First Images of Mad World, brutal gore exclusively on Wii


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Batusai3501d ago

Simply, impressive. I love this graphic style, better than the No More Heroes.

Lyan3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

definitely agree, the style is unique and interesting. Much better than no more heroes. The video does the game more justice than these images though, in my opinion that is.

cooke153501d ago

holy crap thats awsome!, of course no one pays attention because the sony fanboys scared everyone but themselves off this site lol

Doppy3501d ago

Hey I'm one of those fanboys however, I enjoy playing all of my systems, and I agree that this game looks interesting kind of reminds me of Sin City (Isn't there suppose to be a Sin CIty game). I've never played a black and whit game before, hopefully that won't interfere with the gameplay (not being able to see enemies would suck).

The gaming GOD3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

When MS fanboys were all over the place last year and the year before where was the "they scared people off" comments then?

But anyways, this game does look promising. I wanna see this in motion though.

I admit, I'm interested in this one

BilI Gates3501d ago

Looks like I'm getting a Wii.

MK_Red3501d ago

Same here :)
This game looks insane. Ex-Clover devs making Sin City!?!

BrotherNick3499d ago

LOL Red, you must love super gore.

meepmoopmeep3501d ago

i love the styling of this game. really nice.

Apocalypse Shadow3501d ago

go platinum games!go platinum games!

L.A. noire should have this black and white style.always wanted a b/w game without having to turn down the colors.

clover lives!!!


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The story is too old to be commented.