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Kojima: You'll Want To Play Ground Zeroes Again and Again

Kojima just expanded on why MGSV: Ground Zeroes is highly replayable, in a way that beckons you to play it again and again. (Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Imp0ssibl3  +   643d ago
Considering the game is rumored to be VERY short, I hope so.
Alexious  +   643d ago
Yes. The price would be completely unjustifiable otherwise...
Meltic  +   643d ago
i will Watch the gameplay on youtube instead. Will buy it later.
abzdine  +   643d ago
i will get it on PS4. i hope Kojima won't fail me and he's not saying this just to sell it.
lsujester  +   643d ago
I'm sure I'll do plenty of mucking around looking for easter eggs. If it's anything like the previous games, they'll be quite a lot of random things Kojima throws in, like models (and their codec reactions!) or the alien story and crop circles.

I need scissors! 61!
TruthInsider  +   643d ago
In glorious 1080p @ 60fps i sure will :-)
GoldenGamer  +   643d ago
For the price tag I'd fkin expect too. I'd have to play it about 10 times to feel I'd got my moneys worth.
dcj0524  +   642d ago
For $20 this is a good deal.
IVanSpinal  +   643d ago
Rent or wait for ps plus
waltyftm  +   643d ago
PS+ for me.
WitWolfy  +   643d ago
Might be waiting for a while then... Would've been great if Sony did make an exlcusive deal for it to be the free game of the month when it released...
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Edi007  +   643d ago
I want to justifi my day one purchase for this game because is MGS game and a kojima game and because i have ps4 sobi will play the best version ...... but 2 hours !!!!!!!! The main story i caaaannt just the cutscene about akullface was 15 min i will wait until ps+ or sale
TooHigh2Die  +   643d ago
Its 30$ and main mission is 2 hours it has several other missions and your progression is carried over to Phantom Pain.

I'll be getting day 1 MGS is easily one of the best gaming franchise's ever made and this will be super fun to play.
Edi007  +   643d ago
40 euro for nextgen box... 30 euro digital version
Fishy Fingers  +   643d ago
I'm sure it will. Open environment to f*** about in, still, with such a short main mission even as a big MGS fan I think I'll wait on a price drop. Plenty to keep me occupied.
corvusmd  +   643d ago
I think I changed my opinion about this game...I was gonna skip it with all the other great games coming out around the same time....but I think now I'm gonna get it...looks great.
Ko_Uraki  +   643d ago
Translated: 2 hours lenght confirmed.
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Inception  +   643d ago
I don't know. March full with amazing games who took longer to finished than Ground Zeroes. Example like Dark Souls 2, FF X/X-2 HD, The Witch and Hundred Knight, Deception 4, and BlazBlue.

So, will i spent $30 bucks (don't have PS4, yet) for a tutorial / prologue who only take 2-5 hours to finished...OR i can add that $30 for Dark Souls 2 / FFX-X2 HD / Deception 4 / The Witch / BlazBlue. Hmmm, i think i choose the 2nd option ^^
Alexious  +   643d ago
I agree that the price is a bit steep, especially on next gen.
Spore_777  +   643d ago
An open world MGS... Replayability is bound to happen. And to think GZ is one three-hundredth of TPP. I truly hope the game can live up to its price.
PurpatraitorMGS  +   643d ago
MGR- 5 hours 60 dollars

Gz- 5-7 with side ops 40 dollars.

Get over the price.
Sharius  +   643d ago
i forgot to say: you'll want to play ground zeroes again and again on Playstation 4

gotta love that guy
Festano  +   643d ago
I'm not going to spend all that money, they must lower the price.
dumahim  +   643d ago
I bet I won't.
RosweeSon  +   643d ago
It's Metal Gear and it's made by Hideo Kojima it'll be better than 85-90% of other games, if the price is that big a deal wait 2/3 weeks and it'll be a little cheaper no doubt but I'll certainly be getting it at some point for ps4 not in a major rush due to a backlog and the fact the second half? 75% more like of the game isn't due out for at least another year if were lucky I'm sure it'll be a quality game even if short, either way it'll keep me busy for a day or 2. I'm sure some people will just nail it off in seconds miss half of what's going on but hey ho.
Saurian  +   643d ago
It's so sad that a game director actually has to tell the gaming audience these things.

Games are not movies. I know most of you really cannot quite grasp this concept, but I will try and lay it down for you. Games are meant to be played repeatedly, this is the basic nature of a "game". Games are not passive experiences which play out for a set duration as films do, the player is actually part of the equation, this is what makes a game a game to begin with.

Any game which can only hold the attention of the player for the duration of its narrative content utterly fails as a game at the most fundamental level. The whole point of a game is that you PLAY that game, for the simple pleasure of playing it and improving your skill at it.

Far too many of you, in fact most of you, do not understand the basic concept of what an actual game is. You treat games as "passive" entertainment (like movies) and honestly believe that a game's "length" is determined by the duration of its narrative content. You don't even consider taking into consideration that this is a game you're talking about, something which is meant to be played repeatedly.

Anyone who has played a Metal Gear game knows that there are a hundred and one different ways to play each game. As you get better you can set yourself goals, purposely handicap yourself and have a lot of fun exploring the actual game mechanics and finding all the neat little touches the designers have built for you to discover. Discovering the hidden depths of a game system and attaining a level of mastery over a system is a very rewarding process which demands that you play a game multiple time - for the pleasure of playing it.

This is what has been lost on you people. I don't know if it's because the gaming press constantly reinforce this bizarre mindset or if it's purely down to the fact that you didn't grow up with arcade games which built a whole culture of mastery of game mechanics and playing games for the pleasure of playing them. Either way, it needs to stop. Games are not passive entertainment and games absolutely do not need astronomical budgets and workforces which rival Hollywood productions in order to be enjoyable and rewarding.

If anything, games need to be smaller and more focussed on expertly crafted mechanics which encourage high levels of replay value. This way more risks can be taken with new and experimental mechanics which will result in more games being released, more genres being covered and a lot more variety in terms of mechanics.

But you lot won't approve of that at all will you?

According to you: games have a set "running time" which is determined precisely by the duration of the narrative content. When, how and why has this ridiculous meme taken hold? For crying out loud, I'm currently playing a game which can be played through in about 30 minutes if you don't use continues, yet I've been playing it for around 8 years...
Baccra17  +   642d ago
I can't play things more than once unless there are story changes or it's really really good. It's nice that you can go through the same crap over and over again, but some of us don't want that.
mcarsehat  +   643d ago
that's what was implied months ago, its open world, of course its going to be played again and again

why is this still making the news?
Baccra17  +   642d ago
The Tanker demo in MGS 2 was replayable because of how unique and advanced it was at the time it released. Many things to discover, many things to see- many of which no one had done till then. But can the same be said now? Can Kojima really introduce something that hasn't been seen or done that makes you want to go back and test out every little thing? I doubt it.

Most of this controversy wouldn't exist if that demo he is trying to pass off as a game was priced appropriately. It's way to high for what it is, and it doesn't even give you a discount on the later part of the game the demo was broken off of. All that's being done here by Kojima and it's defenders is set a bad precedent for gaming in general, one which shall be exploited and made worse as this generation goes on.
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Heisenburger  +   642d ago
I'm getting Ground Zeroes. I was originally against MgS V/GZ for my own reasons. However I decided a week ago to go for the platinum in Snake Eater, and now I'm subsequently working on Peace Walker HD. Somewhere along the way I've realized I'm really hyped for The Phantom Pain, and surprisingly very excited for GZ in particular.

I think when I got back to Peace Walker and snapped to the fact that he is wearing the same sneaking suit in GZ. Then remembering the "true" ending and how they set up *SPOILERS FOR PEACE WALKER* a possible Major Zero attack. Knowing what little I do about GZ, and putting two and two together, I have a nice theory of what's being set up for The Phantom Pain.

I look forward to being completely wrong. Haha

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