Rayman Legends PS4 Review: Gorgeous | GameZone

GameZone: Rayman Legends is a great game. Probably one of the best platformers I've seen in quite a while. But this was all already established when the game first released on last-gen systems last year.

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Geekman1392d ago

It's 10/10 on all consoles in my opinion. This game truly utilized gameplay over graphics.

curtis921392d ago

And yet this is one of the most visually appealing side scrollers I've ever played. Cannot express how fun it is. It's nice to play a refreshing platformer in which isn't sticking to the same formula from 30 years ago and recycling the same music we've heard for 20+years.

Geekman1392d ago

Lol. At least 3D World and Tropical Freeze got some NEW music and gameplay.

blastergun1392d ago

yes it's good game to own

neogeo1392d ago

Love it. Glad to see Rayman hold up so well after many years. Ubisoft keeps giving Rayman love and we keep buying it.