The probability of Final Fantasy XV releasing on PC keeps rising.

With Kitase's recent interview with Eurogamer and previous statements by other Higher ups from Square Enix, the odds of Final Fantasy XV releasing on the PC keep climbing.

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KingKelloggTheWH1580d ago

I just wish they would give us some more footage, or like a screenshot...Anything really

Snookies121580d ago

I think it's kinda good. These days with all the gaming news we get online, games are completely spoiled by the time we put them into our systems. I REALLY want to see more of XV, considering how excited I am for it... Yet, I kinda hope they don't release too much info before it's out. That way, most of what we see in-game is a surprise.

KingKelloggTheWH1580d ago

Oh I do agree with that! But I'd still like to see a little bit.I mean Ive been wanting this game for nearly 10 years!

kingdom181580d ago

Agreed, but how much of what we run into on here is really news? I can't stand all of the flame bait crap.

ALARM-clock1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

"That way, most of what we see in-game is a surprise."

There's always the reverse side to that in which we are surprised to see that the game turned out to be crap.

FF XIII comes to my mind. In fact, a lot of games published by Square Enix come to mind.

sonypsnow1579d ago

Make the PC version Quality no lower than Agni Philosophy Tech Demo. No Low Setting, No Medium Setting, Only High, Ultra, Maximum and Above.

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Magicite1579d ago

PC version Day One For Sure!!!
If this really happens, I will upgrade my rig to whatever its neccessary to play FF15 maxed out.

vishmarx1580d ago

yet the probablity of a console release any time soon remains scarce.
in any case , doubt it.theyll risk way too many angry fanboys.
and wonder how the audience of jrpgs on pc's are.
given the money theyve put into it theyll most likey expect 10 million plus sales(13 alone sold 7.5+plus the sequest crossed 10).
it all depends wether pc sales can be anything of a significant conributing factor.
as sad as it is ,i cant even remember the last console game(unlike witcher 2 which is a pc game before its a console game) that crossed even a million on pc.....
add that to the recent trends+piracy...
im skeptical.
none the less,the bigger the userbase the better.

KingKelloggTheWH1580d ago

With how easy DX11 would make the port I say why not, put it on steam/origin and all that and take a few thousand sales.

vishmarx1580d ago

pc ports are in most cases ,fairly easy to make.
are they worth it though,
i for one do not see a simultaneous release at all.probably when theyre done with the console version,theyll release a +DLC edition.
the last jrpg square made on the pc was the last remnant which sold like poop on pc despite being the far better version.
on pc you find most people waiting for the game to be $30 ,protection against piracy hasnt got any better either..
while on the newer console theres gonna be 0 piracy for atleast 2-3 years.
i for one would love a pc version but id be surpised to see it any time close to the console version or get high sales.

EXVirtual1579d ago

Because of all the things you've listed, I think it'd be a better to get the console version out as soon as possible and focus on the PC version afterwards.
Yes, yes I know. They're developing it on a high end PC, but developing a game for a PC is very different. You have to consider all of the different levels that different PCs will be able to play the game at, which will take a noticeable amount of time.

RedDeadLB1579d ago

This would be the first Final Fantasy I'll ever play if it comes to PC. I've never like the games, but 15 seems different, more hack and slashy.

gamernova1579d ago

The PC base isn't as big as you'd think. It's expensive and most PCs used for gaming as heavily under spec'ed. But if revenue is what you wann talk about...World of Warcraft, LoL, etc. If there is one thing that the nicely spec'ed PC gamers have, it's money. Besides, it wouldn't cost much to port because consoles use the same architecture as the PC. DX11 also and what not.

vishmarx1579d ago

except theyre all online.not very feasible for jrpg.

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kingdom181580d ago

Uhhh... it felt weird playing a FF on the Xbox for the first time for me, since I had a PS2 before hand and then got a 360, then a PS3. I don't know why they wouldn't put one on a Wii U. Well, install base duh, but that should grow. Stupid me. They might or might not. I'd prefer if they just kept to two consoles, or even better one *snort*; joking on the latter. That way they can put more effort into the game. It's obvious that older FF sold well on PCs, they are classics and loved by many, but also they aren't very demanding of the PC are they? Heck I could emulate old PS1 games on mine with shaders, and I still had an integrated GPU back then.

MrSwankSinatra1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

eh i can bring myself to play final fantasy on any other platform other than playstation. its not really a fanboy thing it's more of what i've become accustomed to. i tried playing FF on xbox also and it just doesn't feel right, same thing with metal gear solid.

Team_Litt1579d ago

-___- not a fanboy thing? Doesn't feel right?

KingKelloggTheWH1580d ago

It likely won't come to Wii-U because their trying to push the other consoles power.Idk if it would be possible.

Eonjay1579d ago

Strangely enough This game IS releasing this year. I can see this coming to PC but maybe not until next year. Sony actually confirmed FF15 in 2014 just aa few weeks ago. Everytime someone confirms this I scratch my head... but I'm not complaining.

Volkama1579d ago

I'd buy the PC version. But then if no PC version arrives I'd buy the PS4 version, so I can't pretend SquareEnix would lose out :)

Subby1579d ago

It might get shoehorned onto Steam a year after the console release, sure. With terrible controls, no doubt.

Snookies121579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

Well, computers can have support for PS3, 360, PS4, and X1 controllers. Not to mention many others beyond consoles. So... You have quite a few options when playing PC games aside from the keyboard/mouse.

Subby1579d ago

That's true, there's plenty of options and if all else fails someone will mod it.

Volkama1579d ago

Still, it feels almost disrespectful when a game comes to the PC with atrocious keyboard and mouse controls.

Inferior to a controller is one thing, but barely usable? It's the only input method they know their audience has.

SquareEnix do have previous (The Last Remanent), but they have since caught on that PC gaming is worth doing properly (Deus Ex, Tomb Raider)

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