The Order: 1886 vs inFAMOUS: Second Son vs Ryse vs Yakuza Ishin: The Best Next Gen Faces Compared

With the increased power coming with the new generation of consoles facial and performance capture is becoming more and more relevant and performing, used by many developers to give more depth to their characters and storytelling.

This comparison aims to show exactly that, pitching against each other four of the best example of this budding new generation, showing their expressive power in displaying a wide variation of emotion on the faces of their characters.

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waltyftm1393d ago

Infamous wins imo, just so believable.

GarrusVakarian1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

Nah, gotta give it to The Order, second would be Ryse and 3rd Infamous in my opinion.

Ryse comes second because the cutscenes are pre rendered and the character models don't looks quite as good in-game (yes, ive played it). Whereas The Order is all real time in-game completely untouched. For The Order to look as good IN GAME as Ryse does in it's pre rendered cutscenes is amazing.

I put Infamous last because i don't see quite as much detail as the other two in the characters faces.....but it is an open world game whereas the other two are linear so to be as good as it is is pretty impressive.

I think the only game that will beat The Order in terms of faces is Uncharted 4.


Lol, if you say so. I think Naughty Dog might have something to say about that though. Even The Last Of Us has amazing facial tech, seriously good, it surprised me how good it was when i played the Left Behind DLC a few days ago. Uncharted 4 will be the benchmark for a while.

I just looked at the screenshots in the article, the Ryse screenshots are all from cutscenes, which are pre rendered. Marius doesn't look that detailed in-game, check for yourself, turn the camera around on his face and you will see less detail (pores, blemishes, lines etc).

Raccoon1393d ago

quantic dream's ip will destroy anything that has to do with faces lol just wait for it...

Unreal011393d ago

In my opinion it goes:

The Order > Infamous > Yakuza > Ryse

scott1821393d ago

Yeah, the order has far more detail on the characters. The Order is the best so far for characters and overall graphics.

ABizzel11393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

A better comparison would be gameplay models, but considering most of these games aren't out I understand why cutscenes had to be used.

All of Ryse screens are CG / cutscene models which is unfortunate, because the facial models still look amazing in game.

Yakuza looks good, and Infamous looks great, but they don't quite compete because they're open-world games, and in Yakuza's case it's a cross platform game as well.

The Order has the benefit of it's CG and in-game models looking practically identical already, and IMO their models are the best looking right now.

When it comes to In-game: bonus points for inFamous and Yakuza being open-world games, and Yakuza running in 1080p @ 60fps as well.

The Order > Ryse > inFamous > Yakuza


Ryse > The Order > inFamous > Yakuza

MeknSence1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

"Ryse"? Hell no. "Ryse" is lacking detail compare to "The Order" and "Infamous 2nd Son". Both of those games has massive details, wrinkles, scars etc. Why the Hell some people is tossing "Quantum Break" (if that's the name) in the mix for? What do we know about that game? Little to nothing. It's just a built and may not look as good as "The Order" or those others.

1) The Order
2) Infamous 2nd Son
3) Ryse
4) Yuko or whatever the name is.

BlackTar1871393d ago

Racoon any game made by David Cage will destroy any game made by any developer when it comes to faces.

ShinMaster1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

RYSE doesn't have a lot of emotion behind the eyes.

INFAMOUS shows emotion better.

But THE ORDER looks better overall.


Keep in mind that Ryse Scenator Necklace doesn't move (so no jiggle on the chain and therefore no physics and no shadow casting unlike in Uncharted 3 , let alone floth physics in The Order 1886) which is just a flat texture which is the biggest problem of the cryengine which will never be corrected. The engine relies too much on textures , yes high res ones but still very flat ones that don't have reliefs on them so they seem so dead which makes everything look dead and not convincing from clothes and faces and that hinders also animations whther body animations or facial ones. You can't talk about technical achievemnts in that domain for the cryengine and still pics aren't good way to judge. All games may look good in still pics while moving you can see a big gap between them that is whay it is called VIDEO game and not PHOTO game.

supes_241386d ago

Nice comparisons. I also would go The Order, Ryse, inFamous then yakuza. Ryse surprised me, I haven't played it cause I don't own a One but those screen shots were great. The Order looked a little bit better with the realism IMO.

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sigfredod1393d ago

WTH is doing yakusa faces here?

Insomnia_841393d ago

I agree. Only the old man's face looks really good imo.

Insomnia_841393d ago

The Order > Infamous > Rice > Yakuza

mcarsehat1393d ago

The order> ryse> infamous> yakuza

dansdooz1393d ago

ha ha dont be daft! that and yakuza are the lowest with ryse taking the top spot followed by the order....infamous lol

Retard1393d ago


Sony3601393d ago

The Order or Ryse, Ryse really has terrific facial animations and modelling, and The Order is already looking great.

Not sure why you'd pick Infamous first based on what we've seen.

BallsEye1393d ago

Ryse, without a question. And so far it's the only game OUT out of these, it might still change so comparison is stupid.

DanteVFenris6661393d ago

There's a lot of question in your vision. I agree ryse looks better then the others. But the order blows it away

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CYCLEGAMER1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

Based on these screen shots, nothing is touching Ryse. I think The Order will be very close though when it releases.

MysticStrummer1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

The Order looks clearly better already.

Infamous is the most impressive since it's open world and still has that level of detail, but just going strictly by the faces, I'd say :

The Order > Ryse > Infamous > Yakuza Ishin

Funny how the "smile" face from Yakuza looks so much better than the others from the same game...

CYCLEGAMER1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

Based on these screenshots, I would say no....but like I said, with more footage, we will probably be able to see more detail when the game is closer to launch. These screen shots of the order cover a lot of the faces with dark shadows, so we cant really see the details, while the others are well lit.

I_am_Batman1393d ago

I agree with that order. However as you pointed out some faces look much more detailed than others of the same game. Ryse has some pretty big disparity in detail too.

Also I can't wait to see what Quantic Dream will be able to do with the PS4. The faces from Beyond: Two souls still look better than most faces in new gen games.

Tontus1393d ago

Bingo, you got the order right!

It perplexes me how anyone can look at those screens and come to a different conclusion...

GarrusVakarian1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

The Order not only has more realistic faces, but it's also all real time and in-game, unlike Ryse which uses pre rendered cutscenes. Just sayin'.

StifflerK1393d ago

The video sequences are the parts in between the levels - you can tell by the change in contrast - example when the chain tower collapses - video - the speech on the boat -in-game .

The quality is the same. Even during gameplay - like when Marius tells his troops to hang the head were the Barbarians can see it - the quality is identical.

You have played the game , right?

minimur121393d ago

I think the interactive cutscenes will be pretty cool, in the reveal recently in a cutscene, you get a new gun and as you hold it in your hand you can rotate it and view it... weird.. :)

GarrusVakarian1393d ago


Yes ive played it and Marius doesn't look QUITE as good in-game (when you are controlling him) as he does in the screenshots used in this article.

The Order is all in-game, even the cutscnees are in-game, untouched and non pre rendered. It's arguably the best videogame facial tech ive ever seen in a videogame.

4Sh0w1393d ago

Yes StifflerK you are correct although Ryse has prerendered cutscenes added, the in game combat close ups are identical Digital Foundry scrutinized the game but said: "Ryse can feature up to 85k triangles which, along with the advanced shading features, produces some of the most lifelike models we've seen in real-time rendering."

cozomel1393d ago

What does pre-rendered mean exactly? That its another more powerful computer doing the graphics and then being converted to video or that its the system doing it, but its still really video?

BallsEye1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )


"Yes ive played it"

Stopped reading here.

It was confirmed by crytek on official presentation that cut-scenes uses IDENTICAL assets as gameplay, same polycount and everything else. Go watch dice presentation, showed there in detail.

So you are saying these scene turns on CGI every 2 seconds to have this amazing details when camera zooms in ? or when tons of soldiers are on screen? Or maybe when that ship is wrecking and catapult projectiles are dropping?

dice tech pres:

please stop spreading lies.

GarrusVakarian1393d ago


Clearly im talking about the cutscene videos in between levels seeing as most of the screenshots in the article are made up of those moments.
The Order facial tech >>>> everything else....and it's real time and in-game.

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Xsilver1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

actually no in Ryse those screenshots aren't in game they are pre rendered unlike yakuza/Order/SecondSOn which are all in game So it's not hard for them So the winner is the Order because what you see is clearly what you get. but props to infamous Second/yakuza ishin their both open world and still maintain an amazing amount of detail to their character faces.

GW2121393d ago

Nothing is touching Ryse? Come on dude, don't make stupid statements like that. They are ALL very close to each other. To say some over-the-top statement like that just makes you look silly.

I think the Order and Ryse are very close but I would give the edge to the Order based on those shots and the knowledge that in-game and cutscenes are identical.


@GW212 BASED ON THESE SCREEN SHOTS...yes, none of them are touching Ryse. OK...take everything you have seen in the past from The Order, and throw it out of the window. Now look at those screen shots again. They are being covered by shadows and the screen shot is being shown at a distance, you cant see any detail in the facial animations.

My statement is based off of the screenshots that are being presented, I think it will be a tie or The Order may look better when it is all said and done, but if someone who doesn't know anything about these games, looked at these screenshots IMO I am pretty sure that they would pick Ryse.

S2Killinit1393d ago

The ryse shots are not ingame, the Order shots are all ingame

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GamerXD1393d ago

Ryse/The Order tops 'em all with the facial animation. But The Order's atmosphere and lighting looks damn real. Heck, the walls' texture in Order gameplay looked so real you thought it was running on a $2000 rig. inFamous: SS is very impressive despite being an open-world game it succeeded rendering such graphics + dynamic environment. Very impressive indeed.

Meltic1393d ago

infamous 1. I Think the character it self is the funniest one.

DarkLord10031393d ago

Does this comparison even make sense? Infamous looks the best imo..

DarkLord10031393d ago

Can someone please tell me why I get down voted? Seriously - what the hell did I say that made people so furious?

gameslayer24111393d ago

It's probably people that have nothing better to do don't fret it man your on the internet.

Polock1393d ago

I'd assume it was a combination of people disagreeing that Infamous looked the best, and trolling because you reacted to the disagrees.

rafaman1393d ago

I guess its because infamous its the worst of them all

minimur121393d ago

it's not downvoted, they simply 'disagree' with what you said, my opinion is that the order looks better, so I'll disagree with you. If someone thinks that infamous is the best they ar obviously agreeing with you, so they press agree :)

dansdooz1393d ago

its because its easy to see infamous is nowhere near close to ryse or the order, infamous looks like a video game ryse looks real!

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WeAreLegion1393d ago

Most PlayStation fans are probably going to go with The Order and most Xbox fans are probably going to go with Ryse. That's the problem.

stuna11393d ago

Or that to Xbox1 fans Ryse is the only visually impressive game to even make that comparison, because even with the unreleased title Quantum Break, making a stark comparison is not something you can hang your hat on with confidence since no one knows much about the title to begin with! Visual wise the game could go south on detail, resolution and textures, pretty much like every game so far has.

JamieL1393d ago

Well stunta1 Ryse is the ONLY one on the list that is even out, no? So we don't even know what the others will even look like technically right? So as of right now Xbox1 is the only console with a game that can be played now on the list?