Why has online gaming become so antisocial?

David Houghton looks at how online games have become anti-social after his experience with Grand Theft Auto: Online.

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Paulie_gualtieri1520d ago

Ugh.I hate these pieces written by pompous college kids who have to use extravagant words instead of simply getting to the point..

But i do agree with his point tho.I remember playing Battlefield modern combat back in the original xbox days and everyone had a Mic and was talking to eachother.Calling out chopper posistions, requesting tank backup and timing our attacks on bases.Some of the best times of my gaming life and in part, the reason i still game today.

It's nothing like that anymore.Nobody uses their mics anymore unless it's to blast music, talk about random bullshit or just being an annoying dick to everyone.Even i'm guilty of this.I don't team play anymore with my mic.It's either off when i'm alone or private party chat when i'm with friends.i don't know what happened over the years to change that but it's sad to see.

The veil of silent anonymity is what causes this i think.It's much easier to be an asshole and teamkill someone or ruin there game when there is no repercussion.
You don't have to hear the guy or deal with it after, no accountability.

Taking away the human element of it is what ruins the social experience.

lonegunner1011520d ago

This is why i prefer to play Counter strike over COD

PoSTedUP1519d ago

socom was good with mics, hell youll be kicked out of the game if you didnt have a mic, hah. nowadays i just like to play n chill, im waiting on Hhour so i can run my mouth again. hhour will have a more vocal community.

StockpileTom1519d ago

Voting is what puts an end to all this anti-social nonsense... giving the community the tools to police itself is the best way to go-- Not a mute-all button!

I need me some H-Hour...

PoSTedUP1519d ago

yeah, i like when the games come with a mic; certain communitys are better than others imo. giving everyone and their mother a mic was bad on 360, too many people not having a mic on early ps3 was also bad. but socom was different, the community is tight and it drew in all the right people imo.

-Foxtrot1519d ago

Because after a hard day at work or School/College/Uni the last thing you want to do is come home and play online with a bunch of arseholes yapping on in your ear.

Hell even friends get annoying sometimes....yeah I've just seen you at work/uni like an hour ago but I want some me time.

That is why I love single player games like Elder Scrolls and would HATE if they ever decided to add a pointless co-op mode. Not just because it would take resources away from the single player....but theres just no point when those kind of games are dying out.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1519d ago

Once the Party system hit XBL I stopped caring about ppl online.

linkenski1519d ago

Title should've read "why has multiplayer gotten antisocial".

The problem is that devs make online-only and no split-screen MP rather than having both so games are harder to enjoy when you're visiting friends locally nowadays. The online MP itself is just getting more and more accessible for friends AFAIK.