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Stevivor, "f you’ve come here hoping for a review replete with loads of changes and advancements to the next-gen version of Rayman Legends, you’d best prepare for disappointment. There’s very little to add in this new iteration, so if you’ve played it before, don’t expect anything mind-bogglingly new."

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Geekman1581d ago

I see no point in these new reviews. The game was already reviewed for Current Gen and Wii U. THere's not much difference on the other consoles.

LoveSpuds1581d ago

If you read the article he actually states that this is not a full review of the game as that has already been covered.

He states that this is just a comment on any new tweaks and functions.

I found it useful as it happens as I never picked it up on PS3 and decided to wait for the PS4 version once it was announced. Its nice to know some of the improvements such as the almost instant load times etc.

Elda1581d ago

I waited also,it's totally fun on the PS4!

captainexplosion1581d ago

I just started playing legends a couple weeks ago and it has already become one of my favorite games.