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Sony Plans On Approaching Some Of The Ex-Irrational Devs About Coming To Work For Them

Sony Santa Monica Plans On Approaching Some Of The Ex-Irrational Devs About Coming To Work For Them (PS3, PS4, Sony, Sony Santa Monica)

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TrickyMic  +   644d ago
when did a twitter post count as news?
Mikelarry  +   644d ago
same thing was posted about MS hiring irrational employees and got approved so quick i blinked and it was gone

OT: i don't see a problem offering a job to someone who has the talent to bring fresh new ideas to a company portfolio.
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GarrusVakarian  +   644d ago
Tug o war between Sony and MS for the Irrational devs.

I just hope it ends soon and those talented devs find work again.
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lolCHILLbro  +   644d ago
Can we just say everyone is approaching ex-irrational employees?

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kayoss  +   643d ago
Wonder if Amazon will soon post something up about trying to get Ex-iirational employee to work for them. Look like Amazon may be heading into the gaming business.
Giul_Xainx  +   643d ago
I can see it now: buy an irrational games developer. 1 dev 20,000. Two devs 35,000. 5 devs 100,000.
Pozzle  +   644d ago
If it's posted from an industry professional, N4G allows it to be submitted as news.
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Angeljuice  +   644d ago
It's not news, its in the rumour format (with the slider under headline band). N4G is a source for News AND Rumours.
Monolith  +   644d ago
But its News4Gamers
not NewsandRumors4gamers
eitherway I agree.
GarrusVakarian  +   644d ago

Actually, when you google N4G you get this -

"N4G: Hottest Game News & Rumors"
Bennibop  +   644d ago
Have changed it anyway! I am sure SSM would be an attractive proposition for a lot of these guys as Sony games tend to focus on story telling. Imagine how some of these ex irrational staff could help with The Order or SSM new IP.
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MultiConsoleGamer  +   644d ago
xfear2diex  +   644d ago
same title big deffrince
i hope both get what they want
Bennibop  +   644d ago
I titled it the same deliberately.
chrissx  +   644d ago
Sony and ms hustling to employ these guys,they r that good. Would be good 2 see more games from them
elhebbo16  +   643d ago
The good thing here is that those employes that got layed off are going to get back on there feet in no time. Sony or MS, it doesnt matter as long as these hardworking folks get another opportunity.
Kiwi66  +   644d ago
Good to see both companies wanting these guys just hope their talent isn't wasted.
Hope this story doesn't turn into a fanboy frenzy
Kingoftherodeo  +   644d ago
If I was one of these guys do I see my self working for a big studio who probs wants me to work on another god of war. Or do I wanna try xbox who is dying for people to come work for them and more likely to give me my own project
ltachiUchiha  +   644d ago
I think it would be the other way around. Look what happened to Rare after MS bought them. They have been forced to create games they dont even want to create. Atleast Sony would give them, "Freedom" to use their talents in what they want to create.
Hicken  +   643d ago
Cuz Microsoft is just so well known for their hands off approach, while Sony is notorious for stifling creativity.
Ulf  +   644d ago
Sony will ask many of them if they would consider living in southern Cal. When 90% of them say "no", the amount remaining might get interviews.

Those will be the young, inexperienced, lost-cost single engineers and artists. Many of them will not make the cut for Sony studios like ND. The veteran devs, who would have a serious chance at places like ND, will likely not leave Boston, or if so, they won't go much further than Montreal.
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Drakesfortune  +   643d ago
What A Load Sh*t
blackstrr411  +   644d ago
Split them into two, half and half. While ken sees the production of both sony's and ms's. Simples
TristanPR77  +   644d ago
Well if I was a developer and got the opportunity to choose to work with Sony or Microsoft, I would go with Sony all the way.
Ultraplayerxp  +   643d ago
The Irrational guys strike me as the creative types. Considering that, then there's only one company that's rationally the best fit for them.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   643d ago
Yep Sony already knew (Six Paths Madara ) Just planning everything out like a boss!
RiPPn  +   643d ago
Go with the sinking ship Microsoft who don't allow the creative freedom that the market leader Sony does. Seems like a no brainer. But relocation and financial benefits also come in to play so who knows.
ginsunuva  +   643d ago
Next up:

"XYZ plans on approaching some of the ex-irrational devs about coming to work for them."

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