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VideoGamer: "Fun, but it just doesn't have the same appeal as other entries in the series."

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barb_wire1527d ago

I agree with the review, it is a fun game but just like other LEGO games, once you've finished the story and freeplay.. the game is done. Nothing else to do.

Their are still problems with the game camera.

The HUB of the game is terrible, poorly thought out, it's all over the place. Some of in-game levels are also, poorly designed. It's also difficult in some levels to actually see the minikit parts (gold instrustion manual).

I played the 360 version and for me there was some input lag from my controller to the game.. not a lot of lag but just enough that I could see it.

Oh and it wouldn't be a LEGO game if it didn't have some glitches.. my savegame is corrupted, areas in the HUB can become glitched even if you have the character required to access them.