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The Order: 1886 E3 2013 Models Compared To In-Game Models - Ready at Dawn Delivers On Their Promise

GearNuke: "The Order: 1886 was originally unveiled at E3 with what appeared to be a CGI quality trailer, but it was actually all in-engine footage of the game. Ready at Dawn promised that what we are seeing in that footage is what we will playing in the game, and for sure, they delivered on it." (PS4, The Order: 1886)

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Mikelarry  +   562d ago
i am just amazed how far we have come in gaming where game-play look as good as cut scenes and this is just in 3 months of the next gen consoles launching, imagine what they could achieve in say a year or 2. i know some are gonna say graphics are not the be all end all but come on now guys be real with yourself and ask yourself that when the star-wars game was shown at e3 as what could be achieved next gen didn't you all squeal like little girls
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medman  +   562d ago
Ready at Dawn delivered exactly what they said they would with that late 2013 trailer, when they said the trailer was in engine. Amazing. Now compare what Sony devs are doing compared to the smoke, mirrors, high end pc highjinks, and clouudddzzz that Microsoft uses, and there is no contest. PS4. Everything other console is just a compromise.
UltraNova  +   562d ago

Hey dude I m currently playing crysis 3 maxed out and let me tell you that if the trailer of The order is anywhere near final code build the PC doesnt have a chance in hell (for now) of having anything close to that!

So maybe you should play more ps4 instead!
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webeblazing  +   561d ago
mostly it could be done but i dont know if its corridor shooters on pc. most graphical games on pc is open and render games 1080p and above. the game looks great but looking at the trailer nothing really is going on.

its youtube but here you go

since your going for games thats not released and care about res, even tho this game is rendering in less pixels than 1080p, i give you a game thats going to be 4k.


just saying these game does more and look better. the order still looks great tho.
Bobby Kotex  +   561d ago
Seriously, everyone including myself just assumed it was another pre-rendered video trailer. Even after they said it wasn't. If anyone has seen GTA V trailers you know what I'm talking about.
Wni0  +   562d ago
there is no way that's gameplay. ingame cutscene with the engine? maybe.
Destrania  +   562d ago
It boggles the mind but, yes it's gameplay.


Wow... just... wow.
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Wni0  +   562d ago
you know what? i wont apologize, thats pre-rendered damnit.
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Mikelarry  +   562d ago
@ monolith

ads blockers is your friend
scott182  +   562d ago
The game seriously looks amazing, we need more gameplay vids. The bottom gif for sure is not a cut scene and it looks as good as one... fantastic.
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DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   562d ago
Yep...they got us...same with titanfall.
karl  +   562d ago
i cant stop looking the coats...

that cloth simulation is godlike...

when they are in the roof and the wind is blowing

damn, it looks good
BallsEye  +   562d ago
gameplay does look good graphically, very good but clearly cutscenes got advantages. Also a lot may change in models etc, hoping not on worse. So far from hands on impressions game cant keep 30 frames and as stated by dev still need a lot of optimalisation - which means, decreasing here decreasing there to get that steady framerate.

From IGN hands on:


The brief 10-minute hands-off demo I witnessed confirmed some of my fears. The portion of the adventure I saw ran relatively poorly, with sudden, sharp transitions between scenes, audio issues, and a lagging framerate. Ready at Dawn’s CEO and Founder Ru Weerasuriya was quick to point out that this sliver of the game wasn’t QA tested and optimized at all, and that there might be problems. But I was left wondering how this could be the best 10 minutes of the game the studio had to show, especially when he reiterated that The Order would indeed launch in 2014.


here some good stuff

"1886’s graphics are decidedly beautiful – Ready at Dawn’s claim that the trailer shown at E3 last year was all in-game was essentially confirmed – and I was left especially impressed by the faces of the characters. Clearly, a lot of love was put into making The Order: 1886 look gorgeous."

bad stuff:

"But the game quickly turned into something a bit more typical the further we got into the demo. Technical issues aside, seamless transitions between cutscenes and gameplay are well-executed, but The Order: 1886 seems to be a fairly ordinary third-person shooter at its core. The camera angle and cover-based gameplay are more reminiscent of Gears of War than Uncharted, and while seeing it was exciting – and while the game no doubt looks fun – some of its mystique was siphoned away. We weren’t shown anything in this brief 10-minute glimpse not done in other third-person shooters. There are even quick-time events."


"If anything, my brief time seeing The Order: 1886 left me a bit confused. On a technical level, I’m somewhat concerned about the game, and I’m concerned that it seemed a bit more generic than I was hoping it would be. Then again, I’m also left excited about the prospect of seeing more, of gaining a better understanding of the game’s lore, direction, and purpose. "

Dont hype it too much people, it will do this game harm.
AnteCash  +   562d ago

i forget , what score did ign give the game?
scott182  +   562d ago

You have some good eyes, I see no difference whatsoever from transition to cut scene and back, it's perfectly seamless to me and the best looking game so far shown, no contest.

Game looks absolutely amazing, and all the "bad" that IGN said actually sounds like good as well. I am very excited to see more from this game and I love that the brilliance of it upsets so many people.
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WeAreLegion  +   562d ago
It is. There is no transition between the two. Many of the cutscenes even have interactive aspects.
Shredmeijster  +   562d ago
Check the gameplay trailer released this week
Ron_Danger  +   562d ago
It is gameplay. This is what happens when a company make a console a games console first and foremost.
JackVagina  +   562d ago
It's not, because it's been revealed that a lot of the games cutscenes are interactible

for example this scene here you can move the gun around to get a better veiw
Kayant  +   562d ago
It is gameplay. When the press report some mishaps with the demo audio and framerate issues and the fact you control the scanning of the area in the scene of the rooftops should tell you it is gameplay.

"At this point in the cutscene, it runs to a playable moment of scanning the skies.

It's here that the cutscene shifts to a first-person, binocular viewpoint, where the player assumes control, scanning the area for a specific blimp in the sky to communicate with.

Once they have a visual on the right one, the player must then tap dots and dashes into the DualShock 4's touch pad to send a message."

FamilyGuy  +   562d ago
lol @ "I won't apologize"

I believed them from the start when it was first revealed. This is these guys first IP that's all their own so I knew they wouldn't jeopardize their credibility at this early stage by lying.

The game is a visual beast and, just like they claimed, it give also gives off a huge cinematic feeling.

Engines like this might be used to make animated movies some day. It's a lot cheaper than CGI.
LordMaim  +   562d ago
Why did you just spend both of your bubbles being willfully wrong?
Beastforlifenoob  +   562d ago


lol sony have really pushed it this time people are fighting over each other weather its gameplay or pre-renderd because its soo shocking their struggling to believe it.

Farmassy  +   562d ago
yeah its not gameplay. They have stated that they seamlessly move from gameplay to cutscenes.

Don't get me wrong, the game looks amazing... but if you think all of that is gameplay, you will be disappointed.

You should check out this article if you disagree:


These are indeed scripted moments that are seamlessly worked in between gameplay. This isn't a bad thing (I think it is a good thing... makes it more emersive) but it does mean that you might be disappointed in the visuals of the gameplay

"Meanwhile, a scripted, dramatic leap between rooftops - with a camera that cinematically wobbles as it struggles to maintain an agent in shot, before panning back to watch his partner do the same - transitions perfectly into hands-on gameplay, with the player immediately able to continue his mission as his inept partner falls"
midget_gem  +   562d ago
@Wni0. It's in game alright.

The denial is strong with this one.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   561d ago
Sriously?? heres the video at gametrailers, its moving and controlled so its in game graphics, why can't you believe that? the PS4 is not made of windows 98 and pentium 3 you know. sheesh some people here needs some real info. enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watc... please do finish the video
respekanize91  +   562d ago
Only disappointment is its not a 4 player co-op game..Maybe a co-op mode outside of the campaign?
Shane Kim   562d ago | Bad language | show
It doesn't need multiplayer whatsoever.
respekanize91  +   562d ago
you guys are all crazy!!! I barely play MP games, but when they showed this game it had 4 player class co-op written all over it...the way they panned to each character, the way they helped each other out..Gonna love it either way...wasnt trying to get the natives restless but come on you had to be disappointed when you found out your werent gonna be able to tackle this awesome world with your friends
I wasn't disappointed at all in fact I was overjoyed that they had the sense to make it a single player story and character focused and cinematic gaming experience. Coop can take you out of the experience. I like coop for certain games like Halo but only after I have played through the game by myself first. Multiple players make it hard to focus on the enviorment and characters and take you out of the world. There is too much chatting and other players getting impatient with you to move forward more quickly. I like to take my time and explore at my leisure without someone breathing down my neck to hurry up and get going. I would have been pissed if this had multiplayer in it.
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respekanize91  +   562d ago
final bubble for the disagrees...I love all SP first party games by Sony..they are my go-to gaming experience...all i was stating is that I was disappointed I wasnt gonna be able to enjoy this awesome game in this awesome universe with my friends.

Wasnt saying "it needed MP" I actually used the term co-op...which is nothing like MP to me

They will all badger me for me copy now, and the devs will make less money because it.
d0nni3  +   562d ago
I agree with what you're saying pal, i think you just didn't explain it properly.

The game really does look like it could be a 4 player co-op game from the initial trailer and i was kind of expecting that.

I am happy non the less though this game looks stunning, need to see a little more gameplay to get a real feel of how it's going to play but hey i'm a sucker for graphics porn!
FamilyGuy  +   562d ago
I knew it was going to be a single player focused game from the start. Co-op would be nice but I understand why they wanted to focus on SP to make it as good as they could in this brand new IP. I wasn't "disappointed" though as I pretty much expected this.

At least you could watch your friends play and possibly help them out in the future while playing this game. The PS4 having cross-game chat this time around, the "interact" function of live streaming and (if it's released in time) the "pass the pad" feature that was talked about at the reveal should all help you still feel connected to your friends no matter what game you're playing. SP, MP or online Co-op.
NeoTribe  +   562d ago
If that's the only complaint id say there doing good. 4 player coop is a rare complaint and a rare gameplay mechanic in any game nowadays.
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plaZeHD  +   562d ago
Couldn't agree more. Forget about the disagrees, people can't accept criticism.

Yeah, ha ha, how ironic, same thing can be said about myself, but really there's nothing to be critical about. Co-op adds up for replay value and you can't be against replay value, now can you?
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Deadgara  +   562d ago
I lost my interest on Deadspace 3 when it became a Co-op game.
Actually the game felt so cheap and soooo not original like the first 2. As you can see, The game is originally a horror game and by adding multiplayer to it the element of thrill is totally absent my friend.
xICHIGOx  +   562d ago
The reveal trailer was in engine they have said multiple times.
RemedyMP  +   562d ago
In engine doesn't mean that it will look like this in the finished game. We've heard this in engine bs before and most of the time it doesn't look nearly as good in the finished game. That's especially often the case with Sony games.

Just look at the list of past in engine trailers that looked to good to be true and then turned out to look avarage at best in the finished game:

Killzone Shadowfall
Killzone 2
Uncharted 3
Every single quantic Dream game
God of War

The list goes on forever.
scott182  +   562d ago

The very last gif is not involved in a cutscene, you can tell by the gui on bottom right plus character and enemy movement. Cloth animations and character graphics/animations look as stunning as anything else shown about the game... and it is legit gameplay.
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Monolith  +   562d ago
um completely disagree, in fact all those games you mentioned have been proven to be technically superior to there announcements. Quantic dreams has already released how many polys each game/tech demo accomplished and each game has had a significant increase over said tech demos. Killzone was proven to destroy its tech demo with spec and visual performance be that Lighting (over 250 dynamic lights in any given level) or textures. God of War was announced with a gameplay trailer so I don't know where your getting that. same goes for the rest of your bogus comment. heres the door see your way out. Buh BYE!
Saito  +   562d ago
Awwww you hurt
S2Killinit  +   562d ago
you are naming the best looking games of last generation, you just missed TLOS, all Playstation exclusives, I wonder why...
plaZeHD  +   562d ago
Uhh what?
In-engine trailer
Final product
The cutscenes look even better
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Cryptcuzz  +   562d ago
Seek medical attention for how hurt your butt is, like NOW.
Deadgara  +   562d ago
The list you mentioned at least had very amazing high ratings...
Unlike Too Human, A game claimed to be under development for a 10 F*ing years and guess what?!? It faded like a fart!!!
Nothing special about it, just like the typical Xbox poor exclusives. (Excluding Halo & Gears to be fair)
frostypants  +   562d ago
In engine != gameplay. Uncharted had in-engine cutscenes, but they were pre-rendered in that engine on more powerful hardware than the base console.

Hard for me to tell which is which with this game though...if the cutscenes are pre-rendered, the live gameplay comes damn close enough to make it almost unnoticeable. This is an effing pretty game.
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SynestheticRoar  +   562d ago
I said this from the beginning, this game would be awesome.
darksky  +   562d ago
A bit Off topic... The Order proves that visuals shown in the first trailer for Deep Down should be possible in real-time on the PS4. I hope Capcom can pull it off.
hollabox  +   562d ago
I actually liked the ingame models better than the FMV. This is what I was expecting from next gen consoles, after looking at this game I'm no longer impressed with Metal Gear 5. On my to buy list but not thrilled about the aspect ratio. Now before people start yelling I like my games full screen. I just hope Ready at Dawn gives the users the option to enable 1080P while dropping 4XMSAA for 2X or FXAA.
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DigitalAnalog  +   562d ago
The letterbox format allows for developers to have a wider screen view to blend interactive cutscenes and gameplay seemingly. They've always attributed to that style intentionally.

By making the game 16:9 1080p, you sacrifice that wideness in favor of an image that fits exactly to the screen.

This means it impacts the way the FOV works or level design since you are now looking at a tighter angle than before.
#7.1 (Edited 562d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
hollabox  +   562d ago
Thats fine by me, not had any problems with field of view using 16:9 aspect monitors to complain about. For people who don't care for this aspect developers should give users the option to chose. To me its more cinematic to see the full screen when gaming. I don't want to look to my lower left and right corners expecting to see my HUD and see black or grey. I don't mind movies in this aspect but keep the games full screen.
#7.1.1 (Edited 562d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(5) | Report
DigitalAnalog  +   562d ago

I think you need to watch this:


It may be humorous but it does elaborate the issue on "letterboxing"
kx11  +   562d ago

you can start with Crysis3 and AC4

the order does look good at a certain level but it's not the best looking game out there , enhancing the visuals of PC games is an option on top of the default visuals the devs set for the player not to mention being able to apply 64xMSAA

so 4xMSAA is cute when it's hyped to the sky by kids these days and some un-informed bloggers
hollabox  +   562d ago
4XMSAA is kinda overrated at higher resolutions, its good for 720P, but at most HDTVs native 1080P 2XMSAA is perfectly fine. Even on my PC I hardly ever enable 4XMAA, I like to run close to 120 hz as possible, 4XMSAA usually knocks me down under 75 FPS, while I get over 90 FPS in most games at high settings.
kx11  +   562d ago
you like performance i like image quality

see there is always an option in PC gaming , i know people who can't stand 60fps in early 2013 and wants constant 120fps sometimes 144fps all the time , so imagine there reaction seeing console fans being happy that one console can do 60fps @ 1080p sometimes

my PC master race mode was turned on for a minute i think lolz
Kayant  +   562d ago
"64xMSAA" - Just curious if it's even possible what GPU can run that at playable FPS and at what res?

The order looks good for what it is and the hardware it's running on.

Yeh you can make games look better but you going need beefier/expensive hardware that will cost near/more double the PS4's cost.

You get what you pay for.
DigitalAnalog  +   562d ago

What you're arguing isn't visual fidelity, it's image quality and by your argument, any game that can push beyond 1080p/60fps is automatically better than next-gen in visual fidelity. So far, all the best PC graphics have at this moment are refined post-processing effects, resolution and frame-rate.

The Order 1886 has soft-body physics that applies for both characters and environment, that's not something you can just place an extra GPU to achieve. You need to build this kind of tech from the ground up.

Notice how the Star Citizen dev is asking the Kingdom Come dev how they are applying clothing dynamics in their game? Even a game built for the ground up for the PC is still hampered by "creative" limitations thereby solidifying my stance.
Puppy_Farts  +   562d ago
You smawt. (not being sarcastic, you sound like you know what you're talking about.)
deadie  +   562d ago

Glad you answered.

Ive played them both & while they both look good I cant agree that any of them holds the same graphical quality as TO's human "builds" - look at those faces for instance.

Since I havent seen much of the environment in TO I will hold my comparison til the final product arrives.

Crysis 3 & Assassins Creed 4 certainly holds their own merits in overall graphical design, but to say that TO isnt impressive would be kinda arrogant.

Keep in mind that I'm only talking about what we've seen so far.
Things could change - hopefully for the better.
frostypants  +   562d ago
AC4? Go home, you're drunk. It looks OK but it's clearly a last-gen title.
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chrisarsenalsavart  +   562d ago
Seriously dude, just go away.
plaZeHD  +   562d ago
It sounds drastic when written, but in reality it's negligible.
S2Killinit  +   562d ago
I somehow KNEW this was going to be Epic! (:
MasterCornholio  +   562d ago
Game looks fantastic and much better than Ryse IMO especially considering the fact that the cut scenes are real time.
S2Killinit  +   562d ago
Its not even a competition, its head and shoulders above anything ive seen yet (from what i saw from the gameplay video)
GW212  +   562d ago
Tomb Raider on PS4 looks better than Ryse. This will most certainly crush anything we've seen on consoles to date.
Cryptcuzz  +   562d ago
I got to admit how good Tomb Raider looks on the PS4. I didn't think it would wow me the way it did, considering it was also a last gen game. The dev really went in and crank things all the way up to make it really next gen looking.
tudors  +   562d ago
I hope this is good, I rarely buy games without multilayer so hopefully it's a good game.
Rute  +   562d ago
Pre-Order 1886
Ultr  +   562d ago
Nice one ^^
LordMaim  +   562d ago
Well played, sir. Fubble+
mysteryraz11  +   562d ago
looks better then any pc game
killzone619  +   562d ago
love it. cant wait!
italiangamer  +   562d ago
chaosx  +   562d ago
WTF !!! A Flag ship PS4 game that does not run at 1080P / 60fps ! what is this garbage…

i expect this sub par performance for the XB1 not from the most powerful console on the market !!
absolutely disgusting , lets start slamming Sony for this absolute abomination!!

Oh hang on ….its a PS4 game so its okay.
MasterCornholio  +   562d ago
Xbox One fans are the only ones who say this. Which means they think that any game that doesnt run in 1080P at 60FPS is crap. Which leads to the logical conclusion that the only good game that the Xbox One has is Forza 5.

Really you people should just accept that a game can be good even though it doesnt run in 1080P at 60FPS. However 1080P 60FPS > 1080P 30FPS > 900P 60FPS > 900P 30FPS > 720P 60FPS > 720P 30FPS.

Most PS4 games run in 1080P 30FPS which is fantastic in my opinion.
chaosx  +   562d ago
I do accept that, you are 100% correct in what you said. Maybe my sarcasm was not highlighted enough.
My comment was to maybe draw attention to the blatant double standard in the gaming community regarding how people react to "RESOLUTION GATE" . If the game is good who cares…..
GW212  +   562d ago
I agree with you except I prefer frame rate to resolution up to a certain extent. For me, I prefer 900p/60fps over 1080p/30fps. It is just my humble preference.
Flames76  +   562d ago
wow thats a big step back from what they showed at E3.Im guessing due to 800p/30fps
Applejack  +   562d ago | Well said
I expected a comment like this from you since all I ever see you do is downplay the PS4 and its games.
S2Killinit  +   562d ago
Lol nice try
yogaflame  +   562d ago
i just dont like that the gameplay is generic
masterjedi666  +   562d ago
just take my money...now !!!
Master-H  +   562d ago
Seriously until the next Uncharted is out, i think The Order is going to be duking it out with Deep Down head to head in the best graphics department.
1nsomniac  +   562d ago
What people are failing to pay attention to though is that RaD have themselves admitted that optimisation hasn't began properly yet so it's doubtful the released version will look like this. It'll be close yes but it wont be exactly this quality.
#21 (Edited 562d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
larrysdirtydrawss  +   562d ago
optimizing doesn't always means decreasing assets,watering down fidelity ect... it means better coding to help keep what you got while doing it with less resources than before,then using those extra cycles you got back towards the framerate(or whatever the dev chooses)
1nsomniac  +   562d ago
True, but at this stage I'm not entirely sure how much extra performance they would get before release through to pure coding optimization. To be fair though I'm not entirely sure when the release date is I didn't pay much attention to any of it except the gameplay.

To be fair actually thinking about it, from what I seen the framerate wasn't really that far off so I guess they probably could.
#22.1 (Edited 562d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
mogwaii  +   562d ago
Thats what i didnt get when these new game trailer came out the headlines said "cgi and gameplay" but its all game play, we knew this all along!
One article even said "back at e3 when they released the cgi trailer" wrong again!
Anywho, its exciting heady days ahead for our beloved PS4 :D
steele80   562d ago | Spam
midget_gem  +   562d ago
Yeah n Titanfall looks like an every other fps shooter ever made rip-off.
#25 (Edited 562d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
TomahawkX  +   562d ago
Seems that everyone is burnt out on cover shooters. I think the story, setting, and characters will be the saving grace of this game. Hopefully RAD delivers on those fronts.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   561d ago
I can't believe some people here are actually in disbelief that those are not gameplay or in game videos and its just prerendere. wow people. just wow. i can't wait for the final retail of the game to come out so that it will shame those people who believes otherwise.

heres the video people. enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watc...
#27 (Edited 561d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
gedden7  +   561d ago
Did they show straight up gameplay yet????

Thats all that really matter btw... Yes the graphics will be good but okay... So what if the game is just okay..
UltimateSanto  +   561d ago
Funny to see how all the news are about graphics and resolution. Console gamers like to brag about graphics as much as pc gamers . Well, great graphics don't make a great game. Remember Killzone: Shadow fall? Quite an average shooter. You people don't know jackshat about the main game... (Disagrees incoming, "MUST BE MS FANBOY" "LOL PC G4MER" "Y U DON'T BELIEVE")
TooHigh2Die  +   561d ago
Honestly out of all the exclusives coming (infamous,uncharted) this is my least exciting title IMO. No co op, linear campaign, and probably a meager 6-10 hour campaign. It better have excellent story and characters ala Uncharted or this will be a rental.

Plus the last IGN preview was not promising, even though it was early build but why show off a portion of the game that has bugs and looks like Gears of War in the 18th century...
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