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Submitted by Rashid Sayed 719d ago | rumor

Insider: Uncharted on PS4 To Have Gameplay Fidelity Comparable To The Last of Us Cutscenes

Insider Ahsan Rasheed talks about the next Uncharted and performance overhead of the PS4 and Xbox One. (PS4, Uncharted PS4)

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mania568  +   719d ago
exclusives like uncharted are the ones that will show the full power of the playstation 4, im positive naughty dogs will give us a game than can only be achieved on ps4 and show how much of a gap there will be on this game compared to others in the market released at the same time.
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ravinash  +   719d ago
ND are the masters, I can only imagine what their doing with Uncharted 4.
Plus everything they have learned from Last of us and the extra power on the PS4, I can't wait to see what they do with the game play.
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Army_of_Darkness  +   719d ago
Gameplay that looks as good as the cut scenes in the last of us, but in full 1080p!?. .. . Total eye-gasm.
loulou  +   719d ago
the first uncharted on the ps4 will be incredible.. but imagine how good NDs games will be after they have really mastered the ps4!!

ND are arguably the best console dev in the business at the moment.

gotta be said though, i am sick of reading threads that are mde up of thuway the shills tweets
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amiga-man  +   719d ago
Naughty Dog just one of Sony's superb 1st party studios that xbox owners can only wish they had developing for them.

We already know 3rd party games are superior on the PS4, First party games for the PS4 with the Quality of Naughty Dog etc were always going to take it to another level.
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PLASTICA-MAN  +   719d ago
To be honest, I am really skeptical about Naughty Dog this time on PS4. I think they are going the easy route this time after confirming that they will use the same PS3 engine on PS4 (just keeping the same assets when they ceate models and without downgarding them) and won't build anything from scratch from it. We saw how cross-gen games and engines looked even the Fox Engine eventhough it looks best on PS4, it is still very comparable to old gen builds with same graphic features (upping the resolution, framerates and some texture resolution aren't enough for next-gen, they didn't even use next-gen features like tesselation etc to make models look nicer)TLOU cutscenes are good and gameplay is almost identical to it but still it won't hold a candle to some other next-gen engines like for example Quantic Dream game,The Order 1886 or the Source Engine 2 or maybe even some advanced multiplatform games. If they want to wow us, they need to create a new engine with a new vibe and drop the comic feel of their PS3 games because it won't look as stunning or mature like The Order 1886. I hope they won't follow EA or Activision route with COD games (better not talk about that). For now, my hopes are low for Uncharted until I see what they will avhieve. Wait and see.
aaron5829  +   719d ago

Well, we have not seen the game running yet...

I'll reserve my judgement... but knowing Naughty Gods. they wont disappoint. They have never disappointed me.
solidboss07  +   719d ago

When we cast of the shackles of PS3/360 then we will see what Fox Engine is capable of. As long as Ground Zeroes is an improvement over MGS4 technically then that will do for such a multi platform title this early in PS4's life cycle.
JoGam  +   719d ago
I have no doubt in my mind Naughty Dog will "Bring It" with Uncharted 4. It would be as if they're showing off..LOL

My only worry with Naughty Dog and Uncharted 4 is the release date. Seem so far away.
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Melankolis  +   719d ago
I have to disagree with you, if you look at his release date :
Uncharted, Nov 2007
Uncharted 2, Oct 2009
Uncharted 3, Nov 2011
The Last of Us, June 2013

ND may not like Activison with multi developers that release COD every year. But 2 years is not a relatively long time in developing a blockbuster game with such consistent quality by ND.

The only problem is people (like you) who purchased PS4 want Uncharted 4 as a launch game.

Not that i blame you anyway, we all love Uncharted ^_^
JoGam  +   719d ago
@ Melankolis.....WHOA

You said....The only problem is people like me who purchased a PS4 want Uncharted 4 as a launch game. How in the hell did you get that from my comment?

I had to disagree with you for not comprehending.
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hkgamer  +   719d ago
it shouldnt be too long. i reckon we could get it with in 12 months.


i want to add that uncharted 3 was made by sub team, so im guessing they started straight away after uncharted 3. so it does have a chance to come out thisyear.

another note is that naughty dog has decided not to create a new engine for this gen. well not yet anyway. they mentioned that they regreted creating a new engine for uncharted since they could have upgraded their old engine and this time they wont makr the samr mistakes.

naughty dog has worked wonder with its fluid motion, i wonder how they can improve that this gen.
SmielmaN  +   719d ago
Melankolis - ND has two teams in their studio. I'm sure they will run 3 if they get greenlit for more Last of Us/Uncharted/new IP projects.
brave27heart  +   719d ago
Dont expect a release until 2015. Working on a new console takes time. If it was being released this year we'd have seen gameplay by now.

Be patient, it'll be worth it.
ShinMaster  +   719d ago
@ Melankolis

ND has two teams. So from 2009(UC2) to 2013(TLoU), that's 4 years.
The_Infected  +   719d ago
I find this part very exciting.

"It’s safe to say the PS4 has approximately a 100 percent performance overhead over the Xbox One. 100 percent.”
Mr Pumblechook  +   719d ago
I also have no doubt that Naughty Dog will 'bring it' but I don't trust Rasheed's cryptic clues because they are so general that anyone can make them up and sound too much like speculation.

ND will 'bring it.' Woo hoo! the fanboys will celebrate but he hasn't actually said any concrete info. I don't have any insiders but let me tell you Naughty Dog will 'knock the ball out of the park' with the new Uncharted. Now gaming bolt why don't you make a blog post about that?!
imt558  +   719d ago
100% power advantage is HUUUGE!

I really doubt in that, but is nice to hear.
brave27heart  +   719d ago
Since I only plan on owning a PS4 and since I have no interest in petty childish console wars Im not the least bit excited about how much more powerful the PS4 is.
GribbleGrunger  +   719d ago
So, I've been lurking in this thread for quite some time just to see how far away from the quote people are willing to stray, and feel it's the appropriate time to step in: Fidelity is just how clean and sharp the image is. Dear Lord, how did some of you suddenly turn it into a comparison of graphical design? LOL
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Software_Lover  +   719d ago
It's N4G man. N4 f'n G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SIdepocket  +   718d ago
This from the guy who confuses pixel density with vertical resolution?
CrazedFiend  +   719d ago
Wait. No. It's got to be better than that. The Last of Us is a ps3 title. Have you not seen the order?
DigitalAnalog  +   719d ago
Didn't anybody watch The Order 1886 gameplay trailer recently? I'd say it has surpassed the in-game cinematics from TLOU already.
CrazedFiend  +   719d ago
Lol Digital. Shows how important it is to use proper caps on this site. We basically said the same exact thing and I got slapped with disagrees.

Thanks for clarifying.
Tontus  +   719d ago
Well it took Naughty Dog 4 games to master the PS3. Sony Santa Monica;'s 1st PS3 game looks just as good, if not better than TLoU. Their second game is easily better looking.

I'm sure ND's new game will look amazing but it's SSM that will truly show us what the PS4 is capable of.
PLASTICA-MAN  +   719d ago
I totally agree agree with you. Read my first comment above.
rafaman  +   719d ago
People must be really naive to believe in these 100%... I mean, where is this difference? I can't see any PlayStation game that looks better than ryse
BitbyDeath  +   719d ago
Knack and Killzone look better imo
aaron5829  +   719d ago
Hmm... as usual.... Ryse, ryse, ryse, ryse, ryse...
killzone619  +   719d ago
Dont forget Guerrilla games
showtimefolks  +   719d ago
its ND so nuff said
stuna1  +   719d ago
I think with ND we are going to get a first hand view of what many have coined the term "The Uncanny valley"! But I think it's going to be through the cooperation and, interactions of Sony's 1st party studio's that we're going to see leaps forward in physics based gameplay through GPU compute, ray tracing, full time weather simulation, multi directional partical effects all being console based, not server based.
Mikelarry  +   719d ago
game-play comparable to last of us cut-scenes........


I did say this yesterday if we were impressed with the order imagine what naughty dogs uncharted will look like
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psman012  +   719d ago
Is that Lego Joel? I've never seen him that happy in the game :P
Volkama  +   719d ago
Whatever "gameplay fidelity" is, I wouldn't think there is much of it in a cutscene.

In terms of image quality or gameplay mechanics I think it's fair to expect the next Uncharted to surpass TLOU in every way. The only areas where that is in doubt would be story and characters, as those things aren't really bound by the limitations of the technology.
Shane Kim  +   719d ago
They mean the the movement, animations etc will be as fluent as the cutscenes in the LAst of Us.
Walker  +   719d ago
But i want more ! the order's gameplay already looks much better than the last of us cut scenes !
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JP1369  +   719d ago
The Order is beautiful, but it doesn't match the cut scenes from TLoU.
SuperYakuzaFan  +   719d ago
get your eyes checked
KwietStorm  +   719d ago
For serious?
hkgamer  +   719d ago
you're kidding, right?
you compared last of us cutscene with the order cutscene
the point was to compare in game gamplay with the last of us cutscene. not cutscene with cutscene.
i know some of the cutscenes were pre-rendered in engine, but thats not the point

sorry to sound rude but i just found it appropriate. :P
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Enyxodin  +   719d ago
@hkgamer But the order has the same quality in graphics in both cutscenes and gameplay! So it doesn't matter! That is the best part :-)
Meltic  +   719d ago
wonder if we can get a taste soon of the game
TomahawkX  +   719d ago
The last of us had pre-rendered cut-scenes? I have bad memory.
Doge  +   719d ago
It did.
Yodagamer  +   719d ago
There were rendered on the ps3 engine, but then they were recorded and used for cutscenes so they could load in level data while they played. So yes they were, but it was using higher quality in game assets.
Qrphe  +   719d ago
They were rendered in ND's 8 PS3 computer farm which theyve also used for Uncharted
hkgamer  +   719d ago
think a lfew ps3 games did this so that they could concentrate its processing power on loading next map. kinda cheating but you probably wont notice and wouldnt take you out of the moment.
skeeter2275  +   719d ago
Doritos_Pope  +   719d ago
Naughty Dog, you are blessed by my Dew.
MS wishes they had you my child. But we know they shall never have the class you have.
DarkLord1003  +   719d ago
I don't even know what that means.. Not a native speaker here... I don't really understand what the author wants to say ^^
Mikelarry  +   719d ago
Basically gamers are going to be very impressed with naughty dogs next game graphics, as what we saw as cut scenes from the game last of us is going to be the same quality of the game-play in their new game
Edi007  +   719d ago
The ordder 1886 and infamous ss gameplay for both look much better than last of us cut scene
Shane Kim  +   719d ago
I agree, and TLOU cutscenes are really nice.
plaZeHD  +   719d ago
Isn't The Last Of Us itself comparable to it's cutscenes?
KwietStorm  +   719d ago
Comparable is the key word. But you already knew that. Because you said it.
babis1974  +   719d ago
magic is coming...
SuperYakuzaFan  +   719d ago
I'm afraid people have already seen that type of gameplay visuals in The Order:1886 so Uncharted 4 will be no surprise graphics wise. You need to wow us more this time by gameplay and story Naughty Dog.

Boat's??? Pirate Treasure Confirmed.
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Salooh  +   719d ago
I think they can easily surpass the order. The order have really great character models but the world graphics can be much better judging from what we saw ( that's why i said we need to see more before we judge the graphics because the small places we saw doesn't show it's potential ) . I'm sure that The order will look better on HDTV though so we will have to wait until we play it our self..
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Tontus  +   719d ago
I bet The Order looks better than ND's first PS4 game. Then ND's 2nd game will look better which will shortly be topped by SSM who'll be topped by GG and then RaD will come back on top only to be dethroned by ND again who will be slain by SSM again... I can't wait to see how much better the games will look with time.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   719d ago
Damn sweet Uncharted PS4 can't wait
asmith2306  +   719d ago
Holy hoop. Keep it coming ND!
BlakHavoc  +   719d ago
Can't wait for this game, and according to this guy a series with massive significance will be announced next month at GDC for PS4. He seems like the type that wouldn't hype that up unless it was a Sony exclusive so i'm going to go ahead and say Syphon Filter, The Getaway or maybe even another Little Big Planet from MM.
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BlakHavoc  +   719d ago
Uh I don't know much about graphic fidelity but i'm sure the guys not saying it's only going to look as good as TLOU cutscenes, I mean for crying out loud we've already seen multiple games that look better on PS4. I'm sure it'll look much better, I think maybe he's talking about how the in game graphics will look as good as the cutscenes? Idk someone help me out.
S2Killinit  +   719d ago
Man cant imagine what Naughty Dog can do with all that power
Godmars290  +   719d ago
Would imagine that the Order 1866, if it delivers, would become the base standard for Sony's AAA production.
oODEADPOOLOo  +   719d ago
“It’s safe to say the PS4 has approximately a 100 percent performance overhead over the Xbox One. 100 percent.”
tucky  +   719d ago
What is it for a title ????
How could a "gameplay" be comparable to a "cutscene" !!!! Lol
ginsunuva  +   719d ago
Wait, TLOU's gameplay was already on the same level as its own cutscenes...
#22 (Edited 719d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
o-Sunny-o  +   719d ago
We will see how far Naughty Dog got so far with the PS4 when they release screenshots or an video. I can't wait! I love Uncharted and Last of Us. ^~^
baodeus  +   719d ago
I like to confirm something:

1. Didn't many member on N4G already stated that the fidelity between gameplay and cutscene in UC/TLOU are the same?

2. Didn't they also posted countless cutscenes shot as proof of gameplay graphics?

3. Didn't UC/TLOU have seemless transition between cutscene and gameplay, which was used as supporting evidences for the claim as stated above?

So if those claims are true, what was stated here in this article means that new UC gameplay will be just the same as Old UC/TLOU?
mysteryraz11  +   719d ago
it better look better then tlou cutscenes which ps4 and xbox one games have already surpassed, I thought it would be dark sorcerer level and beyond
ikk47  +   719d ago
what will Lord Kratos look like on ps4?
Kiwi66  +   719d ago
looked at the headline then the paragraph can someone explain why a story about ps4 games has anything to do with xb1 being mentioned
Father__Merrin  +   719d ago

naughty dog confirmed to be developing Syphon Filter :Confirmed edition
Mister_Dawg  +   719d ago
100% performance overhead?

This guy truly is demonstrating his love for smoking Sony hash. A very potent blend of turd and BS.
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