PS4 Port of Final Fantasy XIV Has Unlocked Framerate up to 60 [email protected]; Limited Due to Heat Issues

While it was known that the PS4 version of Final Fantasy XIV: a Realm Reborn would run at 1080p native there has been a bit of back and forth on its frame rate. With Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida changing version a couple times about it. Now at last he explained how it'll work, also drawing a comparison with the PC version.

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KrisButtar1526d ago

Will the PS4 have heat concerns with all games running at 1080p60fps? because I just found that a very odd thing to say unless it applies to all games. Could this be future PS4 concerns incoming.

"1.8 millions of registered accounts" Active accounts is what matters. My family is registered but none of us play anymore.

Abriael1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

And the servers are still full to the brim. I get queues nearly every night. So your family is irrelevant :D

You may also want to read a bit more carefully. The heat happened OVER 60 fps. Not AT 60 FPS. Which is why games are capped at 60 fps and normally don't go over.

So no, there are no "concerns."

kingdom181526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

How the heck did he comment 3mins ago and you 8mins? *Never mind. o.O That aside I hope they aren't that full. lol I wasn't able to select my most developed characters from the beta because it was full for a while. I want to activate the service again.

johndoe112111526d ago

Don't worry, now we're gonna see a ton of butt hurt fanboys use this article and twist the words to make it look like the ps4 has heat issues and can overheat when running games at 60 fps.

Just take a look at this website's comment section for the next couple of days and youtubers like nxtgen720 and the misterxmedia website (or what I like to call herpesville).

Volkama1526d ago

Still, it's a bit concerning that he was able to 'achieve' heat issues.

When StarCraft 2 launched it melted a good number of graphics cards. The game wasn't massively intense, it simply had no cap on the frame rate that it rendered it's menus at. A simple oversight like that burned out a lot of GPUs (and was subsequently fixed). Could easily see a self-published indie game doing something similar.

Now I think the PS4 has adequate fail safes to prevent it getting to the point of melting, but still... bit odd that it's something they need to actively consider.

Volkama1526d ago

I bought the game off Steam yesterday. Haven't tried it yet, but I hope there are some lower population servers available. Aint nobody likes queues!

JAMurida1526d ago


Don't bother man. Just a typical guy who just reads the title and comments. Nothing we all haven't seen before on this site.

johndoe112111526d ago


Again, the issues came when they were trying to go OVER 60fps.

KrisButtar1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )


"And the servers are still full to the brim. I get queues nearly every night. So your family is irrelevant :D"

That's good news its still going strong

"You may also want to read a bit more carefully. The heat happened OVER 60 fps. Not AT 60 FPS. Which is why games are capped at 60 fps and normally don't go over."

My concern came from it running so close to the line of where it could damage my system and if all games that are 1080p60fps are so close.

Edit: PS4 shuts down when to hot, a feature I forgot about, no more concern.

yewles11526d ago

"You may also want to read a bit more carefully."

NO!!! If a headline reads "PS4 Port of Final Fantasy XIV Has Unlocked Framerate up to 60 [email protected]; Limited Due to Heat Issues", then people are going to assume that the heat issues are due to it reaching 60fps. Improve your headlining here.

RyuCloudStrife1525d ago

dude your headline making people think the 60FPS are causing the PS4 to overheat, FIX IT DAMN IT!!!

UncleGermrod1525d ago

I'm sure you and your family are pretty irrelevant life

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heisenberguk1526d ago

If you're THAT concerned buy an xbox

AnteCash1526d ago

No need for such drastic measures!

Snookies121526d ago

@AnteCash - I'm not against the X1 at all, but that made me lol...

KrisButtar1526d ago

The 360 is the reason I had this concern in the 1st place

kazuma9991526d ago

Nah, I dont wanna buy a 500$ paper weight.

MysticStrummer1526d ago

"If you're THAT concerned buy an xbox"

Yes. If higher res and frame rate leads to heat issues then XB1 owners should be worry free.

T21525d ago

whoa , whoa, whoa,heisenberguk- buddy... we want the blue stuff you got it? Not green, not white, not pink, but blue!! 99percent pure, best i ever... uh, tasted.

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johndoe112111526d ago

Did you even read the article?

il-JumperMT1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Did you real the article? They said the game can run at 1080p and over 60 FPS. If they keep it unlocked there will be heat concerns so they locked it.

That said in Mor Dhona I barely get 10 FPS. Bet I can change to PS4 version over PC permantly.

Magicite1526d ago

in PS4 version u wont see objects which could drastically decrease your frame rate. for example: if an area is very crowded, then players who stand farther from you, will become invisible.

kazuma9991526d ago

Wtf 10 FPS? o.O my Pc can run 120 FPS easy lol.

Sarcasm1526d ago

Did you read the article?

It says it has heats issues running *above* 60fps. It's no different than a GPU running without v-sync and running at 100% GPU usage.

Kamikaze1351525d ago

FFXIV is an MMO. It uses up a lot more resources than other kinds of games. So no.

kopicha1525d ago

you clearly didn't fully read the whole article. Or simply read selectively.

RyuCloudStrife1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

don't worry dude the PS4 will not over heat @60fps the heat becomes an issue AFTER 60 fps, lets say around a solid 65fps for example.

So NO the PS4 will not have a heat issue with all games running at 60fps, the headline of this story is just made like that for hits.

Also if a game can run ABOVE 60fps it is useless, might as well use that power for something else instead of piling on frames per second. Like improve the lighting, add more to the enviroment and textures 'till your frames are balanced at 60fps.

nypifisel1525d ago

Honestly, that all just sounds strange to me. Why would the PS4 overheat at full load? The chip is of course designed to be able to handle its own power lol.

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TomahawkX1526d ago

Good thing the PS4 will simply shutdown if it gets too hot just like your laptop pc. No YLOD this time around.

KrisButtar1526d ago

I totally forgot about that. I lost a few systems because of heat.

bubble helpful

loopygames1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

Microsoft and Sony doesn't allow games/patches release to the public if they don't past QA/Certification(They test for security exploits, hardware issues, and stability). If something is not right, they send it back to the developers.

This is one of the good reasons to own a console. You have two companies looking over the quality of the game. The game developer's QA department and the console manufacture's QA department.

The PS4 also has a device inside that monitors heat and like you said, it will shutdown the console, before it gets really hot.

"Ootori also revealed that the console has an internal sensor that rates the ambient temperature of the air that’s expelled via the exhaust port, affording for moderation of external temperatures."
Sony’s Engineer Director Yasuhiro Ootori

kopicha1525d ago

oh really? i didnt know about that. not like i have experience major heat from the system so far.

RexLex1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Shit that is crazy,.. It is really hard to get it at 1920*1080 (at maximum) at 30 on pc,.. fuck,.. you need 2000 dollar rig.

Snookies121526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Not really $2000 dollars, but a really good rig. Over $1000 most likely. I got my rig about 3 years ago at around $1200 and it can run XIV at maxed settings and get some great FPS. Nowadays, my PC could probably be bought for around $700. Which means anything beyond that will be more than enough to run it very well. It's very impressive that the PS4 can do this though, especially for its price point! It's a seriously great achievement. *trophy unlock noise*

RexLex1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

60 fps,.. Still,.. crazy impressive

Sci0n1525d ago

Well said, I still feel guilty like I stole something from purchasing my launch PS4 at 399. Its just unbelievable that a console with so much promise, great specs and horse power could sell at such a affordable price. I can still hear the roars and cheers from the crowd when Sony announced the price of the PS4, Greatness has arrived!

OsirisBlack1525d ago

Yea I have a very nice rig and play this maxed out I generally play well over 1080 but 60fps at 1080 on a console is very impressive. My wife plays on her hd 7790 and she only gets about 30fps in heavy congestion on max so this is very impressive.

T21525d ago

thanks for the real specs guys... I love pc gaming but sick of people on here saying a 200 dollar card would destroy a ps4....

kopicha1525d ago


they never lie that a $200 card "may" destroy a PS4. But they forget to factor other stuffs like in CPU, RAM, PSU, MB, and etc etc. So that is definitely way over $400. They only make themselves look stupid saying those things

Sci0n1525d ago

Agreed Joe, I appreciate the honest humble PC gamers. There are still some out there. Its the PC elitest who always boast about having the highest specd gaming rigs that get to me because allot of them are lying. League Of Legends is one of the most populated played pc games and it doesn't take much for a pc ro run that game. I am not saying there aren't PC guys out there with really nice gaming rigs but PC elitist speak as if its the norm that every PC owner is gaming on expensive rigs on maxed settings. I have a gaming PC but its not the best I actually have to turn down some of my settings to get it to run to my liking and it cost more then my PS4.

italiangamer1526d ago

WOW the ps4 ran FFXIV over 60FPS! To my eyes that's an amazing accomplishment

Volkama1526d ago

It's a PS3 game at it's core though, so it'll already be pulling every artistic and design trick in the book to get it performing. This fact is one of the reasons I haven't been that tempted to try it on the PC (the bigger reason being it looks like it treads WoW's footsteps too closely).

MMORPGs are typically quite taxing on the CPU when they get 'busy', so it'll be interesting to see how it holds up in a raid or congested PvP.

It's £9.99 on Steam now so I bought it yesterday, so I'll know first hand if it's pretty or not when I get round to playing it :)

LightofDarkness1526d ago

It was a PC game at its core, really. The console ports were apparently an after thought, considering the PC version launched in 2010 and didn't hit the PS3 until late last year.

kopicha1525d ago


Not true. PS3 was suppose to get the release back in the days. However the original did really badly which is why they decided not to release it until they "fix" the game. Which apparently they couldnt fix it based on the original game and that they had to rebuild the game ground up which is the current 2.0. In fact the game was build with console in mind. If you have seen the original, it is obvious that the UI is extremely clunky on PC because it was build around for console users. and this is the actual history of the game. I am a legacy player myself

Kayant1526d ago

"As expected, the thermal runaway of the PS4 chassis can be scary, so we decided to cap the frame rate to 60 FPS." - This is rather interesting good thing that it only happens over 60FPS which would be not beneficial to most as they don't have the screen see those extra frames. So the game could run over 60FPS then goes all the *it's hardly* a demanding game arguments.

nypifisel1525d ago

Again, this makes no sense. The chip should be able to handle its own full load lol. The cooling solution in the PS4 is designed to disperse any heat generated by the hardware without affecting it negatively. This is of course in full load. No one designs a piece of hardware not being able to manage its own performance, only time these machines are prone to failure (unless manufacturing fault is in play) is in extreme environments or potential raise of voltage generating more heat. It's all calculated and tested of course.

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