Kojima: You'll Want To Play Ground Zeroes Again and Again

Kojima just expanded on why MGSV: Ground Zeroes is highly replayable, in a way that beckons you to play it again and again.

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Imp0ssibl3888d ago

Considering the game is rumored to be VERY short, I hope so.

Alexious888d ago

Yes. The price would be completely unjustifiable otherwise...

Meltic888d ago

i will Watch the gameplay on youtube instead. Will buy it later.

abzdine888d ago

i will get it on PS4. i hope Kojima won't fail me and he's not saying this just to sell it.

lsujester888d ago

I'm sure I'll do plenty of mucking around looking for easter eggs. If it's anything like the previous games, they'll be quite a lot of random things Kojima throws in, like models (and their codec reactions!) or the alien story and crop circles.

I need scissors! 61!

TruthInsider 888d ago

In glorious 1080p @ 60fps i sure will :-)

GoldenGamer888d ago

For the price tag I'd fkin expect too. I'd have to play it about 10 times to feel I'd got my moneys worth.

dcj0524888d ago

For $20 this is a good deal.

WitWolfy888d ago (Edited 888d ago )

Might be waiting for a while then... Would've been great if Sony did make an exlcusive deal for it to be the free game of the month when it released...

Edi007888d ago

I want to justifi my day one purchase for this game because is MGS game and a kojima game and because i have ps4 sobi will play the best version ...... but 2 hours !!!!!!!! The main story i caaaannt just the cutscene about akullface was 15 min i will wait until ps+ or sale

TooHigh2Die888d ago

Its 30$ and main mission is 2 hours it has several other missions and your progression is carried over to Phantom Pain.

I'll be getting day 1 MGS is easily one of the best gaming franchise's ever made and this will be super fun to play.

Edi007888d ago

40 euro for nextgen box... 30 euro digital version

Fishy Fingers888d ago

I'm sure it will. Open environment to f*** about in, still, with such a short main mission even as a big MGS fan I think I'll wait on a price drop. Plenty to keep me occupied.

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The story is too old to be commented.