Microsoft's Xbox One Is Selling So Poorly Retailers Are Getting Desperate

Things aren't looking good for Microsoft's Xbox One. After what was admittedly a very strong debut, sales of the console have slowed to a crawl. Last month, according to research firm NPD, rival Sony's PlayStation 4 outsold Microsoft's console in the U.S. by a ratio of 2 to 1.

Is the runaway success of the PlayStation 4 simply overshadowing Microsoft's latest console, or is the Xbox One not doing as well as Redmond expected? The latter is looking increasingly likely, as retailers such as Target, Wal-Mart, and GameStop have begun to offer heavy incentives on the Microsoft console.

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PoSTedUP1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

my gamestop has a huge sign in the window (litterally almost covering the whole front window) "we have xbox ones in stock!". yeah, no ****... just make sure you have a PlayStation 4 for me when i decide to buy one, that is all im concerned about.

MS better pray titanfall is a hit or i think theyll be riding a very rough patch untill Halo5.

mkis0071553d ago

LOL! That is pretty funny

HighResHero1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Way to sum up the situation is such a comedic way.

Instead of Kincted they could have offered a second/better GPU and maybe better RAM.

Time for a new Halo, starring Justin Bieber, featuring Doritos, and with Riley from COD.

Nero13141553d ago

Lol I'm an Xbox fan , But here's a bubble

TomShoe1553d ago


Don't even start that "Discrete GPU" BS again :)


ZombieKiller1553d ago

Wow Tom that was funny! Nicely done.

They should have made 2 different consoles. One with TV and Kinect and the other without them. The other one should come geared towards gamers with a game and controller or something to fit the price tag and the gamers needs.
That's the thing I've been seeing with these companies and why I go Sony. MS meets the needs of their wallets, and although Sony does too, not NEARLY as much. They also put gamers first because they know we are the hand that feeds. MS sees us as a bunch of idiots I feel by hiding the auto renew, CHARGING for XBL in the first place (thin air anyone?), not removing ads even AFTER I pay them....things like this make me happy I made the right move buying a PS4.

Or should I bring up the 1080P 60FPS battle?
There are a ton of reasons NOT to get one in my HONEST opinion.

Axios21553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

The level of stupidity of this article is amazing

Sony just came out and showed how PS4 is outselling


According to Sony's numbers

X1 is also outselling


So it's bad to outsell all of Sony's former consoles for the X1 but not the PS4?



microsoft's last console.....remember who said it first!

Saigon1553d ago

Did anyone read the comments in the article...simply

king_george1553d ago

@ Saigon

LOL! I just read them too and those poor fanboys cant wrap their little minds around this story! Lol so sad yet so funny. Their bias is definitely showing

ZombieKiller1553d ago

@Axios2: Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black....You can't believe the stupidity in these comments yet you defend a console that is
1) Inferior
2) More money
3) STRUGGLES to do what a current gen system is supposed to do.
4) Has a FORCED camera with a directional mic and internet. (Privacy...who needs that?)
5) ...all in the name of adding TV? Or adding more money to that paywall of theirs in the near future. Didn't you already have TV? Can't wait to see them hide the auto renew on you.
and finally, probably has a whole COMPANY defending them and doesn't need your damage control. Use that 1 bubble a bit more wisely and maybe you'll actually get another day.

SaturdayNightBeaver1553d ago

notice that guy falls at beginning lol

FamilyGuy1553d ago

MS stuffed the retail chain to inflate their sales numbers, meanwhile Sonys still having a hard time keeping up with demand.

The reason X1 looks like it's selling well is because they have a million or so consoles sitting in store shelves. Retailer are offering incentives because they can't get rid of them.

starchild1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

What a bunch of nonsense.

These consoles have only been out for a couple of months.

Have some of you honestly forgotten that there were months the Xbox 360 outsold the PS3 nearly two to one? Did that spell doom for the PS3?

Nope. We've still got a long generation ahead of us.

johndoe112111553d ago


As hard as this is for you to accept, I'm gonna tell you it anyway. You do realize that microsoft really and truly don't give a damn how the systems are selling in comparison to systems that came out 8-20 years ago right?

What they and their investors care about is how the system is selling NOW, especially in comparison to its competitors. Not only that, based on the way it is selling it seems as though the demand for the console is dropping way to quickly while the ps4 is still going very strong.

That drop in sales is enough for microsoft to be having emergency meetings almost every day i'm sure. It does not look good for the system. I'm sure no one at redmond anticipated this dramatic drop in sales. What they would have wanted was the same sort of steam that the ps4 is now enjoying.

Forget about 10 years ago, that has absolutely NOTHING to do with what is happening to the xbone right now. If you cannot see the level of desperation that microsoft has reached as a sign that even they are panicking (offering tradeins for ps3's, buying good publicity from youtubers, paying for exclusivity for titanfall at the last minute, constant damage controlling, offering fifa free to Europeans and all the deals that stores are offering based on this article),then you are wearing blinders on top of your fanboy goggles.

doolin_dalton1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )


They've sold nearly 4 million in 3 months. Regardless of how PS4 is doing, 4 million is a huge success. Not to mention, they've done it WITHOUT Halo, Gears, or Titanfall.

Sorry if you don't want to believe the Xbox One is doing well, but your negative spin is pretty desperate.

How the Xbox One is selling in comparison to some of the best selling consoles in history is VERY important. Unfortunately for you, you just don't WANT to believe it, so you downplay the Xbox One's sales success any way you can, while only bringing up what you consider to be the negatives. Talk about being blinded by fanboy goggles.

"That drop in sales is enough for microsoft to be having emergency meetings almost every day i'm sure"

When you have to resort to making things up, your point becomes completely invalid.

UnholyLight1553d ago


Even though I am playing both sides this gen (Mostly PS4 at the moment)....This GIF is classic.

Thanks for the laugh :)

johndoe112111553d ago


Not only did you clearly miss the whole point of my post but you obviously cannot interpret when someone is just using a statement as an expression to convey the seriousness of a situation from when they are stating something as fact.

"They've sold nearly 4 million in 3 months. Regardless of how PS4 is doing, 4 million is a huge success." Let's dissect the utter BS of that statement shall we?:
1. Where did you get that 4 million figure from?

2. If the ps4 had sold 10 million by now and the xbone only sold 4 million, do you think they would still consider the xbone a success based on your logic?

3. Out of that "supposed" 4 million, how many were sold through to customers and how many are sitting on store shelves?

4. A "huge" success is in comparison to what exactly? The wiiU which has been out for a year and the xbone has sold past in three months? Or ps4 sales which came out at the same time as the xbone and has already doubled the sales in europe and is consistently outselling it in the usa?

At no point did I say the xbone will not sell or is not selling, but if you cannot see the huge decrease in sales that is taking place or the fact that the amount it is starting to lag behind the ps4 is going to make microsoft worry, then you should probably continue sticking your head in the dirt, ignoring the facts and not read articles like this.

pwnsause_returns1553d ago

"X1 is also outselling

PS3 "

Im not fan of posting VG charts numbers, but....

johndoe112111553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )


"How the Xbox One is selling in comparison to some of the best selling consoles in history is VERY important. Unfortunately for you, you just don't WANT to believe it, so you downplay the Xbox One's sales success any way you can, while only bringing up what you consider to be the negatives".

Ok mister logic, then tell me, based on these sales figures of all the ps systems:

ps1 after 10 months - 1.77 million
ps2 after 7 months - 3.52
ps3 after 7 months - 4.2 million

why were all the the game journalists and microsoft fanboys spelling doom and gloom for the ps3, saying that it was done for and talking about how it was a disaster launch when it clearly outsold it's predecessors?

doolin_dalton1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

MS announced 3.9 million shipped as of December 31 (in their official financial report). Even if a few hundred thousand were sitting on store shelves, it's been seven weeks since that report. Using reliable reporting services, it's pretty easy to see that Xbox One is now near 4 million, unless you believe that virtually no Xbox One's have been sold in the past seven weeks.

Everything Axios2 said is 100% fact. It comes directly from a Sony controlled website (Dualshockers).

Like I said, you just don't WANT to believe it, so you concocted your ridiculous spin to try to hide what you don't want to hear. You have no high ground to accuse others of burying their heads in the sand.

Sales success is determined by comparing actual sales to goals. Pepsi can have huge sales successes even if they sell less than Coke. Fanboys need ammunition for their wars, so they like to talk only about how it compares to a competitor.

"why were all the the game journalists and microsoft fanboys spelling doom and gloom for the ps3, saying that it was done for and talking about how it was a disaster launch when it clearly outsold it's predecessors?"

The people who did that were proven wrong by the facts, just as people like you who are doing the EXACT SAME THING are now being proven wrong as well.

johndoe112111553d ago


"A few hundred thousand"? Really?? and you want to call ME desperate??? When microsoft made that announcement it wasn't "a few hundred thousand" xbones sitting on store shelves, It was 900,000 units. that's 100,000 units short of a MILLION. Get your damage controlling xbox fanatical facts straight.

Boody-Bandit1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

"They've sold nearly 4 million in 3 months. Regardless of how PS4 is doing, 4 million is a huge success. Not to mention, they've done it WITHOUT Halo, Gears, or Titanfall."

Man we are really picking nits here, aren't we? I could've sworn all I've heard on this site is how the X1 launch line up is better than the PS4 but yet MS is doing this without their heavy hitters? Forza 5 isn't a heavy hitter? SMH

Sony is nearly 2 million ahead already, is sold out nearly every where, especially in America, and they are basically selling PS4s as fast as they can manufacture them. Meanwhile you can purchase an XBOX ONE on nearly any retail site right now.

See that's what this article is about. It's not about overall sales totals. It's about, what appears to be, X1 sales slowing down.

I don't think it's a stretch to say that 3 months into this new generation and it appears that Sony is just going to run away with this generation. Especially world wide. It appears they are going to in North America as well.

Sony is launching their PS4 in Japan in a few days and I would be surprised if they don't sell at least 1 million in the first week.

Oh and BTW Sony hasn't released their heavy hitters yet. Oh but they're coming. Along with a bunch of brand new IP's as well.

Edit: Going by this latest article

The XBOX ONE is selling less than the PS3 world wide. Now we all know vgchartz is usually off a bit on their numbers BUT they usually over track MS hardware and under track PS hardware. So these totals could be even more in favor of Sony.

Back on topic:
Considering this latest tidbit of info. It appears that this article is spot on. X1 sales are below PS3 sales and the PS4 is out pacing it nearly 3 to 1 world wide.

BitbyDeath1553d ago

"How the Xbox One is selling in comparison to some of the best selling consoles in history is VERY important."

Xbone is selling slightly above what Wii U was selling in that timeframe.

If you think Wii U is one of the best selling consoles in history then ... good on you.

Wizard_King1553d ago

Dreamcast 2.0 anyone.

I see a belly up goldfish in MS future.

miyamoto1553d ago

I will not comment on that website that says "Comments from our Foolish Readers"
... but there are actually tons of them butt hurt commenters.

What the...!

Utalkin2me1553d ago


While that is good numbers for Xbox1, but do you really think they will sustain those numbers? All of those are early adopters, and this is one of the reasons why the Xbox1 is still sitting on shelves.

Death1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )


From November 22nd to December 31st Microsoft sold an average of 500,000 consoles per week (3million/6weeks). 900,000 consoles was less than a 2 week supply in the retail channel. Sold from a company standpoint is to retailers which are authorized resellers to the end user. Consoles are sold from Microsoft and Sony to Gamestop, Walmart, etc.

Why would you think selling out constantly is normal? When Gamestop sells an Xbox, they restock with another. If they don't have any to sell they lose sales. With less demand, supply isn't an issue. It is also normal for sales to drop after the holidays. Sony still has high demand since they had low supply through December. People traditionally buy consoles for games. There isn't enough on either console to drive sales. Sony is still riding a PR high and people are still picking up consoles since they are in limited supply. People always want what they can't have. It's marketing.

darkness6251553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

lol that just made my day XD.

tanookisuit1553d ago

Oh wow! Do you/you guys know where this took place? Just curious...

Utalkin2me1553d ago


Lol, if you say so guy. Sorry i am getting dizzy from all the spin. I will bookmark this and we will comeback to it and the end of the year.

DragonKnight1553d ago

@starchild: "Have some of you honestly forgotten that there were months the Xbox 360 outsold the PS3 nearly two to one? Did that spell doom for the PS3?"

Yes, we have forgotten, because that never happened. Unless you're the kind of person that thinks USA = The World, then the PS3 ALWAYS outsold the Xbox 360 globally since launch. I don't know where you're pulling 2:1 in favour of the 360 out of, but there damn sure isn't any light there.

@doolin_dalton: Microsoft's "heavy hitters" are only heavy hitters in the US. Don't count on them to help global sales because they won't. Currently, Sony owns the US with the PS4 and that's WITH the knowledge that MS bought Gears of War, and Halo is coming soon. Sony also owns the rest of the world because their vision isn't limited to North America the way MS' is so they have franchises that appeal to everyone that people know are coming.

Ra30301553d ago

I can't stop crying! That was funny. That could be the best post every.

Why o why1553d ago

'Have some of you honestly forgotten that there were months the Xbox 360 outsold the PS3 nearly two to one? Did that spell doom for the PS3?'.....starchild

Where and when, like Dragon Knight stated... you forgot the rest of the world, ignored the year plus headstart and disregarded the replacement units purchased before the replacement scheme took off.

Time will ultimately tell how well the x1 is selling but you'd be totally naive to think ms is totally pleased with what its selling in context to its main competitor. Their hallowed home turf isn't their own anymore so thats got to hurt if the trends continue. The higher price for weaker hardware is hurting them. Their reveal is still hurting them, their last gen minimalistic ethos is hurting them. Rrod is still hurting them. Some people don't just forget the past and many are still affected by the recessions. Many factors have led to the sales discrepancy.

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come_bom1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

I think this subtitle on the article says it all about the X1...

"Too expensive and too weak"

If Microsoft doesn't do something, X1 sales are going to go lower and lower (after Titanfall release)... I suspect WiiU sales low.

Chitown712911553d ago

(really not even a reply to come_bom , but a reply to what Ive been seeing lately) As much as I love Sony and want them to win this war, do we really not want Xbox on the market anymore? No, they havent been the most innovative company in the market, but they have brought some good things, along with Nintendo. Granted, I feel like Sony has been the most beneficial for the industry as a whole, pushing and creating new experiences constantly, and always having great games to play, but Microsoft and Nintendo brought great things as well. Ima gamer first and a fanboy 2nd, so honestly I wish Microsoft the best, and hopefully they come out with another console after the One, same with Nintendo and Wii-U

karl1553d ago

i only wish they sell the minimum ammount necessary for them to survive this gen and consider a new xbox console.. thats it

Chitown712911553d ago

Lmao @ Karl I can respect that

Wizard_King1553d ago


Yes I really don't want MS in the market any more.

MS has done nothing but bad for the gaming industry, they are a cancer on gaming in my eyes.

MS introduced to following cancerous shit to the gaming industry.

-Yearly online gaming subs
-Season pass's
-Paid DLC
-Ripping content from disk to release as paid DLC
-Disk locking content and charging for it to be used
-Price gouging on games that are available on other platforms (in some case 500% or more)
-Bi annual releases of their AAA titles, leading to worse and worse games with each iteration
-Constant lies and smoke and mirror tactics to avoid real (usually negative) information coming forth

MS should leave gaming for good, no one wants them in the PC gaming market either, they should just stick to operating systems and try much harder at that *cough* Windows 8 *cough*

Rainstorm811553d ago

I agree chitown.....without the 360, Sony possibly wouldn't have taken the steps to make PSN, PS+ and PS4 what it is today

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Mr Pumblechook1553d ago

On Xbox One is outselling the PS4.*

* do not currently have any PS4s in stock, and do not expect a new delivery until mid-March at the earliest.

aceitman1553d ago

with the shortage ps4 has outsold x1 in the uk by 3 to 1

WalterWJR1553d ago


That was just this week. Overall is about 3 to 2

Schizoid1553d ago

one of my buds drove 40 something miles yesterday to get a ps4, almost got in a fight with some lady over the last one lol

oODEADPOOLOo1553d ago

and this is what that looks like in real life:

pretty much meaning this:

cyguration1553d ago

Halo 5? That's fall 2015.

That's a loooooooooong ways away as far as console sales go.

ITPython1553d ago

The Albertsons in my area (grocery store) is having their yearly sweepstakes thing where if you match certain stickers (that you get when purchasing groceries) then you can win stuff (much like McDonalds Monopoly).

Can anybody guess what console managed to make it as one of the prizes? Yup you guessed right, an XB1! What a shocker, right?

I'm sure MS will be able to pad their sales numbers a bit more with those giveaways. But it is just sad how far they are stretching by creating false demand. I wonder how many billions they have already lost due to all the advertising and giveaways? There is no way they could be turning a profit on the XB1 at this point.

PoSTedUP1553d ago

its crazy that everyone is pushing it Hard everywhere you look and it still got outsold by the ps3 this week.

Kiwi661553d ago

have you not thought that it may actually be the store owners or the people running the sweepstake that chose xb1 & not ms

ITPython1553d ago

@krispy - I doubt it, this is essentially free advertising for the XB1, and that doesn't come for free.

Now if it was some local Mom & Pop place who wanted to hold their own giveaway out of their own pockets, yeah I could see them choosing any console they wanted without any outside influence. But this is a nationwide chain of stores, MS greased their palms without a doubt. Probably offered them X amount of XB1's to giveaway for free (or heavily discounted). I checked the prize list online, and shows they have 250 XB1's to give away.

Plus what store would want to give away the console that isn't as popular or successful as another? These giveaways drive sales because people think they can win something good. But if nobody wants the prizes, then what good does it do? It makes the most sense to offer the most wanted prices possible, so the fact they chose the XB1 over the PS4 likely isn't coincidental. Although I do admit getting 250 PS4s might have been impossible for them.

But just imagine if they had 250 PS4's to give away, which have been near impossible to find for the last 3 months and are absolutely massive in demand right now... their sales would see a HUGE boom due to that. But offering an XB1 which is in stock everywhere? Sure it's still free, but the incentive just isn't as strong.

Unless this was just an issue of them not getting the PS4 supply they wanted, then without a doubt MS gave them some nice incentives to offer up the XB1.

Blaze9291553d ago

"So poorly"

Where do you all keep making this ish up at? Selling faster than the 360 in a less stable market than 2005 at the highest price point of competition is "so poorly?" Having a 49% software attachment is poor?

Lol ok. The XB1 hate is strong in 2014

PoSTedUP1553d ago

the ps3 just outsold the X1...

Sevir1553d ago

I'm in no way an Xbox fan, nor do I plan on owning one, but this article is CRAP!

It just launched and there is still a demand. I think MS is happy with the way the console has performed... 3 million+ in 2 months. Is a healthy performing console, especially when it's sold that much in 13 regions...
They have a big month coming and some compelling software for those that want one! These doom and gloom articles are pointless this early in it's life cycle... It just Launched.. It's not like it's doing worse than the Wii U!

PoSTedUP1553d ago

X1 just got outsold by the ps3...

combatcash1553d ago

They need a price cut and soon. The word is out that the xbox one is underpowered compared to the ps4 and it costs more money. It's definitely not a good thing a new halo or gears might do the trick but the price is still a major issue.

Talidan1553d ago

I had a reserve with $300 down, but couldn't make up the difference when the time came. I should've sold my reserve... could've used the extra cash.

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BallsEye1553d ago Show
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XiSasukeUchiha1553d ago

Damn Damn this kind of pathetic we all ready knew!

Elit3Nick1553d ago

That's not the thing that's pathetic here...

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corvusmd1553d ago

So selling twice as fast as the 360 is selling poorly? Come on, fanboys just's old and pathetic...stop being so negative. I know not all areas are the same, but in my area it's the exact opposite, it's hard to find XB1s and easy to find fact the costcos next to my house have NO XB1's yet pallets of PS4s...and all the gamestores next to me have few Xb1s at a time and 10-15 PS4s...this is clearly an opinion piece trying to be passed off as news.

solidmasta1553d ago ShowReplies(1)
bicfitness1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

360 sold two hundred and something thousand in its first January, and it was supply constrained. Xbox One is not and other than MS fangirls, who bought the first couple million, general consumers have spit at the price and laughable hardware (yes even the dummest person can figure out or hear on Twitter how they're being fleeced).

Edit: Omg you actually think the X1 is supply constrained? I hope you're just trolling for laughs or that's sad.

OrangePowerz1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

It's not selling poorly by itself altough the twice as fast as 360 only applies to the actuall launch, but compared to the competition that is sold out in many places it gets outsold in the US 2:1. Surely that's not really what MS would want. MS runs the risk with retailers having plenty of consoles in stock that they wont order that many and they will be pile up in MS storage. The big a