New 1080p Screenshots From PS4 Version of Yakuza Ishin Look Beautifully Realistic

Yakuza Ishin is approaching its release in Japan on February 22nd, and Sega just released a batch of full HD screenshots from the PS4 version of the game.

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NovusTerminus1335d ago

I really hope this game comes stateside.

WildArmed1335d ago

Yesss, I hope they do bring it. Hopefully if this sells well, they will also bring over Yakky 5 :D /in denial

TheLyonKing1335d ago

worst comes to absolute worst you can import it.

It's never ideal but I don't see why they wouldn't bring it over to US/EU

abzdine1334d ago

still looks old gen but with better detail, anti aliasing and all.
it's nice they got it out on time

WildArmed1334d ago

Indeed, I wonder if the Ch version is in english.

Christopher1335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

I also hope.

But, the graphics for PS4 don't really impress. I do notice they shove a lot more on and it's higher res, but the quality of the textures don't look that great. Cloth looks like last gen cloth, same with body parts.

I'll play this game regardless if it looks like it belongs on the PS3, but the title really is way off on this.

Heck, the ground textures are horrific and flat.

Edit -- For all those who disagree, I'm fine with that. I love these games. But, don't think that just because it's on PS4 that it will look as good as it should.

PS3 vs PS4:

FlameHawk1335d ago

The PS4 version of the pic you posted looks nothing like that of the pics posted on this article, not sure where you got that picture but it looks more off-screen quality like.

Christopher1335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

Here are some more, FlameHawk

@Dmarc: Did you also miss the part where I said I'd play this even if it looked like something on the PS3? How about the title of the submission that claimed the graphics look "beautifully realistic"? I mean, heaven forbid someone actually discuss graphics in a submission all about them!

Studio-YaMi1335d ago

I agree with you,it does look like an enhanced PS3 port with 1080p res @60fps & a texture up-lift and nothing else.

Still,I love Yakuza games,I wish they bring this to the west at some point.

ShinMaster1335d ago

The game was originally a PS3 game. Mystery solved.

FlameHawk1335d ago

I honestly still don't see it, I'm not sure if the pictures are old but the pictures on this article look a lot better than the ones you posted.
You can not say that this
looks the same as
Try doing a zoom in the new picture around his face and compare, the new one looks a lot better and do not look all blurry.

webeblazing1335d ago

Everything you said makes sense to me. They just hyping up the gfx to get views, its nothing new. I Dont see why you got all the disagrees it do look like a ps3 port. People on this site can't stand when a person is not worshipping a PS exclusive. The game going be great that's what matter.

Christopher1335d ago

@FlameHawk: Take away lighting on that screenshot you posted and it does look the same as the PS4 comparison one I posted. I mean, I'm not even comparing the models to those of Ryse, Second Son, or the like, which all put these to shame.

As others have said, this graphics are poor because it's a port. The title is praising them way too high.

But, gameplay and story on these make the graphics a nicety and not a necessity.

DigitalAnalog1335d ago

The PS4 is simply a "definitive" version. Just rendering at higher res and frame-rate with some minor bells & whistles there.

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Dan501335d ago

If not the PS4 is still region free :)

BigFnHooters1335d ago

"I really hope this game comes stateside."

Along with all previous Yakuza games HD remastered on the same disc.

FlameHawk1335d ago

I think it will come to stateside, since not many AAA titles are on PS4, it should actually sell well, lets hope SEGA realizes that....

Thantalas1335d ago

I really want this! Sega should subtitle this game and release it immediately on PSN so that Western gamers can play this without having to wait two years for localised voice acting. It also would negate the risk of printing discs and would give them an idea of the demand for the game.

Also the full page screens on DualShockers look great, you can really see the artwork.

paul-p19881335d ago

the previous games only have Japanese voice acting, it was just subbed before. Some of them got subbed quite quickly (if i remember rightly Yakuza: Dead Souls was released about 5months after the Japanese release).

Unfortunately it is Sega we are talking about here, who seem to think the world ends outside of their borders and they would fall off the map if they tried to export anything worth selling...

Meltic1335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

I Think it will take time. The need to change the language to English and they need people to do the translate English etc. But dont care if it take 1 year i hope it comes

JodyCones1334d ago


And yes I hope it does as well.

dale_denton1334d ago

at least add english subs.. would pay $80 to import this baby

showtimefolks1334d ago

for a lot of you saying this does look a lot better its because yakuza 3 and 4 the graphics were so good to begin with

what's sad is this may never come to stateside like yakuza 5 or yakuza 1-2 hd collection. I bought all yakuza games at launch new so this is no way to treat your fanbase sega

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KendrickLamar1335d ago

On behalf of all North American PlayStation gamers,
Please bring this game to the West.
Thank you.

paul-p19881335d ago

*WESTERN gamers, we European's want it too!

chickenface1335d ago

o Sorry, didn't realise the only countries outside of Japan are America and in Euro

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christocolus1335d ago

The art style of this game reminds me of shenmue, if sega ever made another shenmue im sure it would look very similar to this.

PFFT1335d ago

Its the same Engine as Shenmue's. Which is why the look so similar.

christocolus1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

thanks. i didn't know that. the characters especially the main guy reminds me of the bad guy in shenmue (lan di)

DigitalRaptor1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

Rumours have been circulating about Shenmue for years, but especially so recently.

It's like they're all clouding around next-gen, which to be fair is the best time to hype it up. However with Yu Suzuki's Shenmue post-mortem at GDC next-month, where Mark Cerny will be next to him, and a new game from a "significant series" will be announced by OPM during pretty much the same time frame. Sony have had it on their priority list and have acknowledged that they know their fans want it.

If all the pieces are in place, and the right platform (which is successful in every region, but also the most relevant one being just around the corner) is here, it makes a lot of sense that it will be here:

If Sega ever made another Shenmue, it would look much better than Yakuza Ishin (which is a cross-generation game to begin with) - Suzuki's vision for Shenmue has always been grandoise, and taking as much as possible out of a piece of hardware. Shenmue III would ask no less.

DaGR8JIBRALTAR1335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

Will there be sword fighting tho...better yet,will there be ninjas?

Bathyj1335d ago

Give me a Tenchu game that looks this good.

Master-H1335d ago

Give me ANY Tenchu game ;I

CaulkSlap1335d ago

Nice. They'd be fools not to bring it overseas. With a new console starving for games they're guaranteed a few hundred thousand sales. Easily worth translation costs.

SteamPowered1335d ago

Subtitles. Keep it authentic ;)

NarooN1335d ago

I wouldn't mind subtitles at all. They don't even need to do English voices. Just translate all the menus and text, and call it a day. That way the game would be localized much quicker and would give them more incentive to bring it to the west.

Koei Tecmo did the same thing with Warriors Orochi 3 and it turned out pretty well.