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Submitted by Abriael 722d ago | news

Titanfall: Respawn Promises Xbox One Improvements, 360 Info; Accusation of Paying Press “Insulting”

Titanfall‘s beta is close to its end, and the game’s developers are giving more information on what you can expect from the game’s release, that will come on March 11th on PC and Xbox One and on the 25th on Xbox 360, also defending themselves from the accusation of paying press for hype. (TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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TomShoe  +   722d ago
I don't mind the press praising the game, it's people like McCaffrey and Gies calling it "The greatest thing since Jesus walked this green Earth" that gets on my nerves.

Still, March is gonna be a great month.
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aviator189  +   722d ago
Did mccaffrey actually say that?
TomShoe  +   722d ago
It went something like this:

"This is Microsoft’s killer app. You will buy an Xbox One for Titanfall, and you should. Once Titanfall releases this spring, I guarantee you that word will spread amongst the hardcore CoD community. “Have you seen Titanfall?” they’ll say. And little by little – or maybe in droves, who knows? – they will flock to Titanfall, and they will never go back. Not after this. Titanfall is the next great evolution of the twitch-action first-person shooter. Believe the hype."

Shortened a bit for space. I know the game is good, but saying someone WILL buy an XBO for it is just a leeeeeeetle bit overstating it.
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megazero12  +   722d ago
@TomShoe how is saying somone is going to buy an xbox one for titanfall overstating, i know several friends that bought an xbox one just for killer instinct lol, infact alot of the hardcore fans of ki and general fighting community fans bought the console JUST for that game. ( max would be one)
Pogmathoin  +   722d ago
True Tomshoe. If made a game I was proud off, and believed it was a game changer, I certainly would be going around thrashing it, and saying it was the worst piece of crap ever. Definitely not going to say buy it, its awesome and believe it will be the next step in FPS..... Just like Toyota said the 2014 Corolla was not better than the 2012 version....... Good comment...
Godmars290  +   722d ago
For one thing the game is available on the PC and 360.

That it especially is on the 360, just to take advantage of the install base for sales, says at the very least that the game isn't next gen.

Though it should be a legitimate worry how the game will play on the 360. Since I don't think it was involved with it.

was the 360 version a part of the beta. Seriously asking.
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TomShoe  +   722d ago

The beta was for XBO and PC only.

I wouldn't be too worried about the 360 version, it's being made by Bluepoint Games, one of the best port teams in the business. They've made several Playstation ports including PSASBR and Ico. 360 owners are in good hands.


You're twisting my words. What I meant was that while TFall is a great game and system seller, this game is pushed so hard by the media you'd think it could cure leukemia. The gaming media is supposed to be objective, so you'd think they'd tone it down a bit.
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redwin  +   722d ago
No, he actually said that if you say something good about MS you are called names or get disagrees. I think he was talking directly to N4G. Lol... My bad, my bad, my bad, don't hit disagree .. Aaaahhh . Thank u.
2pacalypsenow  +   722d ago
why would he say people will buy an xbox 1 for titanfall when they can play it on the xbox 360
Bolts-N-Rays1109  +   722d ago

I bought an XB1 for TF... And I have other friends who are doing the same before the 11th of March.
lsujester  +   722d ago
McCaffrey is the same fool who seemed fine with NBA Live 14 until it came time to review it.

I don't have a doubt this will get good reviews, but the hype pays their bills.
k3rn3ll  +   722d ago
He said that its better than cod and that most cod players would rather play it. That's a pretty giant leap you took to "greatest thing since jesus"
JokesOnYou  +   722d ago | Well said
TomShoe you are too focused on what other people think, you epitomize what's wrong with gaming. I bought Ryse regardless of what the press said, I don't give a damm what anyone here says and it's a great game because I know what I like and I have no regrets, that's what matters. Ive said in the past I'm not really into GTA series, I kept trying to like it but I just don't like GTA5 no matter how many 10's it gets or how many folks tell me how "f**kin good" it is= that doesn't make GTA5 any less of a game because *I CANT SEE WHERE THE HYPE COMES FROM, nope that just mean I don't get it, probably never will but you wont find me in any of the GTA5 threads leading up to its launch downplaying the game to anyone who would listen. Again your attitude is a big problem with the gaming community, I blame the internet but I guess folks need to be responsible for their own actions too.
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erathaol  +   722d ago
From what I hear from shooter fans, the game itself is fun. There isn't a need for any controversy from critic scores, as most people are enjoying the experience.

Even Penny Arcade
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DeathOfTheFanBoy  +   721d ago
I have 2 friends who are buying xbox ones in order to play Titanfall. Both had planned to hold off for a price cut (they are halo/GoW fans anyway) but after seeing the beta they were sold.

It's going to help MS shift some big numbers, and deservedly so, I am so gutted the beta has ended, was enjoying it so much even if it was only 2 maps.

And to all the nay sayers, exclaiming BS, why don't they just buy it on their 360's?
Because like everyone we are drawn towards new shiny things... plus the new consoles will soon have many many games that are not available on last gen machines.
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Volkama  +   721d ago
Jokes I have to disagree with you there. I liked Ryse myself, and a lot of what you say there resonates as true.

But TomShoe is hardly the epitome of the popular opinion sheep you are attacking. He's just stated quite gently that he isn't keen on the degree of hype the game is getting from some corners, much like you do not buy into GTA5 hype because you have your own tastes.

That hardly makes him the scourge of gaming :)
mewhy32  +   721d ago
as for paying the press...machinima....yeah

360 release, no doubt, is being held back in a desperate attempt to drive sales of the floundering xbone. Good move but a little underhanded.
JokesOnYou  +   721d ago
Volkama well I have to disagree with you and re-emphasize that TomShoe is definitely the epitome of what's wrong with gaming nothing wrong with having a opinion or picking a side/console over the other but his post history plus now following Titanfall saying the hype gets on his nerves is both hypocritical and lacking in creditability since I'm sure he never said the same about UC2, TLOU or any ps exclusive that received a mountain of praise prior or post launch. He is transparent, again which makes him the epitome of what's wrong with gaming because it's shallow and unecessary to follow something you don't like only to downplay it, obviously the hype only bothers him because he is a biased fanboy= fanboys have always existed and always will but the hate and hope that one brand fails is a big problem right now in the gaming community, that was never there before, we argued "mine was better than yours" then traded and played games TOGETHER, then argued more= promoting the industry above all.
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Boody-Bandit  +   721d ago
"that bought an xbox one just for killer instinct lol, infact alot of the hardcore fans of ki and general fighting community fans bought the console JUST for that game. ( max would be one) "

*raises hand* guilty
I bought an XBOX ONE just for Killer Instinct. Right now I can't play it though. My cronusmax stopped working since MS's latest update for the X1 and I can't get my hands on a KI Madcatz stick. GRRR!!!

Max is a great player. I watch his videos. Saves me time learning the combos the hard way.

On topic:
Why debate if TF will move systems or not? We will all know April when NPD releases their sales totals.

Personally I wouldn't buy an X1 for TF and I think most FPS gamers already bought an X1 for BF4 and GHOST. Those that didn't yet are more likely waiting on Halo and Gears over TF. TF is an unknown commodity and although it's fun, I think the hardcore might have mixed reactions to the bots.

Personally I'm not a fan of them. I'm hoping there are some cool modes in the game that don't use them.
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megazero12  +   722d ago
why would it get on your nerves, their are many sites to go to, and people to listen to. if you feel like certain individuals or press or overexagerting something, you can easily chose to ignore them. There are more than these 2 gaming sites you know?

gametrailers, gamespot,eurogamer,revGames,de structioid.
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bleedsoe9mm  +   722d ago
hopefully when there is allot of praise being thrown around in the next few weeks for second son it doesn't get on your nerves as well ;-)
MELMAN26  +   721d ago
LOL...I doubt it will.
Tedakin  +   722d ago
Did Mcaffrey say that? Because he confirmed he's the one doing the IGN review. 15 out of 10!
Dlacy13g  +   722d ago
@TomShoe If the likes of McCaffrey and Gies get on your nerves why do you listen to them?
lolCHILLbro  +   722d ago
Why cant they praise it anyway they want? dont be a puss just dont pay attention if it bothers you, Titanfall is like nothing else man its an amazing game, and if you choose not to believe that from me and countless others then thats fine but be quiet please
AceBlazer13  +   722d ago
I know what you mean, ppl are like Titanfall is the god among games.
PsylentKiller  +   722d ago
I preordered my XB1 Day 1 edition in anticipation of Titanfall. I bought Forza, DR3, Ryse, Ghosts, BF4, KI, Peggle, and as of today Rayman Legends as well but the main reason was for Titanfall.
Just like I waited in line for my PS4 in anticipation of The Order: 1866. Infamous looks great but The Order is what I'm waiting for. PS+ wasn't a bad incentive either.
ITPython  +   721d ago
Gotta be careful in these articles, this is xbox territory in here. One of the few places remaining for the devoted XB1 players. Reminds me a lot of last gen... *shudders*

On-topic: I am curious to see how well this game is going to be accepted among the casual COD crowd. Respawn did after all change online FPS games forever with COD4, so they might be aware of what it takes to change it again.

Although TBO the whole bot thing just isn't doing it for me. If I am going to play an online game, I want to play against other humans in a competitive environment, not get easy kills against bots. KZ2 had bots you could have in addition to human players, but it just wasn't the same killing them as it was taking out a self-aware human being that can send you hate mail.
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lazyboyblue  +   721d ago
Agree to a point. but I find the bot thing improved the buzz you get when you take out a human player. I watched my daughters play the beta. they were rubbish but having the bots there let them enjoy the game and when they got that 100 Pts come up for a human kill they really celebrated it.

My thoughts on the beta
MxRBrobaFett  +   721d ago
Some people will or have bought an xbox one for Titanfall. Just because his (keyword here) OPINION doesn't match yours doesn't mean he's wrong. He gets paid money for his opinion whether it makes you feel uncomfortable or not
BabyObama   721d ago | Spam
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   721d ago
So a bunch of sour Sony fanboys are crying that there's no way this game is as good as it is.. so they throw out that MS is paying people again eh? Just like the insiders said that MS was paying devs to keep the games the same.. and like they paid devs not to show PS4 versions of games at E3 and all the other fails right?
ma1asiah  +   721d ago
I had 7 friends plus my brother in law who were all previously sitting on the fence about going next gen or getting an Xbox One, rush out and preorder TF and purchase an X1 based on their time playing Hardpoint Domination and Last Titan Standing on my X1 during the beta period.

(granted 2 of them could have got it on PC but we all want to jam this together so pretty much in the end they agreed it was a no brainer to get it for the X1)

Free running and a movement system second to none
Burn cards
Titan battles
Rodeo rides
Frantic non stop action
Great gun play
Auto Titans
Begs one more game every time

The only low is Attrition (TDM) as this personally felt like the weakest mode imo, as it was the only mode where the grunts and spectres are more noticeable and feel kind of braindead. Plus it is the only mode that could work better with 8 v 8, the other 2 modes 6 v 6 was perfect.

After going back to COD and Halo when the beta closed well lets just say they felt kind of boring in comparison.

Seriously am sold on TF and have no shame in admitting it. Though not from media hype BUT from actually logging in loads of hours playing the game during the beta.
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Slothnut  +   721d ago
Burn cards turned out to be a lot more awesome than I thought. Towards the end of Beta I was using them all up for fun and some of them are great. Instant Stryders and Amplified nuclear explosions was just hilarious. I'm curious to see what new burn cards come out on Release day.
beerzombie  +   721d ago
My son just bought a X1 and preordered Titan fall. Its a big game and a dam fine one at that.
Godz Kastro  +   721d ago
I agree with Ryan... Like the article mentioned. He has a right to feel positive about a product such as Tiatnfall. It is everything I thought it would be and more.
ABizzel1  +   721d ago

Well Ryan is the biggest MS support on IGN. I mean everyone has their preference, but his is borderline fanboy. I remember during most of the E3 sections he's always on the supportive when it comes to MS games.

When another IGN editor brings up a valid point about a game he's unwillingly agrees with them, but spins it back to what was good about the game to him.

Then when he rarely had to discuss a PlayStation segment he would go straight into what he felt was wrong with the game, and nothing positive besides a fake agreeing with the other editors. He also does this with Nintendo.

I mean to each their own, but you're suppose to be a professional, so leave the fanboy at home.
beerzombie  +   721d ago
N4g is the biggest Sony hide out on the planet. Its like all of the Sony fan-boys charge their magical rings together and become CAPTIN SONY PLANET.
ABizzel1  +   721d ago

Captain Sony Planet
He's our hero
Com-pet-ition he has ZERO

BallsEye   721d ago | Trolling | show
B1uBurneR  +   722d ago
I think it's because they compare it to the PS4 sales. They expect it to sell as well because it's a next gen system. If it wasn't your wouldn't hear much about the sales like wii u.
bleedsoe9mm  +   722d ago
good to see the Sony fanboys on Gaf endearing themselves to the devs by accusing the of paying the press for hype
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GentlemenRUs  +   722d ago
"good to see the Sony fanboys..."

Is this how all you trolls start now-a-days? ... It makes me feel embarrassed to even be part of this site let alone part of the gaming community...

When in doubt... BLAME THE SONY FANS! /s

I *used* to own a X360 but I switched to the PS3 a few months before the outrage, I've always been with the Playstation since the 90's and I did own a FAT Xbox-Original(See-through) back in day.

Long story short, Stop blaming the wrong people and blame yourselves.
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air1  +   722d ago
There is no doubt about it though...
lolCHILLbro  +   722d ago
Well this game would not recieve any criticism if it was releasing on PS4, this game doesnt deserve criticism, its doing great things in the shooter space, and to be honest it sickens me how ignorant some people can be about a new game doing great things just because its not on thier special little box, thats whats wrong with gaming is the separate camps we put ourselves in when we are all gamers!
bleedsoe9mm  +   722d ago
sorry more a indictment of crazy people running neogaf than people who enjoy sony products , neogaf fostering a one sided environment where questions like that of a dev that was good enough to answer questions , i have many sony products myself but i'm not joining the cult .
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Nocando  +   722d ago
Blame ourselves for what? Not liking the same things that you like?
Bolts-N-Rays1109  +   722d ago
But, as a nonbiased gamer, it seriously is mostly Sony fans. You must be blind if you don't truthfully see it.
dantesparda  +   722d ago

"but i'm not joining the cult"

Of course not, you've already join the MS fanboy cult
MysticStrummer  +   721d ago
"Well this game would not recieve any criticism if it was releasing on PS4"

My opinion about it was the same even when coming to PS4 was thought to be a possibility. It looks like a sci fi CoD, and I don't like CoD. The AI wasn't being shown then, but I'm pretty sure if I saw PS4's theoretical TF AI acting so braindead I would have spoken up about it. AI is something I've paid close attention to for years, and TF's is really bad.

It's pretty funny looking back now at Respawn's various statements about the game over the months, talking about the cloud making AI better, and that the game couldn't be on PS4 because of dedicated servers when PS3 had more dedicated server games than 360 ever did.
BlackTar187  +   721d ago
I can almost guarntee if this game was on ps4 and Xbox one the hype would be nowhere near this level.

i promise you that.

Destiny ask yourself where is the non stop hype train for that game? Only made by the creators of one of the most iconic and awesome FPS of all time. Bungie a company who has never made a bad game or put out a shotty product.

Where is that hype?
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DigitalRaptor  +   721d ago
@ BlackTar187


The truth is Xbox fanboys NEED this. They need something to grasp on to after months and months of negativity and realisation. And that is where Titanfall comes in.

There is no getting around the fact that this is a futuristic version CoD with mechs and verticality. There is no "holy jesus saviour" in it. It's just another shooter that was overhyped and will be eventually overrated. Now don't get me wrong, anyone can have fun with a game, but Titanfall doesn't deserve the hype it's getting.

And just to add extra proof to your statement, take a look at PLANETSIDE 2. That is another game coming to PS4 that is highly more ambitious: a large-scale, persistent, colourful, 2000-player, MMO FPS running at 'Ultra' PC settings. Planetside 2 and Destiny are both achieving more, and getting less attention, and it's not hard to see why.

Respawn aren't responsible for its marketing that's where EA and MS do their business. They have no reason to be insulted by EA's actions - they signed up for this, and have already dealt with the fact that EA went behind their backs to sign a deal for their IP. EA are probably the worst company in this business, and what they will do for a good review, throws morality out of the window.
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ShwankyShpanky  +   722d ago
Why would Respawn pay for hype?

That's what MS and EA are for.
christocolus  +   722d ago | Well said
" I get it that its not for everyone, but to say we’re paying anyone off is downright insanity. Not to mention the height of insulting.

Personally – and forgive me if I go on a small rant for once – I can’t help but be amazed (and not in a good way) every time I read this kind of accusations. Some simply seem to be unable to accept the possibility that a game might just be so fun that most are very positively impressed by it, and feel genuinely compelled to express that sentiment.
I’ve been around this industry for a long, long time, and since I’m an old fart, I still remember the age in which video game journalists weren’t afraid to appear enthusiastic about our hobby.
Considering that nowadays, whenever someone expresses strongly positive feelings about a game, he gets accused of being a fanboy at best or paid off in the worst case, can we really call ourselves surprised if a new generation of insufferably jaded negative nancies is becoming more and more prevalent in video game journalism? Is that really what you like to read?"

well said McCoy..very well said.
megazero12  +   722d ago
you are always the voice of reason, but you will get a ton of disagrees like usual.
christocolus  +   722d ago
i really don't care bro, this guy is right. some gamers take their fanboyism way too far. the other day cboat called the respawn team liars and the sad part was that fanboys agreed with him and they were proven wrong in the end. any positive article on titanfall is bombarded and its even worse when its a negative one. the team at respawn aint forcing this game on anyone so why the fanboy attacks? its really annoying as a developer to see a section of gamers act so immature and hateful towards a game you've worked so hard on.a very good game at that.


which either way, you made a very valid point and i applaud you for that bro. gamers need to understand that.
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deepio  +   722d ago
I can only assume a certain "crowd" are masking their dismay at Titanfall not coming out on their platform with all this negativity. Of course they'll go on to deny this by stating that if they wanted it they could get it on a PC...of course.

It's a sad state of affairs really. I click on the Xbox One tab of this site and all the top news items are all negative towards the platform. If you click on PS4, it's the opposite, in most cases.
scott182  +   721d ago
Yes, let's deny the fact outright now that it can be purchased on the PC and 360 later. I am buying it on PC, I know not everyone owns a PC, but not everyone owns an X1 either.
And find some bad news on the internet about the PS4 and submit it... Who's stopping anyone from doing that?
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Abriael  +   722d ago
The "personally" part is not from McCoy. It's from me. That's why it isn't between quotes :D
Dlacy13g  +   722d ago
I would like to say well said btw. We may not always see eye to eye but I can't disagree nor would I with what you said in the article. I wish more people had your attitude.
Baccra17  +   722d ago
I've been around for a while too and the "hype" Titan Fall is getting, at least from the press side of things, seems quite disingenuous and fake. It reminds me of the "hype" and push, that was practically down people throats, that DmC got.

And when you have a press that is practically a PR mouth piece for corporations rather than media for the people, many who do such things to be awarded a job in the industry later, is it really a surprise that it is getting this type of backlash and that people are questioning the hype?

I'll believe the hype when I see the regular people in mass embrace it, till then I'm going along with that train and I'm not believing the hype from the presstitutes.
Abriael  +   722d ago
I see a lot of "regular" people loving Titanfall.

Maybe it's just good.
#4.3.1 (Edited 722d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(0) | Report
Nocando  +   722d ago
You have gone and painted yourself into a hipster corner and rendered yourself incapable of enjoying anything.I feel sad for you.Oh, and lighten the f*%k up, it's a game, a GAME! Not V for Vendetta.
#4.3.2 (Edited 722d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(2) | Report
Ck1x  +   721d ago
What I don't get is why Titanfall doesn't deserve the hype, but The Order does? I'm not against either game or the developers behind each, but I think they both have promise and should be allowed to be released before judgement is cast so quickly.
Gunstar75  +   721d ago
Have you been living under a rock? "Regular people" have been playing it and the vast majority LOVED it.
lsujester  +   722d ago
"...I still remember the age in which video game journalists weren’t afraid to appear enthusiastic about our hobby."

That time is long gone for those journalists, and it's their own doing. Now we have a large proportion of journalists who put aside whatever love they have in trade for a certain amount of clicks or to keep the corporate masters getting advertising. This is why the population is becoming more wary of journalists, that along with us being inundated by pictures of "swag" and stories of publisher interference, ala Jeff Gerstmann.

It also doesn't help when we see these so-called journalists like McCaffrey who can praise/hype a game like this:

And review the same game like this:

That is the very antithesis of objective journalism and a prime example of why we don't always trust journalists' hype.
#4.4 (Edited 722d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
KingDadXVI  +   722d ago
The fact that CBOAT is likely run by a collection of moderators on NeoGaf makes the fact that fan boys rally around the FUD put out in his name is even more sad IMO.

The game is great, it deserves every award that it has received and all of the hype that has surrounded it.

For those that are saying that it is not a system seller because it is on the 360 and PC here is some food for thought.

Many PC gamers would not buy a console if the game was not on PC.

Many 360 owners are just waiting for that app to come out that gives them an excuse to upgrade. I was one of them TBH. I got my console back in December in anticipation of this game being the first AAA title that I had to have. I have 3 Xbox 360s, 1 PS3, 1 WiiU, and 1 Wii. I could have just gotten TitanFall for the 360 but I wanted it for the Xbox One. Many others will feel the same way.
TheGrimReaper  +   721d ago
"The fact that CBOAT is likely run by a collection of moderators on NeoGaf"

I see...
May I ask you if you are a reader of MisterX' blog?
KingDadXVI  +   721d ago
No I do not read the drivel that he posts on his site. I do however have an account at Reddit and picked the information up there.

Here is the subreddit link:

While I don't think that MisterX knows his ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to technical matters and that he has some serious delusions the data he gathered in this case has merit for a few simple facts:

1. None of the information he posted was created by him. It was all found by other members at NeoGaf.

2. All he did was attempt to document the posts that the NeoGaf moderators tried to delete or edit.

I do not believe that he guy at the center of the controversy was a moderator at NeoGaf or that he was singularly CBOAT.

What I do believe and what the verified evidence supports is that CBOAT is not a single person but a user account that is used by moderators at NeoGaf to post propaganda that promotes their particular ideas, stirs up controversy and ultimately brings in new users to their site thus generating income from advertising. The more controversy and visits to NeoGaf the more money it makes.

So you end up with a method created by NeoGaf to control and promote hits to their site.

CBOAT has been shown to be nothing more than a joke of a creation by NeoGaf in order to spread their opinions and influence investment by advertisers.
OwnageDC650  +   722d ago
Improvements are always welcome. I don't think I'll be picking this up for my XB1 though. PC version is the best version so I'll go with that.
ger2396  +   722d ago
you get disagrees for a personel preference?
BX81  +   722d ago
Maybe with it being the best version?
Volkama  +   721d ago
I played both versions in the beta. Going from max settings on the PC across to One version, the most jarring difference is the AA. The jaggies aren't omg-it's-broken terrible, but they do exist.

If improvements are in the works I hope it is on the AA side of things. The detail level and performance were otherwise perfectly adequate.

Well ok the MOST jarring difference is the controller, but that's obviously not changing :)
Pinkdolphinyfg  +   722d ago
I would take the paying the press accusations as compliments if i were respawn. Some people can't handle the fact that the game is THAT good, they don't want to believe it. If you played Titanfall and don't feel like its not your cup of tea-- then more power to you but if you constantly bash the game and listen to the voices in your head saying its a bad game for whatever motives without playing it then your just as bad if not worse than the media your complaining about overhyping it.
#6 (Edited 722d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Software_Lover  +   722d ago
Is it sad that I have no interest in Titanfall or Infamous?
Tedakin  +   722d ago
Nope. To each his own. Some people get super hyped for the new Madden game. I couldn't care less.
Silly gameAr  +   722d ago
Nah. Just means you have a mind of your own and don't let hype sweep you up.
Gunstar75  +   721d ago
Which implies that anyone excited for either game doesn't have a mind of their own and are sucked in by hype?

I have been playing Titanfall and am sucked in by the game being awesome, nothing else.

Your comment was very patronising.
BX81  +   722d ago
Lol, I hear you even though I'm excited for both. I was a huge fan of the last Medal of Honor and a lot of people hated that game.
MysticStrummer  +   721d ago
Not at all. To each his own. No shame in not following the crowd.
Chrisgamerguy  +   722d ago
That really is insulting. Losers saying they payed off press because they are jealous of titanfalls great success. Maybe if you people weren't so
Lazy you could create a great game like this.
pandaboy  +   722d ago
what success?
Chrisgamerguy  +   722d ago
Winning more e3 awards than any other game game. What your game and how many awards has it won?
scott182  +   722d ago
The of last of Us - Most game of the year awards won by any game, ever.

And people troll it to no end.

I'm not going to make light of winning E3 awards, but the game isn't out yet. I agree it looks great though.
#8.1.2 (Edited 722d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(9) | Report
Ninver  +   722d ago
lol when it wins over 400+ game of the year awards then we will talk. until then that title is reserved for Uncharted and The Last of Us.
Elit3Nick  +   722d ago
So because it doesn't have game of the year awards yet it should be bashed? N4G logic here
Ninver  +   722d ago
i'm not bashing the game at all. i truly hope it turns out to be a great experience for X1 gamers.

I'm just stating facts to those who claim it is the end all be all. You simply can't claim that title until it's won more GOTY awards than Uncharted or TLOU, 400+ and counting.
MiloGarret  +   722d ago
All he mentioned was great success. So, games that don't receive 400+ GOTY awards aren't a great success? Nevermind that it's not even out yet. I see many failed games out there then, a lot.
lunatic0001  +   722d ago
Two amazing games but why u only put sony exclusives when there are obviously other games that have won a shit ton of awards like oblivion, skryim, me2, half life 2, metroid prime which IMO is better then either the last of us and uncharted 2 and many others
#8.2.4 (Edited 722d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report
MysticStrummer  +   721d ago
"So because it doesn't have game of the year awards yet it should be bashed? N4G logic here"

"All he mentioned was great success."

Do you guys bother to read the comments before you retort? He went on to define "great success" as E3 awards, and he did it before you commented. Not calling the game a great success when it hasn't even been released yet isn't "bashing" it.
Kavorklestein  +   721d ago
Really, nobody I have ever met or spoken to trolls TLOU.
I have heard people say they didn't like certain aspects of the action/gameplay elements, like shooting the guns, but never dissing the game as a whole, or just blatantly trolling to troll, for troll's sakes... Or "To no End" like you said.... I think you are over-reaching with that statement, and everyone else who reads it will be able to see through your B.S. stacked comment also.

Now, this is different in general, so let's not try to say GOTY vs Shooter like apples to oranges please. It's not SP Campaign heavy, or really story heavy or TPS like TLOU.. TLOU is out and the world has had hands on time with the final product for a half a year... Titanfall isn't even out, for gods sake it was a BETA. So let's wait to judge it for it's flaws when we can't even appreciate it in it entirety. Betas have flaws, as do finished products, so just back off and realize you can't stop the hype train if you tried. Hype is there for a reason. It can also be negative hype. So just be patient till March Please.
I for one don't care what platform it is played on, but I do know for a fact after playing the Beta, that a massive success of a game is coming down the pipeline, and there is nothing the haters will be able to do but hate.

Sony has great games coming, and Microsoft does too. Your opinions don't matter to the people who are gonna buy whatever they want.... And I know my opinion might not matter to YOU, but I just thought I'd let you know how transparent you are. And all the Sony fans are. I am gonna get The Order when it comes out, and I am looking forward to trying Infamous Second son at my friends house cuz he has it pre-ordered, but I'm not gonna discredit the amount of attention it gets like YOU are. Like Sony fans do to Microsoft games.
I have never bashed a game that was exclusive just because ________ console didn't have it... You sony fans do that crap like it's in your Ten Commandments or something... You guys have MS to thank for making and keeping the industry competitive, after Nintendo tucked tail and failed the way it has. And I was a "nintendo only" guy back during the Gamecube Days. No matter what I have EVER heard, seen, or read that is trollish by MS fans, it gets topped by the Sony fans twice as hard, twice as often. If you guys are so adamant about the console war being over like the PS4 is the end-all to everything, then start acting like it, and stop showing fear of a game for a system you claim is DOA.
donnieboy  +   722d ago
You'll never know especially with EA as its backbone.
Austacker  +   722d ago
Maybe they should have paid the Australian press instead?

Aussies are not happy and we're being swept aside on the quiet over the matter...
aconnellan  +   722d ago
It really does suck that they don't have Australian servers, that's a blow we're going to have to deal with.
But from my whole time playing the Beta, I only had one laggy game, and that's because I was uploading a video to Youtube at the same time. Even then it was playable.

It must be different for everyone I guess (I'm a Brisbane guy myself)
annus  +   722d ago
I thought it was going to be bad, I pretty much can't play any PC game above 100 ping, and I was playing the beta at around 140. It really wasn't that noticeable, especially to the extent of that first video, I'd say that guy just has a straight up shit connection. You have to remember there are FAR more variables in play than just ping with a single persons internet.
Tedakin  +   722d ago
It's funny to me that people act like all this Titanfall hype is new and created by xbots. Do they forget E3? Titanfall won 75 best of show awards and is the only game in history to sweep every E3 category it was nominated in. This hype is not newly forged to sell Xboxes.
windblowsagain  +   722d ago
Some will buy an xbox one for it, others won't, same with any game.

As for Jesus.

Born of a virgin. Not. Mistranslation from young woman to virgin. Sad but true.
MiloGarret  +   722d ago
You are hereby awarded A GIANT TROPHY for best comment of the day.
Ra3030  +   722d ago
"We’ve had to fight tooth and nail to have a game that anyone would even know existed, let alone be excited for and want to create coverage of. I get it that its not for everyone, but to say we’re paying anyone off is downright insanity. Not to mention the height of insulting".
First if a forum poster was the OP of that statement he would be called a sissy fanboy and would be ran off the forum board. Second The developer signed an agreement EA which in turn gave the rights to the game the developers made "Titanfall" to Microsoft so you kinda work for Microsoft and what Microsoft has done in an effort to lead to X1 sales. They have controlled almost all the information that has been put out for this game. And yes they paid people to say good things about it and they also paid people not to say bad things about it. So if there has been a huge backlash and a flood of people saying things not so good about Titanfall so be it. My question is did Respawn take it up with Microsoft? Very, very unlikely because up until the last few weeks Microsoft has seen to it anything that has been said is all good all hype.....What do you expect Respawn you made a deal with the Devil. Also your asking gamers to pay $60 plus pay more for DLC and who knows their might be more Titans behind a paywall. Look Respawn made a game. Great!
People write articles about games..great! When those things are done and put into the real world some love it and say how great it is and some don't like it and there's nothing wrong with them saying what they feel the need to say. If I don't like the game I don't have to purchase it and if you read things you don't like well, stop reading. Because they'll be a lot more bad said about the game and components in the game like the dumb down AI bots over the next couple weeks.
#13 (Edited 722d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
ShwankyShpanky  +   722d ago
"We’ve had to fight tooth and nail to have a game that anyone would even know existed"

Really, Mr. Industry-Famous-Former-Head-of -Developer-of-Most-Popular-FPS -Ever?

#13.1 (Edited 722d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ShwankyShpanky  +   721d ago
Sorry, I meant "Mr. Guy-Who-Works-for-Industry-Fam ous-Former-Head-of -Developer-of-Most-Popular-FPS -Ever."
jatakk  +   722d ago
Trolls bashing and insulting really hard-working and talented developers for an award-winning and unreleased game is quite sickening. Must they crawl back into their hole from which they came from. Bunch of premature lowlife children.. smh
GG, Respawn ftw :-D
jay2  +   722d ago
Good for him, still not buying this though, got into the BETA and while it was ok, it's not a £50 game.
Snowblind15  +   722d ago
I would hope you weren't going to pay $60 for a beta!
cyclindk  +   722d ago
Titanfall is good
cyclindk  +   722d ago
I sense a disturbance in the force...
cyclindk  +   722d ago
Titanfall is bad
denero1  +   722d ago
you should have started with titanfall is bad

this is the only site where you can get disagrees for saying

"I'm so excited can't wait for it on pc"

and look up and have 21 disagrees
Doritos_Pope  +   722d ago
I, the Doritos Pope cannot endorse blasting robots etc, for the sake that its against the 6 sacraments of the doradito.
We should all stand united in Dew and Doritos.
However, for those not a part of our religon, Enjoy !
CrossingEden  +   722d ago
('__' ) .......AND that's enough internet for today (._. )
aondaatje   722d ago | Trolling | show
lunatic0001  +   722d ago
I can't wait for of the reasons I bought xbone....played the beta and I liked,infamous,mgs ground zeroes....march is going to be epic!!!!!
Flames76  +   721d ago
Titanfall is the game thats gonna change shooters and after spending 18hrs on the beta this is the game to own.There isnt a damn thing thats coming to the PS4 this year that is gonna touch titanfall bottom line.This game is so balanced so fun its just insane how great this game is.Sony is begging for it becasue they know its gonna shift the tide but sorry its exclusive.Hopefully after all the BS that respawn has heard from the childish sony fanboys they will stick with the Xbox where gamers respect developers no mattre what platfrom they develop on.So glad sony is going under cant wait for the playststion brand to be over with.Hate to see people lose their jobs but the childish fanboys got to go
imt558  +   721d ago
You have pretty sick brain.
Kavorklestein  +   721d ago
Flames, Sony fans are worried about this game yes, but you can't just wish for Sony to disappear. They are selling extremely well, and they aren't going under anytime soon. I am super stoked for Titanfall, but I don't think it's gonna make Sony be de-railed or fail or something lol.

I am an xbox guy primarily, but I have both consoles, and they both have their advantages for sure. Exclusives especially... Both have great games, with more and more on the way, but I do have one thing to say:
It's the fans who make me ashamed to play my PS4. Not the games OR the system....
Silly gameAr  +   721d ago
So maybe you should go away flames76? You sound pretty childish yourself and a bit delusional.
IRNMUNKEY  +   721d ago
Doesn't matter what system the game is on. The reason its getting hype is people have just had the opportunity to play it for 5 days and the gfenereal concensus is that's its a great game.

I for one started playing it and thought it was okay, just COD with Mechs however the more I played it the more I realised that other than the graphics style it is nothing like COD and the minute I stopped playing it likje COD I started to enjoy it for what it is.

It just plays amazingly watching videos of gameplay does no justice to how it actually feels to play the game.

If you haven't played it you can't really comment and if you are only into single player games why even bother reading anything about the game as you won't be getting it anyway.

Prepare for troll attack! :-)
BOLO  +   721d ago
Best of luck to Respawn and their Titanfall franchise. Just hope EA doesn't gut them.
Father__Merrin  +   721d ago
the final game should be good, but it's one of them titles that will be given fanboy driven reviews

I predict 9's across the board no matter how good/poor the game is
MultiConsoleGamer  +   721d ago
Citizen Kane of gaming.

GhostTurtle  +   721d ago
Ill just pick it up on my 360. 720p 30 frames is 720p and 30 frames. Not worth owning an Xbone just for this game.
S2Killinit  +   721d ago
Considering how heavily MS needs a hit, i wouldnt be surprised that they have been paying sites to hype this up. I mean isnt that what MS does all the time? Their track record sort of speaks for itself doesnt it?
Father__Merrin  +   721d ago
titanfall will receive generous fanboy driven reviews - the flaws(like all games have them) will be sugar coated over, other titles are ripped but titanfall won't be.

I will guarantee issues that we all know about won't be mentioned

unreal tournament 3 I recall was blasted for having a single player mode that "was just bot matches with tacked on story!!!!"

titanfall won't have any mention like that, just as an example
CEOSteveBallmer  +   721d ago
WHy would i buy it for xbone if i can play it on PC?? keep at it harcore xbox fans, keep up the hype. a multiplayer only game with no single player campaign?? wow BEST SELLER.....
Slevon  +   721d ago
A single player game with no multiplayer can do well, why not vice versa? If its that hard to believe that someone would buy a console for this game then your opinion is too biased to have a discussion with. I get its not for everyone and I get that most people that have a gaming pc would likely rather buy it on that then buy a whole new system but i'm sure you see people will. I have a friend who I gave my origin beta code too and he is getting an x1 to play there, and there's nothing wrong with it. Why do you care what people do or want to play.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   721d ago
In the first place, what made games so popular and entertaining? mario is single campaign, legend of zelda is single campaign, god of war, uncharted, final fantasy is single campaign, metal gear is single campaign, bioshock, halo, gears, etc etc etc. get my drift?? your right, i don't care what you guys want to play. then why did you respond to my comment? got hit by what i said?? i was never talking to you. i just said a piece of my mind.
Slevon  +   721d ago

I get there are a lot of good single player only but there are alot of multiplayer only that are doing just fine as well, WOW, Dota, LOL, ect. and they are more than successful. I wasn't hit by what you said i'm just trying to have an honest conversation, not a "you mad bro?" trash off.
#28.1.2 (Edited 721d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
iliimaster  +   721d ago
this game almost has to be gimped in some way from xb1 to 360 discs because the 360 versionis gnna look like the xb1 version
NiteX  +   721d ago
The truth is always “Insulting”.
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