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PS4 Sees A Surge Of Interest As The Japanese Launch Draws Near, Xbox One Almost Non-Existent

GearNuke: "PS4 is set to soon launch in Japan on February 22nd. As it happens with most typical hardware launches, the interest in PS4 seems to be peaking with each passing day, as more people are searching for it in Japan, according to Google Trends. Meanwhile, people seem to barely have any interest in the Xbox One." (PS4, Xbox One)

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LuaMaster  +   59d ago | Well said
With the Xbox One sitting unsold in stores all over the US and Europe it certainly makes sense that in Japan there is close to zero interest in it.
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jackanderson1985  +   59d ago
xbox 360 sold what 2-3 mil over 6 years in Japan... based on that xbox one was never going to have a big interest there
GribbleGrunger  +   59d ago | Well said
Actually it was 1.7 million.
jackanderson1985  +   59d ago
@gribble well there ya go they barely made a dent in japan so shouldnt be any surprise that the interest in japan is somewhere between 0-1
Charybdis  +   59d ago
Will be interesting to see if Microsoft will put some effort in Japan. Would be nice to see some JRPG's,those are most likely going for the ps4.

There are still a number of countries in EU xb1 hasn't launched. For example Netherlands, though its not hard to get one from Germany.
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amiga-man  +   59d ago
It is hardly surprising a tech savvy nation like Japan would shun the xone, even the Americans can see the poor value it offers, (most of them)

The xone was never likely to do well there anyway, with it's gimped specs it has no chance.

Sony can add at least another million to PS4 sales though.
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GribbleGrunger  +   59d ago | Well said
@jackanderson1985: Yep, this is why it's a serious situation for MS and their shareholders know it. They're dead in Japan, dead in Europe and dying in the US (at the moment). The only territory left for them to prove the X1 is a viable proposition, IS the US. Titanfall has got to pull a miracle but I don't think it will, beyond perhaps one or two weeks of a reasonable spike ... And that's IF PS4 exclusives do badly because games like Infamous: Second Son will surely cause spikes of their own.

It's clear that even MS haven't got as much faith in Titanfall's ability to shift significant amounts of X1s either. The one week delay of the 360 version is obviously designed to create bigger demand for the X1 version. They say it's to 'give it more polish'! Come on, you can't do much in one damned week.
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abzdine  +   59d ago
they better skip Japan and focus their ressources on NA and to some extend EU territories cause if they're trounced in NA then releasing x1 in Japan will be more than humiliating.

Greatness has finally hit its homeland!
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dmitrijs88  +   59d ago
1.65m to be exact.
dredgewalker  +   59d ago
It would add considerable financial strain on MS if they decide to pursue the market in Japan again. I don't think it's a good time for MS to launch in Japan when they're having a hard time on their own turf. Imagine how much money was spent on their xbox 360 campaign compared to how many units they sold in Japan. Third time ain't gonna be a charm in this situation.
solidt12  +   59d ago
@ GRIBBLEGRUNDER and all of those 1.7 sales were probably US Servicemen stationed in Japan. lol
Gekko36  +   58d ago
If I were Microsoft I would ignore Japan, it's economy is just not worth any effort.

I'd be looking at inroads into China and castrate the Japanese from the equation.

Sony are trying to make inroads into China, but Microsoft are much further along and also are not universally viewed as by the Chinese as "Bast@rds", I knew Japans invasion of China and of course their half of the world war 2 scenario would forever label them "Bast@rds" in the eyes of the Chinese.

After all the last thing the world needs is the Japanese trying to rule the world... It didn't end well for them last time.

Sony won't get the numbers the PS2 had, brand loyalty is too great in the other camps.

Plus Microsoft still has the ace up it's sleeve, which is to drop the price to match PS4
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Joey_Leone   59d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(8)
fr0sty  +   59d ago
Xbox One enjoyed a surge of sales from diehard enthusiasts who were determined to support the Xbox brand or who were not willing to switch due to "their friends all being on Live", which isn't the case anymore with so many 360>PS4 converts and the fact that PSN is actually a better online service than Live is now.

Now that that initial surge of enthusiasts has died off, we're seeing sales reflect it.
MachineGunnTalk  +   58d ago
whoa! get ur 3rd rate servers outta here!
fr0sty  +   58d ago
3rd rate? You mean the ones that never once have dropped me from a game connection, which do not lag, which are capable of cloud gaming via gaikai, which max out my internet connection's download speed, and which I'm given dozens of free and discounted games every year for just for using them... yeah, lets see Xbox do better.
chrisoadamson  +   58d ago
how do u figure PSN is better than Xbox live? cos its a Paid service now ? what has improved ... xbox one has 300,000 servers for Live .. u got any facts or figures for this statement or you just pulled shit outa ur arse
fr0sty  +   58d ago
Xbox One doesn't have 300k servers, Jonathan Blow called them out on that long ago. They have fewer servers running 300k virtual machines ( http://www.escapistmagazine... Big difference. Sony also has many tens of thousands of its own servers. Gaikai alone had 50 datacenters full of servers in the USA and Europe in 2011 before Sony bought them, and they said they expected to double that to over 100 datacenters full of servers within a year. No telling how many new datacenters have been opened up just for Gaikai's streaming since then.

And no, PSN isn't better because you pay for it. It's better because you pay less for it, you get more (more and better free games), and you also get every feature Live offers.

... and should you allow you subscription to lapse, you can still play all of your free to play games online and can still access your web browser, netflix, etc.

So far Microsoft has not demonstrated one thing to back up their hype about their server farms and cloud computing, and Sony has already confirmed that if they wanted to they have the server capability to do cloud aided rendering as well (they don't because it's a pipe dream not really feasible on modern internet infrastructure, which is why you're not seeing much of it on XO either. not counting the "game stops working when servers shut down" aspect of it). Sony has provided a consistent online experience that is miles ahead of PS3, matches every feature of live (and exceeds it in some ways... no party chat on Xbox One), and gives a ton of cool free games and awesome discounts in the process.

So, tell me again what live does that PSN doesn't?
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Gamer1982  +   59d ago
I still don't get why its launching on a Saturday.. What a weird day of launching.. Must be a Japanese thing..
parentoftheyear  +   59d ago
I'm excited for them. This will be a great day.
Neonridr  +   59d ago
Not exactly news-worthy. All consoles see an interest leading up to a launch. That being said, the PS4 should sell well in Japan initially. It will be up to the developers to ensure there are games that cater to those audiences to keep it selling. Japanese gamers aren't going to go ga-ga over Uncharted, Killzone and Infamous.
HeWhoWalks  +   59d ago
You mean like every PlayStation before it? Games won't be a problem in Japan.

OT: I'm excited to see the launch figures!
Gamer1982  +   59d ago
I honestly can't wait for some serious JRPGs.. I hope we get some good ones as the PS3 generation was seriously lacking in them as the WRPG started to sell extremely well.. Thats all because a lot went to Wii thanks to sales and this time around they could come to PS4.. They certainly con't be going to MS just like last gen after the paid for exclusives from mistwalker all JRPGs except Final Fantasy went PS exclusive only as why release a game that simply won't sell in your territory?
Rainstorm81  +   59d ago
That's why PS3 is the console for JRPGs.....give it time PS4 will get that same treatment

Besides PS4 is already looking to be the lead console in that country, so I'm sure there will be support
ABizzel1  +   59d ago
I think PS4 is going to blow the competition away in Japan as well. It's the only place to continue the most popular Japanese gaming franchises in Japan such as Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, Kingdom Hearts, Resident Evil, Gran Turismo, Yakuza, etc...

On top of that it seems like the PS4 will be the most popular console this gen, whereas last gen it was the Wii early on, and gamers had to choose Wii for 1st party and popularity vs PS3 for 3rd party but high price. This gen it's PS4 3rd party and popularity and hopefully Sony Japan vs Wii U 1st party and lower price.
Inception  +   59d ago

"Japanese gamers aren't going to go ga-ga over Uncharted, Killzone and Infamous."

You should change your stigma about japanese gamer doesn't like / buy western games. FYI, The Last of Us sold at 200-300k+, GTA V sold 700k+, Uncharted 3 sold 200k+, Skyrim sold 250k+, and KZ 3 sold like 100k. All in japan . And yes, maybe you will said "meh" to those numbers. But for small country like japan, those numbers are great numbers.

Also, japanese gamers will do ga-ga over Yakuza Ishin, Dynasty Warrior 8, Dream Club, Guilty Gear Xrd, FF XV, KH 3, MGS, etc.
Neonridr  +   59d ago
Killzone 3 sold 100k in a country where the install base is almost 10 million.

When you are talking about a 1% attachment rate, then those numbers honestly aren't even worth mentioning.

I never said the PS4 won't be successful there, you guys are jumping on my comments too quickly. I am merely saying that these launch titles for the PS4 won't keep the interest of the MAJORITY of the Japanese gamers. They want their Final Fantasies, Kingdom Hearts, MGS like you mentioned, but those games are down the road.

But even GTA V selling 700k copies means that less than 10% of the Japanese PS3 owners bought that game. Again, not fantastic numbers for that size of an install base. But considering the type of game, I guess it was a plus it sold that many.
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dcj0524  +   59d ago
@neon Sonic Colors sold 1million copies on the wii.A instalbase of 100 million. That's 1% and everyone considers that a sucess.
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ritsuka666  +   58d ago
Stop fighting each other here.
MightyNoX  +   59d ago
GTA C sold 700k over there. Japanese are definitely coming around towards western tastes.

Also Segas Yakuza series have jumped ship to the console already.

Heavy hitters for Japan like Nippon ichi software, Falcom and tales studio are pledged support. Couple that with square Enix FF14,FF15 and KH3 and the Japanese have plenty to be excited about.
Neonridr  +   59d ago
absolutely, down the road. I am merely referring to compelling software for the Japanese at launch. If these titles don't show up for like 9 months down the road, then sales may not be as great as everyone is expecting.

But I fully expect the system to sell like hotcakes over there, regardless.
Justindark  +   59d ago
uncharted and killzone wont do very well in japan. games like deep down and such will
Tito08  +   59d ago
That's why it's launching with Yakuza Ishin, they do go gaga for Yakuza, and MGSV: Ground Zeroes will release a couple weeks after, the Japanese launch will be fine. They learned that mistake with the Vita by launching with with mostly western games, big mistake.
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Rainstorm81  +   59d ago
I also think Infamous will do well also.....Now is the superhero age...Avengers did great in Japan
ritsuka666  +   58d ago

I agree..People are essentially lining up for a console with little to no games.
nevin1  +   59d ago
I don't think Japan ever had an interest in Xbox's 12 year history.
MCTJim  +   59d ago
Nope, never have in Japan, they are very Country oriented. They will never be able to sell like they have in other areas of the world.
DragonKnight  +   59d ago
They buy plenty of American products, it's just that said American products have more of a global plan in mind whereas every single Xbox console that's been released has been decidedly American from the features and games, right down to the very look and size of the console.
styferion  +   59d ago
It's not because they are country oriented, it's more because most XB1 feature is useless outside U.S.
knifefight  +   59d ago
Uh oh, looks like some reading is in order here:

The Xbox and 360 didn't fail in Japan because of being American, they failed in Japan because they didn't have enough exclusive games that people actually wanted. The most popular genre in Japan isn't football and shooters; just like the most popular foods in a given country are usually things that people there grow up eating. Sushi might be popular in the US, but it's obviously waaaay bigger in Japan, its homeland. McDonald's is very very very popular in Japan, but it's obviously way more popular in America, its homeland.

Anyway, point is, do some reading and educating yourself before you make nationalist comments like that. It's Olympic time, dude, no time to be hatin'.
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chrisoadamson  +   58d ago
japs dont like FPS or sports games , so Xbox never gona do well. they like there crappy jap role playing shit
MCTJim  +   59d ago
Guys, all I meant was that Japan has always been a unique market.
DarkLord1003  +   59d ago
Same in Europe. Only the UK was really into the Xbox. The rest of us was only interested in PS3 and Wii last gen

Edit: Are there actually any sale numbers for the 360 without the RROD thing?
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styferion  +   59d ago
add to that the much boasted multimedia aspect of XB1 is near useless outside U.S, it actually pissed off all of my friend who is loyal to previous Xbox, now all of them change sides either to Sony or Nintendo.
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DarkLord1003  +   59d ago
Yeah - but to be fair: Both, MS and Sony have apps only available in the US. Non UK Europeans always are the ones who have to pay more for less value
Kribwalker  +   59d ago
You are aware microsoft made it a 3yr warrantee for the red ring of death, so the sales numbers weren't really as bloated by it as you think. I personally had 2 replaced, one was rrod and one was some video failure without having to purchase a new xbox
stuna1  +   59d ago
That is such a misconception! Even of N4G you hear of people here bragging of having 2 or 3 different models of the Xbox 360! The RROD fiasco definitely bloated the sales of the 360, whether people admit or not! Some even stated being impatient waiting on repairs drove many to buy backup consoles.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   59d ago
replacements counted as a sold unit according to MS
Hicken  +   59d ago
You are aware it was about 18 months after release that they made it a three year warranty. Prior to that, it was a 30 day warranty. And while the 3 year extended warranty for RROD DID cover existing consoles, it DID NOT reimburse anyone for console they had already paid out of pocket to replace. And many people decided not to wait on the replacement console- which took quite a few weeks- and bought a new 360 to use while they waited.

Furthermore, that warranty ONLY covered the RROD; there was still a significant number of consoles(30-40% of those that failed) that were not covered beyond that 30 days. Meaning people were paying out of pocket if they wanted to keep gaming on Xbox.
Kribwalker  +   59d ago
It was a 1year warranty at the start, I had 1 console RROD replaced in the first year and a second replaced 6 months later. And they can't legally count refurbished consoles as replacements as units sold. That would be known as fraud
BigShotSmoov007  +   59d ago
And this is news how? Asian markets don't buy any Microsoft so it's no surprise that the XBO isn't drawing any interest.
Justindark  +   59d ago
agreed but anything against or negative about anything none sony gets a high hot score.
Tedakin  +   59d ago
Xbox already said they're barely going to try there. This isn't a new story. This is a 12 year old trend.
medman  +   59d ago
They better start trying somewhere, cause they're getting it handed to them. I suggest the martians. Maybe their draconian policies will appeal to extraterrestrials.
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Meltic  +   59d ago
i really hope when ps4 is relased in japan more gaming news will come and more release dates will come.
stuna1  +   59d ago
Personally I think that goes without saying! The volume of PS4 foward momentum pretty much guarantee a steady stream of support. Unlike last generation when the true underdog! There is no solid one year long sales gap or no instant competitor run-away success obstacles to contend with.
Cryptcuzz  +   59d ago
Once it releases in Japan, I hope to hear more announcements of what Japanese games are being made and when we can expect them to be released.

Tokyo Game Show last year was pretty meh for me in terms of Japanese PS4 game news. I was hoping for announcements for games like Resident Evil, Street fighter, Virtua Fighter, DOA, Monster Hunter, More of Final Fantasy, JRPG games in development, Level 5 games, Atlus games, Namco games, Sony Japan games, etc.

So I am hoping to hear a lot more from what Japanese developers are working for on the PS4 this year.
urwifeminder  +   59d ago
That's great still don't want one.
WeAreLegion  +   59d ago
We know...
amiga-man  +   59d ago
That's great still don't want one.

Your loss.
#9.2 (Edited 59d ago ) | Agree(25) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
R3ddBuddah  +   59d ago
whats there to lose?
amiga-man  +   59d ago
Lets just leave it at better performing 3rd party games, theres more but I think you already realise that.
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SoulSercher620  +   59d ago
Not a single f*** was given
Hicken  +   59d ago
In fact, many a f*** was taken back.
tommygunzII  +   59d ago
Ignorance is bliss..
stuna1  +   59d ago
So why respond!?
urwifeminder  +   59d ago
Well its plastered on the xbox page why not.
DigitalRaptor  +   59d ago
Just wait until Sony reveals the JRPGs they're working on and The Last Guardian.

Fireworks, candy and puppies for everyone.
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Cryptcuzz  +   59d ago
Awesome man! I am personally excited to know what the two unannounced JRPG games would be from Sony.

I wonder how a next gen Legend of Dragoon would be like on the PS4?
josephayal  +   59d ago
mark my words
Xbox one is gonna sell like hot cake in japan
ltachiUchiha  +   59d ago
Goodluck to them but knowing japanese ppl, they aren't going to be fooled very easily even if MS pushes really hard this time around because japanese gamers know that MS tends to screw gamers over in the long run. If MS can show support through its whole life cycle to the very end, maybe then, they will get the respect from gamers who dont trust them.
KNWS  +   59d ago
Not at the current price and i am an x box fan. 100 less for a console with better hardware for a gamer is hard to turn down.

Microsoft might have a better game line up, better online service and OS, but the price difference, is a real thing, and its something Microsoft will have to react to eventually, if sales continue to be stagnant.
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Cam977  +   59d ago
That is literally the poorest sentence I've read all week.
MysticStrummer  +   59d ago
"Xbox one is gonna sell like hot cake in japan"

Yup, they're only going to sell one in the entire country.
chrisarsenalsavart  +   59d ago
Hot cakes are not really popular in Japan.
Silly gameAr  +   59d ago
Lol oooh josephayal, you've always been one of my favs on this site. I don't think some people realize that you troll everyone with 90% of your comments.
MysticStrummer  +   59d ago
"I don't think some people realize that you troll everyone with 90% of your comments."

lol I think more than 90% of the people here do realize that very well.
Silly gameAr  +   59d ago
ooops. Double post.
#11.6 (Edited 59d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   59d ago
you suck at trolling...
stuna1  +   59d ago
Pancakes laced with stricknine!
CharlesSwann  +   59d ago
I hope it goes off big. I want more jpn console games and not just portable. If Japan goes nuts for ps4 it will mean more localized games for us down the road.
Darkfist  +   59d ago
microsoft should give them 100 yen to switch from ps3 to xbone, that will work
Skankinruby  +   59d ago
Wouldn't be surprised. That pretty much sums up Microsoft's business tactic thus far
MasterCornholio  +   59d ago
Maybe Microsoft should give them measuring tape again.

You know to measure the space that kinect needs to operate efficiently.
MasterCornholio  +   59d ago
Im not kidding about the measuring tape.

Cryptcuzz  +   59d ago
LOL damn at the measuring tape.

I can understand why though. That is why Japanese people do not like big and bulky systems too. Their typical room are not that big and they do not like big and bulky systems taking up more room around their TV.
joecanada  +   59d ago
im certain you are being sarcastic, so that is pretty funny. it didn't even work in the US.
stinkytofus  +   59d ago
Microsoft just doesnt learn

Japanese wants small consoles

Wii was a home run because it was small and the gimmick got them alot of sales

Ps4 will be a home run because of size factor, price, and being the more powerful of the 3.

Xbone's size alone is already a deathwish in an japanese market.... Most will be saying to themselves when they are in the store looking at it "too big, more expensive than ps4, only shooters and sports games"

Ps4 will sell like crazy in japan
ShinnosukeRFD  +   59d ago
It's pretty much over in terms of competition in Japan for 8th gen home consoles.

PS4 will get all the Japanese exclusives and multiplats
Wii-U will get a few
Xbone won't get nothing.
GetRealOne  +   59d ago
The Japanese are very loyal to their own. Microsoft will have a hard start in Asia. Perhaps they make another jrpg rollout.
ShinnosukeRFD  +   59d ago
A Japanese publisher would be FOOLISH to put a JRPG on the Xbone. I guarantee it will flop.
GetRealOne  +   59d ago
Sure you can think that. Also about the western exclusives. DR3 is from capcom an Japanese studio. Microsoft buys their games with much money, there are always studios taking it.
Cryptcuzz  +   59d ago
I was so pissed off when they released a JRPG game exclusive to the 360 (tales of Vesperia) and not on the PS3 last gen. I hope to not see something like that again, when clearly it would not do well and be fully appreciate it compared to a console that has a history of loving JRPG games (Playstation)
Grave  +   59d ago
It's gonna be big, we're talking "Godzilla" big.
#17 (Edited 59d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
AD705  +   59d ago
I hope its not that big in japan. Because everyone of them will run away from it lol.
BattleTorn  +   59d ago
I really hope Microsoft sees their failures.

I hope they realize that the Xbox One is in stock everywhere, completely unlike the PS4, because of GAMER FOCUS, and specs that represent that.
Alstor_H2O  +   59d ago
It fits with the cycle of the past few generations.

PlayStation 2 does better than the Xbox in the sixth generation. Sony gets cocky and thinks that everyone will just buy the PlayStation 3 based on brand name.

Xbox 360 does better than the PlayStation 3 (at least in the beginning). Microsoft gets cocky and thinks everyone will just buy the Xbox One based on brand name.

Sadly for a PS fan like me, there's no reason that this won't be switched again in the ninth generation.
BattleTorn  +   59d ago
hey, there's a good chance the ninth generation won't be like any generation before it
XiSasukeUchiha  +   59d ago
MS please stop your not getting anyway in Japan just leave, pack it in, move on try somewhere else
ShinnosukeRFD  +   59d ago
GrayFOX333  +   59d ago
somewhere else.. maybe Madagascar?
texasripper   59d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(3)
DiLeCtioN  +   59d ago
In all places I thought Japan would have been first to get their hands on the PSN. I must be living under a rock.
Benschachar   59d ago | Offensive
russo121  +   59d ago
I'm not Japanese but if ms give me a free xbone I would sell it for half the price - 250 €$Y - even then I'm not sure people would buy it. Maybe I have to pay someone to keep it!?!?

Lesson learned from the story - please ms don't offer me an xbone!
#23 (Edited 59d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
NeloAnjelo  +   59d ago
PS4 500k-700k in Japan at launch
Cryptcuzz  +   59d ago
I am going to go with 800K-1 Mill (I like to be optimistic) and hope they can sell at least that much.

Let us a make a friendly bet and see who comes up closer :)

NeloAnjelo  +   59d ago
Sure mate! Lol.

I hope they do well too :)
Killzoner99  +   59d ago
This makes me so giddy. The Japanese launch will be the final nail in the Xbone. Sony has been dominating around the globe and I find it fitting it will all end in Sony's homeland. I have never been more proud to be a gamer . I've made a lot of friends here on N4G and I know the passion for Playstation is strong here and I just want to say to you....we did it.
Long Live Play
ritsuka666  +   58d ago
Why are you so obsessive with Xboxone???
LOLzy  +   59d ago
"On a side note, common sence amongst gamers in Japan is reaching record breaking levels. Weather or not this has anything to do with this article is undetermined."
tommygunzII  +   59d ago
Watch closely Microsoft. This is how it's done.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   59d ago

In before "but iPhone!"
Veneno  +   59d ago
So America is also xenophobic because PS4 is selling more? Gotcha.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   58d ago
You should go to Japan and try to visit one of their "Japanese Only" business establishments.

Please notice that all the signs are written in English.

Oh and although I hate sales talks, Xbox One beat PS4 in December, and PS4 beat Xbox One by a small margin in January. That race is still too close to call.
#28.1.1 (Edited 58d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report
Tunerboy8732  +   58d ago
I'm excited for Japan finally getting there hands on a ps4.I been enjoying mine since it launched in november and have a couple friends on psn that live in Japan that imported there's a while back and been playing it nonstop.I think all Sony has to do now is bring on the big AAA titles and let the numbers speak for themselves.I think Titanfall will do good for the Xbox One but its gonna take a lot more than that to get those Xbox Ones off the shelves like a Kinect free console priced at $350 would be the right move but until then all hail king ps4.
#29 (Edited 58d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Geekman  +   58d ago
This article is low. We've know for years that Japan hates Microsoft. Of COURSE nobody over there cares about it. It sells worse over there than the Wii U does here.
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