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Frugal Gaming Review | Tomb Raider Definitive Edition

The release of Tomb Raider on next gen consoles has certainly divided opinion. It is not uncommon for game developers and publishers to spoil us with their ‘Ultimate’ or ‘Game of the Year’ editions. Full of extra content previously only available via download, all wrapped up in one neat little package. Generally they have sold rather well and yet this title has been met with such distain from certain quarters.Writes MrBadDog (PS4, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, Xbox One) 6/10

Bitsnark  +   140d ago
Not quite worth it for the double dip then!
FrugalDaz  +   140d ago
I was happy to pay out the money to get it on PS4. I loved the game when I played it on the Xbox 360 and loved it even more the second time around. Not sure why people get so annoyed when games are re-released on the new consoles.
UglyGeezer  +   140d ago
For a full price they should have put in more content, they seemed to have done a bare minimum.
MxRBrobaFett  +   140d ago
You mean like include all Dlc?
UglyGeezer  +   140d ago
Which was in the 360/PS3/PC versions?

No, I meant new, they're charging full price for a game with a paint-job.
FrugalDaz  +   140d ago
Lara's hair was much more bouncy, what more do you want??
duffster  +   140d ago
Missed it first time round, so was pleased to see it on the newer gen machines. Its a really good game that had me playing to completion, and it does look good - a lot better than the last gen versions in my opinion!
I certainly wouldn't have bought it had I played it first time round, but being new to it meant I didn't feel ripped off at all...
Silly Mammo  +   140d ago
Played it on the PS3. Hoping it becomes a PS+ free game somewhere down the line.
gobluesamg  +   140d ago
Tough choice with it coming to Plus users. I jumped on the definitive edition for $40 on Amazon yesterday. Should I return it and just play the ps3 version for free.
FrugalDaz  +   140d ago
I gave my PS3 to my daughter when I got a PS4. Really regretting that move as there is still so much to play, especially with all the PS+ content.
Geekman  +   140d ago
Oh boy. A good game gets a 6/10. It's gonna be the Gamespot incident from the other day all over again.

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