Full InFAMOUS: Second Son Cover Revealed, Installation Size also Unveiled

The full cover of the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive inFAMOUS: Second Son reveals the installation size.

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lolCHILLbro1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Better title: Full InFAMOUS Second Son Cover and Installation Size revealed!

FamilyGuy1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Yeah the title of this article definitely needs some work lol.

Melankolis1551d ago

I think your comment is one of the most undisputable comment on N4G. I wonder how you got those disagrees...

MasterCornholio1552d ago

Now you gave me a floppy drive.


Plagasx1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Ohh baby I'm all hot and bothered now.

yeahokchief1551d ago

i'm not ready! february is jampacked with good games.

i will be picking it up on release tho

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abzdine1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

it's possible to steal other's powers?
i wonder what that means.
my HDD is ready too.

rustyspoon801552d ago

Delsin starts off with basic fire (smoke) powers but as the game goes on he'll take the powers of others. So by the end of the game he'll have far more power than Cole ever did.

RedSoakedSponge1552d ago

i personally hope to see the powers of infamous 1 and 2 thrown in there to add even more variety. but hey! thats just me :P

Bathyj1552d ago

I'm glad the first thing I did with my PS4 (besides take a selfy with my arm around it) was chuck a 1TB hybrid in it.

Monolith1552d ago

Yeah I really need to get a new hard drive. Actually I want to get the largest capacity available. Can the ps4 use 2t yet?

Battlefieldlover1552d ago


Ya it does. But finding the Drive is hard because it's new and obviously cool as hell lol.

RedSoakedSponge1552d ago

does anyone know how save data is handled on ps4? like... if i deleted a game, will it delete the save data for that game as well (like the vita) or keep it (like the ps3)?

GameSpawn1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )


The two are kept separate. Also, if you have signed up for Plus all your PS4 saves are uploaded to cloud storage by default. Make sure to manage through the "Storage" in the settings menu to avoid in snafu's.

@Monolith and Battlefieldlover
2TB Samsung's (Seagate's) are as hard to find as the PS4.

If you are REALLY hard pressed to upgrade your drive NOW, there is a 1.5TB Western Digital option, BUT it is a "green" drive which isn't known for great longevity and durability.

Personally, I've been eying the 1TB/8GB hybrid Seagate:

If you don't mind stuff hanging out of your PS4 you can extend the SATA connectors out of the PS4 to enable you to use 3.5" desktop drives and get up to 3TB.

sotehpr1551d ago

yup me too... Acually ive returned like 4 games to a retailer so i strongly advise removing the game data if you no longer own the game ;)

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guitarded771552d ago

My hard drive is already suffering. I was hoping to hold out on a swap thinking some higher capacity hard drives would come out, or drop price... I guess I'll have to swap sooner than expected.

FamilyGuy1552d ago

Lol @ people below complaining on both sides of the fence about the minimum required HDD space.

To the people thinking the game will be small because its "only 24gb" compared to other next gen titles:
Go look at the minimum required installation size for just about any other open world game and realized how wrong you are lol.

To the people complaining about it "taking up too much space": Look at how much space other AAA games are taking up in contrast to this one.

Infamous SS HDD requirement is big for an open world game and is a small amount taken up compared to other PS4/X1 AAA titles.

The ACTUAL, concrete size won't be known till the digital version becomes available on PSN. It might be the same but it could also be different if the devs use some trick on one of the versions to make it smaller.

Either way 24Gbs is not bad at all. Infamous 2 on PS3 is 15Gbs.

madpuppy1551d ago

game looks really interesting, with the exception that the Main character looks and comes off, (in the few videos I have seen) like a class A douche. like before his powers emerge his main form of transportation is a skateboard and his drink of choice is a mountain blah...

sotehpr1551d ago

i believe that's what they wanted to portray... and it seems to me, they have succeeded at that! lol

madpuppy1551d ago


I guess so :) But did he have to look like Keanu Reeves :P

I get where they want this character to go, He is going to need to feel true pain and loss. which I guess the story will hash out by either killing off someone he loves (probably his brother) or maybe accidentally killing someone himself.
either way, he really needs to loose that ridiculous beanie, it's as bad as if he always had a tall starbucks soy-latte in his hand or some smug ironic t-shirt with the golden girls on it.

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sashimi1552d ago

Brb while i go clean myself off :P

1552d ago
BX811552d ago

24gig? Not too bad. I like that they showed front and back as well. This game wasn't on my radar. I didn't care for Infamous 2, too much. I picked up the collectors ed. For cheap late. I saw some gameplay a couple of days ago. It looked pretty damn fun. I didn't see if they did but I hope they bring back the electric slide on wires and rails.

MegaRay1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

24 is too damn big, but since you can play while downloading I cant complain...
Anyway i am playing infamous 2 right now (finished 1 days ago) and ill buy a PS4 once I finish both good and evil... I cant believe i ignored infamous for the entire generation!
I played the first Uncharted and didnt like it so I was like "no way ill like infamous" but im loving the heck out of it.
And before some naughty guy start attacking me.. I just watch my bro and my cousin playin un 1 2 & 3 I think the story is great but I cant enjoy the gameplay so I cant play it

GentlemenRUs1552d ago

How it is too dam big? KZ:SF was 50GB(I think?) To install.

This is fine.

1nsomniac1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

24gb is small, I'm not sure how they've managed it & I'm actually a little disappointed it's not bigger as it means the assets used could of been better/higher resolution textures.

Kivespussi1552d ago

24 Gb was big for last gen. Fairly small for current gen

Sy_Wolf1552d ago

@MegaRay What does Naughty Dog have to do with Infamous? Sucker Punch made Infamous and Uncharted and Infamous are totally different.

jayswolo1551d ago

Mass Effect 3 without any DLC was about half of that. Go check what UC3 on PSN is. 40gbs including cutscenes iirc

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Zichu1552d ago

I would like to get a PS4 for this game, but I just don't have the money to drop for another system... Might have to wait till The Order: 1886 comes out and get Infamous along with it...