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Pre-release Screenshots of the new Killzone Mercenary Map Pack

A pair of early screenshots have been released for the free multiplayer maps included in today’s update for Killzone Mercenary. (Killzone Mercenary, PS Vita)

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MethCupcakes  +   248d ago
God damn... Can't wait.
1nsomniac  +   248d ago
Awesome, I'll be getting this later. Best portable MP FPS shooter going!
insomnium2  +   248d ago
I have yet to touch the online but the single player itself was a blast!
JoGam  +   248d ago
If you like shooters online, you're in for a treat.
vergilxx3  +   248d ago
The new maps are good much bigger than the other
BrianSharon  +   248d ago
The maps have gone live.

Monolith  +   248d ago
Thanks! Was just wondering that. Once I get off work I know what I'm doing!
BrianSharon  +   248d ago
You're very welcome!
BelkingOfSony  +   248d ago
Blood Gracht and Tharsis Depot!
GuruStarr78  +   248d ago
YES!! Downloading now! Had my vita stolen, just got a new one... so I gotta go through the game all over and get my weapons back for my loadouts, but I think I'm gonna just jump in and try it out anyhow...

I'm so glad they've continued to support this game... I hope we see more!!!

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