Someone Made It So All The Cars In GTA V Try To Kill You

The only thing better than Grand Theft Auto V is Grand Theft Auto V with cars that go crazy and try to murder everyone on the streets. P

The GTA V Carmageddon mod has been around for a while, and this new video by taltigolt does an awesome job of showing it off. Watch and enjoy:

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GamingSoup1338d ago

I think this is pretty funny!!

minimur121338d ago

this is brilliant, I'd like to know how he did it, and see him driving, I wonder if as soon as your/an NPC is in a car it just goes nuts, so maybe it will for him.

The fun in this can only last so long though, that is pretty funny but would annoy me so much if I kept dying

MEsh3L1338d ago

this is crazy hahahaha

GamingSoup1338d ago

I love how he gets killed in the end ;)

-Foxtrot1338d ago

Isn't this basically like the San Andreas "Pedestrians try to kill you" cheat.

WillGuitarGuy1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

Not really, GTA IV had a mod called Carmageddon. This is just the up-to-date version for GTA V.

SneakyDoo1337d ago

No, in San Andreas, only pedestrians on foot would try to kill you. With this mod in gta v, cars have altered physics, and are constantly getting thrown at towards the player.

cyguration1338d ago

Where's Emelio Estevez?!

Hicken1338d ago

Every open-world game like this should have a Maximum Overdrive mode.

chinlu1338d ago

Saints row 2 had a cheat like this

minimur121338d ago

I remembber using it for the insurance claim thing, to get a big score :)

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The story is too old to be commented.