New Far Cry Game Teased By Ubisoft

Ubisoft: "It's time to update that definition... #Sochi2014 #FarCry"

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Mikelarry1165d ago

it sounds more like a definitive edition for far cry 3 no?

LAWSON721165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

Now I think definitive editions are stupid, but FC3 looks incredible when on high settings and probably looks better than any next gen game I have seen. If gamers want eye candy on their new machines this game delivers

LAWSON721165d ago


SO are you trying to tell me a very compressed Youtube video that looks like crap looks better than Far Cry 3?

slimeybrainboy1165d ago

@LAWSON72 yes. FC3 looks nowhere near as good as The Divison IMO and yes I played it on PC. FC3 looked good but the variation of the enemies environments and allies made it kinda dull looking to me.

Black-Helghast1165d ago

Someone clearly doesn't know the definition of insanity..

webeblazing1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

far cry 3: lush envirnoments, dense forest and vegetation, water, animals, traffic, chaos and explosions, incredible dof.

division: detailed city, no car, no traffic.

mmmmmmm its still hard to tell but from what im seeing, far cry 3 does more. division does look better tho. but with the chaos and the scope of what fc3 does its hard for division to match. its a different type of game tho.

plus i do believe the dude is joking

Utalkin2me1164d ago


Sorry farcry 3 doesn't even look as good as a compressed youtube video of the division. As much as am i am a farcry fan.

windblowsagain1164d ago


I can't tell if you being serious are just messing about.

FC3 is a good looking game. But it's mainly just grass/trees.

FC3 has a more cartoony, coloured style.

linkenski1164d ago

Not to mention it looked like absolute sh** on PS3. I stopped playing it because it was low-res and the framerate made it severely unenjoyable... and the story was also quite the turnoff.

But Co-op was amazing :-P

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Christopher1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

Unless they're somehow bringing back Vaas... it's just an HD+ version of FC3. And, no thanks to that. We need new games on our machines, not 2+ year old games being ported with higher quality images.

Now, a game where I would play as Vaas and his rise to power and an alternate storyline where he doesn't run into Brody? Yes please!

Realistically, this is just a joke on the "insanity" conversations from Far Cry 3 and that what the ski jumpers do is the same thing over and over... but with different results.

GamingNerd0131165d ago

U know I don't mind a definitive FC3 on PS4 cause I freaking luv it and the graphics o man just going to be mind blowing on next gen. Now if it's not FC3 then I hope it's a presequel to FC3 and let us play as Vaas cause he's one of my favorite character of all time and best villain as well.

Omegasyde1164d ago

I'd buy it again. Farcry 3 was awesome.

Now at 60$ USD(IE full price)? Hell no.

30-40% off yes. The Co-op was great.

ITPython1164d ago

I have FC3 on PS3 and had an absolute blast with it. Not sure I would be willing to fork over another $60 for improved graphics, but I would for $40 :-) Game is beautiful on PS3, I can't imagine how pristine it would be on the PS4!

But I would certainly welcome a FC4 as well. FC2 was a pretty bad failure, it was a neat concept but the aiming... oh the aiming! My goodness, worst controls EVER. Only other FPS to have nearly as terribad aiming was KZ2 at launch (they did improve KZ2 though). Not sure how it felt on the PC with the mouse and all, but it was a train wreck on consoles.

FC3 on the other hand, boy what a game! I will never forget the dubstep thumping through the speakers as I burned those pot fields. That game was a serious trip, and I don't even get high. They will be hard pressed to one-up FC3 IMO. But I sure hope they do!

Bennibop1164d ago

I would buy it again, was one of my gaming highlights last year!

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JeRzYzFyNeSt1165d ago

just give me rainbow Six Patriots!!

HappyWithOneBubble1165d ago

Yeah taking forever. I actually forgot about it too.

Errefus1165d ago

Rainbow six patriots its dead. They said that the game was not working out and went back to the drawing board.

Probably wont see another Rainbow six for another year or two.

STICKzophrenic1164d ago

Do you have a link for that? It saddens me to hear this.

ThichQuangDuck1164d ago

Ubisoft used to have me Ubihard,but not anymore

churn out Assasins creed sequels and Assains Creed: Watch dogs edition. I want Rainbow Six Patriots. I read that gameinformer issue multiple times. Finally showing the enemy perspective, that of a civilian and rainbows. Then multiplayer then they go and cut the creative lead and "start over".

Really Ubisoft?

ZombieKiller1165d ago

I'd like to see an online Free Roam in Far Cry 3. Or the next game to have one.

Far Cry 3 was awesome IMO. I got the Platinum on that game (which was surprisingly easy)

Unreal011165d ago

Same. This was by the far the platinum I had most fun getting.

ginsunuva1165d ago

okay, I'd say online would ruin it because it would be impossible to get free-roam working right.

They should just keep it SP, with zero MP.

ZombieKiller1165d ago

I was saying that because I have a few friends that I could go into the game with in a private match like we do in GTA.

Team hunting, diving, or skydiving would be awesome online. Could you imagine a co-op stealth attack on a pirate base? I could have tons of fun with an co-op free roam.

ginsunuva1165d ago

That's what people said about GTA Online before it came out...

I think you want a co-op mode, not free-roam multiplayer.

ZombieKiller1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

The game has a co-op mode. I want a free roam multiplayer like GTA V, like I said. It would be fun to have that with my crew. We would create private matches and free roam all day providing the co-op experience in a MP environment.

I still play GTA online quite a lot.

Omegasyde1164d ago

Pirates vs the islanders. Have players pick a side, and "raid" territories like capture points. Who ever owns the whole FREAKIN huge map wins. 32 players would be about right.

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ITPython1164d ago

Just checked my trophies, I have 65% on FC3 and only have a couple easy ones to get. I might go for this one after I platinum ME2.

Also like the fact that the multiplyer trophies can be done offline too. Always hate when games have online only trophies when they are primarily SP games.

ZombieKiller1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

DO IT Python! It's really easy to get. I'd say easier than God of War 3 was.

WeAreLegion1165d ago

I'm pretty sure they're just making a joke about that sport being insane.

Palitera1165d ago


But if a new game comes, please don't be LASTGEN+GRAPHICS, aka cross-gen.

WeAreLegion1165d ago

Why would anyone disagree? That's the joke they're making. Nothing game related.

UnHoly_One1165d ago


I can't believe nobody else gets this.

"Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?"

"It's time to update that definition..."

Where are people getting the idea that this is a tease about anything new?

gaabrielz1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

Agreed with this.

LAWSON721165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

How is that a tease it seems to be a joke about resolution? The only thing it makes me think of is Definitive Edition Far Cry 3.

WeAreLegion1165d ago

It's a joke about ski jumping being insane. Vaas is always talking about the definition of insanity.

LAWSON721165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

Okay then it relates to no game announcement at all. lol

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