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Phil Spencer Regrets Skipping RIME, Wants New Gears of War To "Reignite Franchise And Grow It"

GearNuke: "Microsoft's Phil Spencer seems to regret their decision of rejecting RIME but says that "Part of job is living with mistakes"; he also talked about how he wants to see the new Gears of War game to reignite fan's interest and grow the franchise." (Gears of War, Phil Spencer, Rime, Xbox One)

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AngelicIceDiamond  +   459d ago
"Phil Spencer Regrets Skipping RIME,"

That's a damn, damn shame on you Phil Spencer for skipping out on a gem like this.

Phil and the Xbox team aren't at liberty to skip out on ANY games especially if they're being offered to get it developed on their system. Not only that but the Xbox platform needs

I believe you can do the Xbox justice but I'm expecting minimal mistakes like this again in the future. From now on just say yes to all lol seems to be working for PlayStation.
shivvy24  +   459d ago
Wow I didn't know they rejected it, I remember watching the trailer for the first time it was awesome
FarEastOrient  +   459d ago
Remember, Heavy Rain was pitched to Microsoft before it went to Sony.
abzdine  +   459d ago
i forgot all about that game. looks really promising!
The difference between MS and Sony is passion for games. one rejects games for no reason and the other one believes in whatever refreshing concept.
MS love milking anything that can give them money just like they will keep doing with GeOW.
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FamilyGuy  +   459d ago
Lol, they saw Rime first and rejected it!? That's hilarious. I can pretty much guess why though, it seems like a single player only game, story focused. MS prefers games with multiplayer or online co-op so they can force Live Gold down your throat.

Then again they do go after some good looking single player games. One thing MS has that I wish sony had seen first and grabbed was that indie title "Below". It looks awesome and cleverly designed to make you feel like a small guy in a big world, all alone trying to accomplish some huge goal. It's one of the most unique titles coming to the X1 and it's an indie game.
b163o1  +   459d ago
Lmao, with everything going wrong with the XBone you'd figure M$ would be open to damn near everything to try to catch up to the 4. Relying on old system sellers may turn around to bite thee in thy a$$
GameNameFame  +   459d ago
With what Studio?

Black Tusks Studio? You mean the same studio who got their games canceled multiple reasons due to "quality" reasons?

And the same studio with poor/no track record.

No Phill, you need to put good studio behind games. Name is just name. Studios are who makes the games.
UncleGermrod  +   458d ago
Crazy how things turn out. I really do think that at the very least, this gen will force MS to be more focused on exclusives and fostering creativity...at least if they want to compete with Sony at any level. The brand is still pretty strong it its core markets, but it will take more than halo/gears and one titanfall to hold their ground. They do seem to be more focused on exclusives already, and I hope that continues.

@FarEast, I hate to see them pass on any creative exclusives, but I guess they just didn't see Heavy Rain becoming a big enough success to make up for the high development costs. Meanwhile, I think they hit several million...so how did that work out? MS deff needs to be more considerate of creative projects and exclusives.
DigitalAnalog  +   459d ago
And this why games like these go exclusive. Sometimes, it isn't just penetrating a wide market, it's about finding a publisher to invest in your product.

If said product ends up being critically acclaimed, you simply increase the value of the console. In a game industry, securing games is a must and MS dropped the ball on this one because they want to unified aspect of what type of games should enter the system.
christocolus  +   459d ago
its good to see Phil beating himself up like this, shows he really wants to improve on mistakes made in the past..

its definitly a risky business and mistakes happen. no one wants to make wrong investments but just make sure you don't turn down potential hits next time Phil.

ontopic: i'm really glad Phil is putting this much effort into the internal teams, he is very encouraging and confident in what they can do. the freedom is all there. Don mattricks reign must have been like that of a dictatorship.

last e3 was great but ms needs to build upon that .im expecting big things from ms this e3, major announcements, return of classic ips and new ips too and i hope gears xbx one innovates on every level and brings back the fun and excitement of the first one(horde mode inclusive)

make this e3 a very memorable one phil....
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rdgneoz3  +   459d ago
"last e3 was great but ms needs to build upon tha"

Which one were you watching? It was just a back tracking of all their horrendous policies from xbone's reveal, an indie program that was leaked ahead of time, and no huge reveals.

Hopefully they do better next E3, but it's not like they can do any worse.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   459d ago
@Rdgneoz3 Umm no they actually had a good E3 when it came to game reveals.

I understand your confusion the DRM was most if not all the talk of E3. But if you go back and watch it again they had a pretty good showing.
Clover904  +   459d ago
I'm a huge Sony fan, but I was pretty impressed with Microsoft when it came to the games. Ryse, reinvigorated Dead Rising game, Below, Black Tusk teaser, Sunset Overdrive, QUANTUM BREAK, and reintroducing classics like Killer Instinct and Crimson Dragoon... Pretty impressive for a company known only for Halo, Gears and Forza.

Now not all of these games are winners, some aren't for me, and one isn't even coming out (Black Tusk now working on a new Gears of War), but purely game announcement-wise Microsoft did actually have a pretty good showing.
Pogmathoin  +   459d ago
The DRM fiasco has been done to death, except here, worst than an elementary school yard. When it came to the games itself, MS line up was quite impressive. Sure they have made bad mistakes, but they have not been the only ones to ever make mistakes (forgotten here), and remember with original Xbox, it was built by some of the best people in the gaming industry. Would it be a bad thing if some great gaming talent would get behind Xbox again? Or is this just a futile site, doomed to a stupid brand war? The reason that Sony got it all right this time is because they had to, due to forgotten mistakes made with PS3. The best game of last gen, Skyrim (opinion) was unplayable on PS3, due to the fact that 3rd party devs hated it, much like they are saying now with X1. Its a fickle industry, once collapsed, so be careful what you wish for when it comes to the demise of a player...... If Sony had no opposition, believe me, DRM would be up your ARSEnal....
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aconnellan  +   459d ago

I agree with @AngelicIceDiamond, in the weeks surrounding E3 there was a lot of backtracking with the DRM stuff, and the reason it was raised at E3 at all was from people asking about it (as opposed to Microsoft going out of there way), but Microsoft's E3 show was pretty much game after game after game
Sarxblade  +   459d ago
I don't know how your getting so many disagrees. You even said your glad MS are kicking themselves for passing the game up which i agree they should be kicking themselves.
But this regection was in 2012, almost 2 years ago. MS has gotten rid of few people that might have stopped this deal. Plus like you said there is a risk factor. I saw a comment that these devs made (dead light, i might have spelled it wrong) but it didn't sell to well on the 360 so they probably didn't want to take another risk.

I think MS has changed now and are taking more risks, i mean they are trying to bring rust to the xbox one, and other new indie games.

He probably watched the same E3 i did where MS showed many exclusive games. They did the back tracking after e3, so i don't know which e3 you were watching. And no huge reveals? Ehem.... Titanfall the most liked and talked about game now that they announced at e3.
dboyc310  +   459d ago
He's just saying that because Sony has it. Just like when a kid wants to play with something because someone else is playing with it. It's a shame since the title looks interesting. Risks are worth taking. Just take a look at what Sony and thatgamecompany did with journey.
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cell989  +   459d ago
Journey turned out to be a masterpiece.

Thats the difference, Microsoft only invests in what they think will be a guaranteed money making machine, they have 0 room for creativity and fresh concepts. Look how long it took them to embrace the Little Big Planet spirit of play,create,share. Project Spark is barely coming out sometime this year.

Meanwhile, Sony is king of new IPs that expand the videogame libraries, because they take risks in concepts many wouldnt. I hope more publishers take some notes as to how Sony WWS does things
-Foxtrot  +   459d ago
Here we go, Phil Spencer bigging things up with his "for the gamer" attitude when in reality he's only making the effort because of all the crap Microsoft and the Xbox One has gotten recently (Sales, specs, resolution, fps etc).

He regrets getting RIME because he probably thought

"No way are people going to be interested in that, where's the guns and explosions. Probably won't sell very well"

If things turned out differently and MS was in the lead with everything then he would be talking up the Xbox One and that's it....he wouldn't have his "I'm really interest in what gamers want" attitude and making it look like MS are always taking new risks and investing in new things which benefits hardcore gamers.. It's like a "trust me...and buy the Xbox One, we've changed...really, we have".

It amazes me how people think his new attitude makes him a totally different person now and how it reflects on MS...he's just doing this because the Xbox One isn't doing very well.
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Silly gameAr  +   459d ago
OMG I'm glad I'm not the only one that sees through Phil's crap.
-Foxtrot  +   459d ago
Don't get me wrong if he was like this BEFORE the whole Xbox One fiasco then fair enough....but he wasn't.

As gamers we were in the same Halo, Gears, Fable, Forza, odd new IP like Alan Wake cycle with a ton of timed exclusive DLC/Games.

I mean doesn't anyone find it funny that he's suddenly doing this whole "FOR THE GAMERS" bullcrap AFTER everything that's went on with the Xbox One.

It's not hard to see through it.

Problem is with most of Microsofts employees, they all seem like greasy car salesmen unlike Nintendo/Sony who are full with people who are gamers at heart, not businessmen first.
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MightyNoX  +   459d ago
Rime wasn't 'Dudebro' enough for Xbox. They know it, we know it. It's still cute when we hear Phil saying "We're pro-consumer" on Twitter to every question.
cell989  +   459d ago
"Rime wasn't 'Dudebro' enough for Xbox"

the perfect scenario as to what happen when Rime, Heavy Rain and many others were pitched at MS
christocolus  +   459d ago
"He regrets getting RIME because he probably thought

"No way are people going to be interested in that, where's the guns and explosions. Probably won't sell very well"

"It amazes me how people think his new attitude makes him a totally different person now and how it reflects on MS...he's just doing this because the Xbox One isn't doing very well"


"He's just saying that because Sony has it. Just like when a kid wants to play with something because someone else is playing with it"


@foxtrot, dboyc and co

wth? what are you guys talking about? the guy is stating a simple fact and you find ways to turn it around? he feels bad that rime isn't on xbx one and is there anything wrong with that?he made a mistake which he is admiting openly to xbx fans. didnt sony reject super meat boy on ps3 too?


its business and it happens in this industry, you loose some and you gain some.its the risk these guys have to take.stop trying to drag fanboyism into this too. nothing relevant to say then move on.phil has done a good job so far and i believe most xbx fans actually appreciate it. so pls stop.


the devs said they reached all 3 console makers and sony was the only one lukewarm about it and so they went with nintendo and ms instead so whats so different about what phil did with rime?. and about ms last e3 its very obvious i was talking about the game announcements and im sure you knew that.say whatever man, i enjoyed the game announcements a lot of xbx fans did too the drm issue kind of overshadowed it but it has since been resolved and i don't dwell on that anymore.
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rdgneoz3  +   459d ago
According to the article you linked, Sony didn't reject SMB, they just weren't crazy about it.

"Sony was the only one that didn't express much interest in the game. We assumed this meant they didn't want the game, and [we] decided to sign with Nintendo and Microsoft."

No where does it say Sony rejected them.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   459d ago
@Fox I dunno how credible your comment is since, Well your not a fan of Xbox.

They do have allot of games coming for it that are hinted that aren't the Halo, Gears. "Odd new new Ip like Alan Wake" come on man you see its hard to take you or anyone here seriously you don't know what the game is nor are you interested. Project Spark's coming next month for X1 so that's cool.

Your comment isn't very rational.

I just think its stupid Phil's turning down games when they shouldn't be turning down NOTHING. They should be open to all indie devs and not nitpick. Lol MS can't afford to do that.
-Foxtrot  +   459d ago
I'm not a fan of Microsoft (latley), not the Xbox brand in general and as a gamer/consumer...can you honestly blame me. It's not like I'm the only person out there who feels like this and is making crap up out of nowhere...they did things, horrible things to gaming in general.

"They do have allot of games coming for it that are hinted that aren't the Halo, Gears. "Odd new new Ip like Alan Wake"

You did read my comment...right, where I mentioned Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, Black Tusks new game or am I going crazy and I just thought I did......oh wait no there it is.

"come on man you see its hard to take you or anyone here seriously you don't know what the game is nor are you interested."

So from what I've said what says I'm not interested in anything. I'm interested in the games, I just don't like Microsoft...and why should I, give me good reasons to why I should at the moment.

I was the kind of gamer who supported games like Alan Wake and Kameo on the Xbox 360, games which go against the whole "Dudebro, shooter fest" the Xbox 360 was plagued with at times.

So no...I think my comment is very rational...it just seems that way to you because you like Microsoft and the Xbox One yet it kills you inside that the company you once liked is now showing or HAS showed it's true colours and people now know what they are really like. You can be an optimist all you like but why criticize over people who have been let down over and over again by them....were not stupid you know, some of us learn from the past.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   459d ago
@fox So "from what I've said what says I'm not interested in anything."

You didn't know what the games were. When you made this comment "Odd new new Ip like Alan Wake" I assumed you didn't have any interest because it sounded like you didn't know what the game was.

So your interested in the games that Xbox has to offer Titanfall next month, Project Spark, Quantum Break Sunset Overdrive and more to come soon. But your lack of trust or your conspiracy theory is what's keeping you from playing games.

You can't play the games because of the company that's behind it.

So what happens when Quantum Break comes out and turns out to be very successful and many are enjoying the game. That's one out of many games lost on your part because your getting caught up on some internet agenda and conspiracy.

But Ok MS is a very, very questionable company when it comes to this kind of stuff and lost many gamers trust I understand, I'm fully aware of it all. But I don't think Phil's comments, or just him in general aren't some kind of conspiracy of any sort or "he can't be trusted" considering he has new games in the pipeline.

Phil can't continue to make kindergarten mistakes such as turning down games. If Phil and the Xbox continue to screw up when it comes to games then they lost me as a fan and sticking only to PS4 this gen.

That's my current stance.

But I'll still keep my mind if I ever do become a full time Sony fan instead of half and half now.

"So no...I think my comment is very rational...it just seems that way to you because you like Microsoft and the Xbox One yet it kills you inside that the company you once liked is now showing or HAS showed it's true colours"

Lol my likeness for a company never, ever clouds my judgement or the way I think or look at logic. Lol these words "hurt" the only one that seems damaged is quite frankly you actually your the conspire and have trust issues.

Me on the other hand are watching MS very closely. They deliver great games and content they were known for it and seems they're doing it now whilst why I'm a fan and million of others and I wanna see what other games and content they deliver.

And let me be the first one to tell you if they're going off their rocker again.

But right now realistically they're doing ok now at least. Yeah, they're doing fine besides the price of the console.

"HAS showed it's true colours and people now know what they are really like."

What Phil's true colors? I missed that part.

And trust me I remain optimistic because I know the games are coming the features are coming. So again I'll let you know when something's up, you don't gotta let me know.
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Nocando  +   459d ago
Here we go, Phil Spencer bigging things up with his "for the gamer" attitude when in reality he's only making the effort because of all the crap Microsoft and the Xbox One has gotten recently (Sales, specs, resolution, fps etc).

So in your humble opinion, what SHOULD Phil Spencer say? Are you saying it would even matter at this point? Should he say nothing at all?
-Foxtrot  +   459d ago
He should just shut up....something Microsoft in general have a hard time doing latley

You know...when they keep digging themselves into bigger and bigger holes.
Kryptix  +   459d ago
Sony hasn't said much because they let the console and the games talk for themselves. As for Microsoft, it's like they been trying hard to clarify that they made mistakes in a bullshit attempt to make the gamers think they care even though they never talked like this pre-E3 2013. If they wanted Rime then just pay for an Xbox One version, they have the money for it.

It's all talk but no action. I can detect the mind tricks being played. Rime is there, it was open for the Xbox One once so the deal is most likely still open. Sony doesn't hold a shitty "release first on our X console before others" policy like MS does, if they really want it, they can grab it.
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Kryptix  +   459d ago
My bad, double post.

...If it doesn't go through the first time, don't click it again, just wait. lol
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maniacmayhem  +   459d ago
Phil is being interviewed and asked questions. He's answering them how is that a bad thing?

I'm really amazed that someone can take what little was said in this article and turn it into all that mud and dirt you just threw out here.

"He should just shut up....something Microsoft in general have a hard time doing lately"

And if he did I'm sure you and others would say:

"How come MS isn't talking about anything!"

You should appreciate MS answering and talking about as much as they are now. They are actually talking to their users, fans and answering obvious troll questions. Something every company with more than a million+ users spending money on them should do.
KiRBY3000  +   458d ago
i always think about this when i hear about Phil Spencer http://www.youtube.com/watc...
MajorAly  +   459d ago
MS also passed on Heavy Rain, citing that the story/material about a child being kidnapped will be too much to handle.

Look where it ended up and look how it performed.
WeAreLegion  +   459d ago
Sucker Punch also left Microsoft. Lol.
christocolus  +   459d ago
They left Microsoft long before ms decided to venture into console gaming. they actually were a team of software engineers with little to do with gaming.they left and later formed the studio we now know as sucker punch their first game was on n64.

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GraveLord  +   459d ago
It's nice to want things.

Gears won't grow this gen. With PS4 leading in the UK/US and everywhere else, all of Microsofts IP have nowhere to go but down.
Slevon  +   459d ago
Your comment is not only incredibly biased, but stupid as well.
Just as an example, Gears of war 1-3 has sold more games as a franchise than Uncharted 1-3. If you think that Ip's will suffer because they are behind in sales you are wrong
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xx4xx  +   459d ago
The Gears franchise sold over 20m units on the 360. It was a system seller. Now granted judgment was a misstep, but if greats sells a fraction of their former glory..yes, it will help grow next gen.

Just like Uncharted 4 will grow next gen...Halo....Infamous. If these games sell millions of copies, like I'm sure they will, please explain to me how this won't help grow the next gen?
#6.2 (Edited 459d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
WeAreLegion  +   459d ago
Sometimes, Phil seems genuine.

It's so hard to tell if he is or not though. I think it's the face. He has the face of an absolute douchebag.
curtis92  +   459d ago
yep, he's done great for Sony at MS.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   459d ago
Yea they screweed up on that one RIME looks rlly good
MasterCornholio  +   459d ago
Dont worry Phill ill play it on the PS4.

xx4xx  +   459d ago
While you're talking to Phil let him know how Gears, Halo, Titanfall, Dead Rising, Quantum Break, etc look on the PS4.
Robearboy  +   459d ago
Will all the fanboy "I know it all" comments just please stop and say something constructive for once

The siege mentality is quite sad and it doesn't make you big or clever.

Peace out
curtis92  +   459d ago
Honestly not much to say.. game looks awesome and he passed it up. Isn't that his job? To get awesome games? How might you suggest we be constructive in this instance?
Robearboy  +   459d ago
exactly what you have just wrote, no need for the crap that is spewed
djplonker  +   459d ago

A quick check of your comment history shows you are quite biast!

You think the 360 and ps3 were even in sales... ps3 beat the 360
and you said the xbox is not weak the ps4 is just powerful its clear you have some xbox love going on...

A direct quote from you

"No wonder xbox fans on here have no bubbles, the Sony fans are borderline venomous and quite pathetic"


#11.2 (Edited 459d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Robearboy  +   458d ago
I just try and defend the minority, its like a bullying campaign and If you have read my comments, i dont make too many and i dont consider any of them to be of a fanboy persuasion, I am 36 and i have owned every console every created apart from the Wii or the Wii U - It just boils my piss when i see such delusional childish comments as mentioned above
djplonker  +   458d ago
Fair enough and respect for not getting annoyed/aggressive I just dont like microsoft after all the crap arpund e3 and they way they treated anyone that questioned why they were doing like total scum UNTIL they seen the preorder figures (only an assumption but probably a correct one!) I own a pc , ps3 , ps4 , ps vita , wii , wii u , 3ds and a 360 and I automatically get branded as a playstation fanboy whenever I question or joke about microsoft!

If we weren't arguing about the consoles we would be arguing about something else!
Silly gameAr  +   459d ago
Yes, people should use your comment as an example huh? Yeah, peace out indeed.
SpideySpeakz  +   459d ago
Goes to show ya.. Its MS themselves that advertise the PS4, and they don't even know it.
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   459d ago
RIME will be amazing on PS4.
Max-Zorin  +   459d ago
A coworker need to smack him upside his head.
Dlacy13g  +   459d ago
The Xbox Division has been doing so much better since Don Matrick left the company. Yes there was a lot of crap to clean up, and certainly there were some mistakes made. I think Phil didn't have nearly the freedom then that he has now for the Xbox game line up.

I am sure many don't think highly of Phil but I personally think he is one of the better executives MS has for the Xbox Division. Its been a difficult road and they have had to endure many issues and still have much to clean up. However on the games front MS has been doing well and its looking even brighter with their ID@xbox program finally getting some of its games coming out in March & April.
rezzah  +   459d ago
Glad it got rejected, this way i won't get to miss playing it. It would be better for all if it was on both consoles.
strigoi814  +   459d ago
i still find it awkward to believe this guys pro-gamer attitude..like Major Nelson..or like the Europe Sony boss..i find them annoying
mochachino  +   459d ago
As a former major gears fan, the good news is that the series can go up...given it's current state.
Ko_Uraki  +   458d ago
Respect and admiration for Phil Spencer
Tzuno  +   458d ago
X1 could succeed if it becomes a J-rpg console, man i still wait for Lost Odyssey 2

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