Why Titanfall Won’t Destroy the Call of Duty Series or Steal Ghosts Players

There’s no question that Call of Duty: Ghosts has been lacking with next-generation consoles and that a lot of the dedicated Call of Duty fans are upset for various reasons, but does Titanfall really stand a chance at putting an end to the series?

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WickedLester1550d ago

Why is this in the PS4 section??

XisThatKid1550d ago

I can say a few reasons why it wont:
1) Um...its only on ones side of the console fence.
2) It doesn't directly cater to CoD fans especially since most CoD fans hate anything that doesn't play exactly like CoD.
3) Believe it or not the lack of single player.
There are so many things wrong with this flame bait.
Thats just off the top of my head without reading.

Now after reading.
Everything about this ordeal is insult to CoD and Titanfall fans. Without repeating anything, It just Won't. Bottom line.

mcarsehat1550d ago

because people on playstation 4 will buy cod instead and help keep it afloat over titanfall...

scott1821550d ago

The thing I have always liked about COD is the campaign, I do love a nice single player. That may be the only reason I keep going back to it, I hope multiplayer only doesn't become a trend.

mcarsehat1550d ago

yeah i do, if theyre anything like battlefields, they just leave me disappointed and i bu those games for the mp so its ok to spend the full amount on them. i know people that have bought every cod and bf game without playing the story-its why theyre doing this i would like a story or even a co-op mode.

danthegamerfiend1550d ago

Because he is envious that titanfall is going to destroy cod and he will probably play it on pc like a idiot with all the hackers.

danthegamerfiend1550d ago

keyword there you "think" but really looks like you cant think at all.

JokesOnYou1550d ago

Who really believes a new popular game is going to "destroy" a old popular game? No, some player may migrate to only play one or the other but let's be real alot of gamers will still play both.

I do believe COD is on the decline though, not because of Titanfall but because of its own incredible popularity which basicly has ran it's course. Gamers WANTS something new.

danthegamerfiend1550d ago

Your are right i was a little harsh to say it will destroy cod, but after you playing the abomination known as COD Ghosts. You might think they put themselves in that postiton. They believe in the mentality of dont fix whats not broken. All loosely based on the history of their sales and reusing their engine to make them money, and anybody that played cod knows they nothing but a cash cow. Its because they are afraid to innovate and pay extra to take a risk on something that might be revolutionize. Wait till a innovative modern shooter comes out and we shall see were COD is. And if you can get 40$ in trade value for the game, its something im really thinking about doing.

Boody-Bandit1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

COD isn't on the decline it's just that they need to drop last gen and go full blown next gen. I think TF is a great game, no doubt about it, but I will be playing GHOST as soon as the TF beta expires. When TF is released I will play until it runs it's course (with me), and than most likely go back to GHOST or BF4.

TF is definitely a fun game but I think most hardcore gamers wont dig the bots. I know I'm already tired of them and I only played the beta for a few hours.

Allsystemgamer1550d ago

Yes..PC with all the hackers yet you can't go into a single COD game from a previous year without auto under sling grenade launchers.

Sorry to burst your bubble but I haven't seen a hacker on a PC game in a longtime.

antz11041550d ago

Really? Team Fortress 2 and its flying sentries says hi.

diehardmetallicafan1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

@ danthegamerfiend

it's ok. you cant help that your a knob

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ThatOneGuyThere1550d ago

sigh. this game isnt going to end COD. not even close. its much too disappointing to dethrone any other games. it will sell on XB1 though, because its basically the only choice those players have right now other than cod and bf4..ghosts is terrible so its really just a toss up between this and BF4. within a few months titanfall will be a distant memory.. The game impresses the hell out of you for the first few minutes, then you realize that its COD with robots and terrible AI, the hype thread unravels.

Ninver1550d ago

ot: dat forehead tho! lmao

killzone6191550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

be quiet yoshida. I rather play titanfall over CoD

Geekman1550d ago

I'm beginning to feel like COD's never gonna die....

MegaRay1550d ago

And even if it died, activition and EA will make a CoD like game and milk the hell out of it.
Just thinking we will see destiny and titanfall will be milked TBH

yankolo1550d ago

S**t it stole me already ...cod looks bored now

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