d ago

That news is late by a few months.

TristanP_ObViews1550d ago

There was no proof until just recently.

wheresmymonkey1550d ago

This is very old news. The cartridge also isn't that popular because its an utter bugger to use.

WilliamH1550d ago

Nintendo have made it very clear that this could happen, you have no one to blame but yourself. Buy your games

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The story is too old to be commented.