OneDrive App Now Awarding Achievements On Xbox One

The Cloud-based storage from Microsoft, also formerly know as 'SkyDrive', will now be awarding achievements to users of the app on Xbox one.

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Mr Pumblechook1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

Achievements for using a cloud drive? This is not the concern of true gamers. Oh Microsoft how far ye have fallen.

jackanderson19851248d ago

they mentioned that there would be "achievements" for using apps way back when so this is nothing new really

Septic1248d ago

Yeah but it still takes away from achievements because...well...its hardly an achievement using an app is it?

WitWolfy1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

I remember MS wanting to do this back in the day if you watched DVD's so glad it never came to fruitation.

But this... Kinda defeats the whole point of having achievements to begin with...

Volkama1248d ago

They don't give points though do they? Could be wrong, I don't really follow points. Too many accounts on too many gaming platforms.

I know XBox Fitness gives gamerscore, and I suppose that's more app than game.

jackanderson19851248d ago

@volkama i don't think they give points for these kinda achievements (i'm referencing in the day one achievement that has nil points)... fitness is more gamey because it sets challenges and tasks and that's how you get the gamerscore

XisThatKid1248d ago

kinda cheapens the affect of an achievement right?

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aviator1891248d ago

Non-gaming achievements don't amount to any points.
So, your gamerscore is untouched by these.

It's probably just a way to get users to explore other aspects of the console.

I don't see any harm in that.

Mr Pumblechook1248d ago

What possible purpose could these non-game achievements have?
Game achievements make sense because they mean a player will spend more time in a game which ultimately benefits the console platform (Xbox) and the game publishers.

Aviator189. I definitely get your point that these alternative achievements are to tempt gamers to explore all aspects of their console. The thing is people who own an Xbone are very likely to be using or at least trying out the features anyway. I know there's no gamerscore points value to them but this sort of trivialise the value of achievements.


Tedakin1248d ago

Non-gaming achievements don't give you any actual points. Your gamerscore is still your GAMERscore. These Netflix and OneDrive ones are just for ... fun?

Mikefizzled1248d ago

For those who crave dat sound effect. Like myself.

GentlemenRUs1248d ago

Anyway to uninstall this spyware from Windows 8?

I tried... But you need PRO to access a feature to disable it permanently...

dazzrazz1248d ago

If that don't help you can always downgrade to win7

Volkama1248d ago

Spyware? Care to clarify?

aviator1891248d ago

what spyware?

I imagine you mean to say that you just don't want onedrive integration with your pc?

Clown_Syndr0me1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

I got so many achievements on 4od. I AM 1337.
Lol nah, these app achievements are pointless, not to mention buggy as hell. I got one on Netflix or 4od, don't remember which, for watching 5 episodes on a row or something, 5 minutes into mu first episode!
No big deal though, just funny.

OrangePowerz1248d ago

Waiting for the MS press release touting that x amount of people use the app.

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