Atlus’ Latest Big PSN Sale Is Here

A few weeks ago Atlus offered a fantastic deal on their flagship Persona series on the Playstation Network Store. Today the publisher has fired another volley of savings onto Sony’s online shop offering 50%-off savings on a huge selection of titles. Some of the better deals are the soul-crushing Demon’s Souls for a measly $9.99 (a fine choice for those looking to sharpen their skills for Dark Souls II next month) and NIS’ classic turn-based strategy RPG Disgaea: Hour of Darknesss for $4.99. Check out our list below for the full list of games offered in the sale.

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djplonker1733d ago

I think this is us only!

3-4-51733d ago

That is a pretty good sale.

ziggurcat1733d ago

9.99 for demon's souls is a steal of a deal. get it if you don't already own the game.

and i'm surprised that 3D dot game heroes isn't on that list... such a good game.

Old_Boss_1733d ago

Shame it's 10.99 not 9.99

ziggurcat1733d ago

whoops... must've glanced at the $9.99 regular price for God Mode underneath :/

ABizzel11733d ago

It was free on PS+ a while ago, now that's a steal :D

dead_pixels1733d ago

Sorry, had a case of the fat fingers. Demon's Souls is $10.99, not $9.99. Still an absolute steal of a deal.

Back-to-Back1732d ago

Agreed. Great way to get practice in right before the launch of dark souls 2. The game has aged quite well considering it was launched in 09.

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execution171733d ago

Always when I'm flat broke... lol

PoSTedUP1733d ago

ditto. just bought like 3 psp games and 10 ps1 games, im on the verge of selling my body right now this sale is so good.

Veneno1732d ago

I've noticed that many of these games, if not all of them, go on sale periodically, like once every quarter at these cheap cheap prices. So if you don't have the mula now, you'll get a chance later.

godofboobees1733d ago

I knew this was going to happen. Been meaning to get dragons crown but held off for a sale and low and behold 50% off and I'm broke!!!

XabiDaChosenOne1733d ago

How long does the deal last?

PoSTedUP1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

until a few days before i will get my hands on some extra money.

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The story is too old to be commented.