PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886 Set to Get Even Better: Developers Talk About Lighting and AI

The gameplay footage shown for The Order: 1886 yesterday was absolutely impressive under many points of view, but today the devs explain that the game could improve even further between now and its release.

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THC CELL1493d ago

gotta be the last of us ai, they was so amazing

Irishguy951493d ago

Yeah, back in reveal gameplay, they weren't like that in the actual game

curtis921493d ago

My only concern is that Sony might feel the need to get this game out for holidays 2014 and I really hope it doesn't get rushed. Sony is good about not rushing things though so it's only a minor concern.

Abriael1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

They worked on it for the last 5 years. That doesn't sound rushed to me.

jukins1493d ago

Yea but I'm sure actual game development has been no more than 2 years and the team isn't exactly huge so yea hopefully it's not rushed. Just look at killzone shadow falls in development for at least 3 years and it ended up being a rushed game.

ziggurcat1493d ago

@ jukins:

rushed, how? "rushed" seems to be the new "generic" buzzword people keep throwing around, and 3-5 years of development time is hardly what anyone would consider "rushed."

curtis921493d ago

Could be in dev for 10 years... if it's not ready at expected release it's not ready... not saying it isn't ready, just hoping that if it's not they don't push it out anyway.

sobekflakmonkey1493d ago


If what you mean by "rushed" is that they didn't have co-op ready nor did they have ingame voice chat or any of the large list of things missing from the multiplayer, I would say you are correct, but if you're talking about visuals and such...I dunno...I mean yes of course games are gonna look better later on, but KZ was and is a launch title, so I dunno..what you were getting at exactly..

Rimeskeem1493d ago

Then again Duke Nukem was worked on for over a decade....

zerog1493d ago

They said the idea started around 06 with most of the development starting around 3 years ago.

morganfell1493d ago

They - Sony EU and RAD - have already said the game is coming in 2014. They are geting ready to enter beta in a couple of months. There is little doubt it will be ready.

I am actually interested in learning more about the investigative side of the gameplay.

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bleedsoe9mm1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

got to be rushing them because other than the character models that gameplay video was a mess . not sure why they put that out in the public . hope they take the time to get it right

@abriael i'm not talking about what the final game is going to be like but that its being rushed . why else put something like wasn't super polished out , example infamous second son gameplay video from E3 looked awesome .

Abriael1493d ago

If you think that was a mess, you never saw non-final gameplay footage of a game six months before release.

Rimeskeem1493d ago

It is called hype and secondly they showed around 25 seconds of in game footage not letting us know what the game is really about...... that they are hiding behind the E3 wall

jkendrick1493d ago


You Xbox trolls seems to be shaking in your boots. Lets see, PlayStation has no games and now rushed games. I think you got it twisted, this is Sony not Micro$oft.

bleedsoe9mm1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

@jkendrickso now questioning why they would show something that isn't super polished is being a xbox fan , go sit in a quiet room and sip your sony koolaid , i'm not joining your cult .

i hope the next time they show the game it is awesome

nycgamer4ever1493d ago

@bleed its at least 8 months out from release. get a grip please.

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WeAreLegion1493d ago

If they haven't forced Team ICO to release The Last Guardian yet, I think they'll give these guys enough time. ;)

LordMaim1493d ago

On that note, there's such a thing as being *too* relaxed. They could lean on those guys a little. Honestly though, I'm hoping that they turn out a masterpiece and just shut down though. After Ico/SOTC, the pressure to deliver a masterpiece every time must be incredible.

plaZeHD1493d ago

"Sony is good about not rushing things" I beg to differ.
Uncharted 3 is a perfect example. You can see that Naughty Dog was trying to tell a bit more complex and richer story than previous installments, but they didn't have enough time so they had to patch things up before the game gets released. And that hurt the story quite bad.

danthegardner1493d ago

The story was indeed a bit of a mess. They shot themselves with announcing the release date and not knowing they could not have everything tight by that time. I hope they don't make the same mistake with Uncharted 4. The only agree from me btw, people don't seem to like the fact that that actually happened.

ArchangelMike1493d ago

If you go by Squenix standards 3-5 years in development is a 'rushed' game. Anything less is just DLC (FFXIII I'm looking at you)


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ExitToExisT1493d ago

I think this game is over-hyped by the game websites since it's a ps4 exc and everyone loves ps4 these days.
I watched the gameplay video yesterday and it was quite average.

Before hitting disagree button, know that i'm not a fanboy of any company or console, will buy both next gen consoles this year.

dcj05241493d ago

Agreed. But to be fair,the last of us is a pretty standard TPS too but the way it was implemented made goty.

isa_scout1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

I completely disagree. From the way Joel took cover naturally without the use of buttons, the use of supplements to effectively level Joel up, and the exceptional crafting system The Last of Us was anything but a standard TPS.
While I do realize that you said it was the way it was implemented that made it goty; to me that just doesn't make sense. Any game is a standard game until all the features are implemented then they become something more... For instance I absolutely loved the TitanFall beta, but if you distill it down to it's most basic form it is just your standard FPS. However, the some total of it's parts make it far more than just a standard FPS...Agreed?

KwietStorm1493d ago

I haven't played too many standard TPS games with crafting, survival horror, no health regeneration, and limited actual shooting.

scott1821493d ago

I love how bad this game is pissing people off. Keep the rants coming people...

nycgamer4ever1493d ago

So easy to spot people who haven't played the game. Try playing TLOU on hard or above as a "standard" TPS and see what happens. Rage quit and broker controller ensues. LMAO

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WeAreLegion1493d ago

"quite average"

I'm sorry, but what were you expecting? Multiple dimensions? Teleportation? MMO? Seriously... I've heard people complain because The Order doesn't revolutionize third person shooters, but why?

Revolver_X_1493d ago

Im just taking notes. I'd be willing to bet most of those saying that will be shouting from the rooftops at the next Gears reveal.

jkendrick1493d ago

@ wearelegion

Because Microsoft didn't pay or create it. If it were Microsoft all these xbots would be eating it up as if it was the second coming of Titanfall.

DanielGearSolid1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

I think everyone hating on the game is copy pasting ign's "worries" into their brains.

Seriously, there was like 5mins of HANDS OFF third person gunplay...
And now the whole game is gears of war?...

There is so much none of us know about the game, and its sad ppl are taking the ign thing and running with it

Saito1493d ago

Scapegoating bruh. Nice try.

KwietStorm1493d ago

Ok I'll just hit the disagree button because I disagree.

BallsEye1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

I believe people need to stop for a second with the hype. Graphics look good but what we saw from gameplay and hands on impressions of ign it does look like a generic game with cool style and great graphics. We need more. People get crazy about cloth etc and not care about anything else. To remind you Ryse have amazing cloth physics, even muscles and bodyfat physics, hair psyhics (YEP!) in the same time tons of foliage with physics and hundreds of npcs on screen and HEY how did that game turned out? Eeven with MP (the order has none) people ran through it, played some arena and no one cares anymore.

To remind everyone who say The order is first next gen game, Ryse is still blowing everyone away. Game is out, no need to spectaculate if it's in-game or not.

here since people post gifs...ALL IN-GAME footage, you can see plenty of simulation going on never seen in any other game: (amazing water) (fur) (epic moment, new centurion) (face expression just too real, that damn eyes got soul!) (shaking cheeks!)

https://static.squarespace.... (battle, lot of physics simulation on enemy)

https://static.squarespace.... (that mud)

It's looking amazing but did it make the game?
Stop the hype train people...

ABeastNamedTariq1493d ago

All I see is you making an excuse to suck the hell out of Ryse. Which is fine. But still lol.

Can't make too many claims w/o seeing more gameplay and environments – especially that it's generic. (I think I just repeated your general point, sorry.)

Anywho. I'm excited for it. I like the concept. And it's purdy.

GW2121493d ago

Hahaha you are just a joke. Ryse. Haha. Tomb Raider on PS4 looks better than Ryse.

HeavenlySnipes1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

In game doesn't mean controllable gameplay

For example, all the ND cutscenes from Uncharted to the Last of Us are in game but they don't represent the graphics you see while playing. They are prerendered using the game's engine

Every single gif you posted was from a prerendered cutscene.

The devs for The Order are stressing that there will be no difference between the cutscenes and the gameplay, like you see with Ryse

These are the actual graphics of Ryse ingame


If you think those look better than The Order than lol

scott1821493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Thanks for those gifs, it helps reinforce the fact that The order is far ahead of any game currently out graphically.

pyramidshead1493d ago

Trying way too hard. lol.

BallsEye1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )


Really chosing some crap low quality shots? I can do same with any game, here goes kz the best looking ps4 game:

wtf?? from official gamespot review

So please come and say killzone looks like on these screens at all times. Does it? You just lost at your own game.

Ryse is out, go on see impressions anywhere, All devs and reviewers prise it for a reason when it comes to graphics. You are delusional. I'm feel sorry for you that you can not play it yourself and then judge it...oh wait, i bet you will say in a sec you own all consoles...

HeavenlySnipes1493d ago

First one is from multiplayer (lol @ thinking Sp and MP have the same graphical fidelity)

Second one looks great, seems to have been captured while the camera was moving because of the blur on the sides of the screen but a great shot of the draw distance of the game

I don't know if that third one is from the initial alpha reveal or not because that scene is what they showed when they first unveiled the game

Even taking pics from Gamespot or IGN you won't find any that look better than The Order lmao

Here is every Ryse pic Gamespot has, no cherry picking. Go ahead and look at all of them (IGN only has pics from June before they downgraded the graphics)

Parhelion691493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

BTW most (if not all) of Ryse's cutscenes are pre-rendered, sorry to disappoint you:

Crytek's stated commitment to "real-time, all the time" goes unrealised in Ryse with the move to pre-rendered cut-scenes. This is a common technique employed in many last-generation games that helps move the narrative forward while concealing loading, but we can't help feel disappointment in missing the opportunity to see these scenes play out in real-time

nycgamer4ever1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

I love these trolls. One second its it looks good but game play is like a generic tps gear clone even though its nothing like gears. even if it was what's so bad about that? plenty of people like gears.

Next second they contradict themselves with this kind of post about how Ryse is the best looking game ever, yet forgets to mention the abysmal "game play".


I really don't know why people go to such great lengths to defend a piece of plastic, as if it is ruining their lives. 100% they wont buy this game even if it turned out to be the best game ever because its not from "their" company and on their console. so why bother?

kenshiro1001493d ago

You are a sad little man. Just saying.

imt5581493d ago

Dude, those GIF's are from prerendered cut-scenes.

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T21493d ago

it was not quite average, it showed some graphics and effects that were quite good actually.. and it's not even in release form yet.
you may not be a fanboy but everyone is still going to disagree with your opinion. The game looks cool and has a cool setting. People saying this game looks like an "average tps" is a cop-out , you could literally say that about any game ever.
Sonic was a mario clone
bf is a cod clone
kz is a halo clone

doesn't say anything about how good any of those games are or are not.

jkendrick1493d ago

Please, Average? Thats Titanfall Troll.

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chrissx1493d ago

Wow, better graphics than the latest vids? Incredible.

MasterCornholio1493d ago

I find that So hard to believe. But this is Sony that we are talking about.

KwietStorm1493d ago

Might seem inconceivable at first, but realistically, by the time it releases, it will still only be a year that PS4 has been available. Think about how Uncharted looked when it was in development, compared to release, and think about what Uncharted 3 looks like.