The Future of Vita Gaming Begins Now


"I was sceptical about the PSVita when it launched; I feared it would suffer the same fate as the PSP, a console I had never bought because I had seen many others grow tired of the limited game selection, constant model changes and expensive memory cards. When I came to buy a Vita my decision was based on two factors: great exclusive games and Playstation Plus."

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MrSwankSinatra1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

All I want is final fantasy type 0 on the vita or a HD remake of crisis core for vita

Yi-Long1552d ago

THE reason why I haven't bought a PS Vita yet, is that many great games that I'm potentially very interested in, weren't released with an option for the original Japanese voices.

If Persona 4 Gold would have had the Japanese voices, I would have bought the system ages ago.

I really hope Sony and developers will try and release more games where we DO get that option.

DCfan1552d ago

Im pretty sure Aksys and NISA and GUST have dual audio option in their games.

Thehyph1552d ago

Can't you just make a JP PSN account to use for Vita? Then you could just buy the Japanese versions of games.
Would that not solve it?

vergilxx31552d ago

Get the japanese version from play-asia set subtitles to english and you're good to go
as for dual language you can forget about that becouse sony have game card limit 4Gb for each game

Inception1552d ago


Can i ask you one question:
Did you understand japanese language?

Because i've seen tons of your post about not buying games who doesn't have dual dub and hail the superiority of japanese dub. So, why not buying the japanese version if you really want to play games with japanese dub sooo bad?

All of my friends who understand japanese did that. They bought japanese version of Tales of Hearts R, Innocence R, Eiyuu Densetsu: Sen + Ao no Kiseki, Ciel nosurge, etc and didn't bother to wait the english version OR complaining over and over about the lack of dual-dub. They also created japanese account and bought another memory card just to buy the DLC's from japanese PSN.

No offense mate, if i were you, i will use my time to learn japanese instead of complaining about devs who already tried their best to bring their games to the west. Even though they can't satisfy everyone, especially people who refuse to buy games without dual dub.

Oh and i want to add one thing:

You send the wrong messages if you refuse to buy japanese games who doesn't have dual dub. You NEED TO BUY their games and voices your complaint if you want dual dub. Because by refusing to buy their games, they will get the wrong idea that western gamers doesn't want japanese games!

Yi-Long1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

@Inception: Why the hell would I support developers/publishers who take out the original language and replace it with a dub.


I WILL support those devs/publishers who DO include the original language as an option.

Spending money on a dub-only game sends out the wrong message.

Vergil: Not every asian version of Vita-games has the original Japanese language with english subs. Far from it, in fact.

Would any of you buy the new South Park game if they had replaced all the voices from the show with new voice-actors? Would you ever watch The Simpsons dubbed in 'Canadian' or British-English?

Many of us want our entertainment in the original language, with the original voice-acting, be it movies, TV-shows, cartoons, or in this case games. And in 2014, there's no good reason why that option is not there!

Inception1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )


You're not answering my main and only question. So i will ask you again:

Did you understand japanese language?
Not just simple words like 'arigatou' or 'gomen', but all type of japanese conversations with kanji, hiragana, or katakana.

And YES, you SHOULD support devs and buy their localized games even though it doesn't have dual dub. Why? Read this explanation from Xseed staff

By buying localized games, you will INCREASED the chances that they will put the features you asked, in this case: dual dub, for the next game. But if you refuse to buy it than you just DECREASED the chances for japanese devs to localized their games!

Why you ask? You're not giving REAL CONTRIBUTION to the games you want and the result is you MADE MORE PROBLEMS! Especially for people who wants to buy and play those games despite the lack of dual dub. Did you not think those people can support your idea too? But if there's no localized games to buy than we can't do nothing except complaining over and over again.

So i gave you two true example about that:

1) A lot of Tales / RPG fans in the west bought Tales of Graces F and Xillia even though Namdai doesn't put dual dub to the localized version. But those fans, including me, patiently express their request to Hideo Baba that we want dual dub. Guess what? Hideo Baba & Namco agreed to add dual dub for Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, because they saw good response and sales from the western fans for Graces F and Xillia. And not just only that, Namco even try a worldwide release for Tales of Zestiria!

2) Western Atelier / RPG fans also buying every localized Atelier games from NISA. And when Tecmo not puttin japanese voices for Atelier Ayesha, the fans still bought Ayesha but they express their complaint to Tecmo. Guess what? Tecmo fixed their mistake by adding japanese voices again, started from Atelier Escha and Logy.

See? There's no good reason to refuse buying localized games who lacks dual-dub. And the only reason you refuse to buy some games because those games doesn't have good quality (full of bugs, glitches, poor gameplay, etc) or not just your type.

About your South Park / Simpsons comparison, you tell that to 200/300.000+ gamer in japan who bought The Last of Us with japanese dub. Or 700.000+ japanese gamer who bought GTA V. Did they complaint if the game doesn't come with dual-dub? Maybe. But that doesn't stop them to buy and enjoy The Last of Us or GTA V.

Hell, even some japanese gamer imported the english version of Tales of Xillia, just to help western gamers enjoying more Tales in the future. Oh how noble of them!

Anyway i knew you entitled to your opinion and money, that's why i will not force you to change it. But i never seen, NOT ONCE, what you and some people did will solve the problems with localized games.

Have a nice day mate :)

Yi-Long1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )


I don't speak or understand Japanese. Neither do I speak or understand French, Spanish, German, Chinese, etc etc.

However, when I watch a German movie, I want it to be in German. Not dubbed in Dutch. Not dubbed in English.

Same goes for French entertainment. Same goes for Spanish entertainment. Same goes for English entertainment. Same goes for Chinese entertainment. Etc etc.

It's extremely simple. I want my entertainment in the original language, with the original music, and they've invented a thing called SUBTITLES, which you can read, which will make you understand what is being said. It's absolutely amazing. Really. What will they think of next!? (!)

I'm from Holland. Native language is Dutch. However, even as a kid, and I mean 5-6 or whenever I started voicing my own opinions, I always hated it when they would air an English cartoon and they had dubbed it into Dutch. I refused to watch them on Dutch TV, and luckily Sky Channel and Super Channel was available on Cable, so I could watch many cartoons there in English. I've ALWAYS wanted my TV, movies, etc etc... in the original language.

About me supporting developers: I DO support them, but only if they've offered me the game that I want to play. And if it's missing the original language, it will just annoy me all the way through, which usually means I don't even bother playing it very long anyway. So no, I won't spend a dime on a game I won't play.

It's 2014. The option for the original language should always be included. I'm happy that these last few years we HAVE seen that positive change with foreign movies being released, which now (often) have the original language included, instead of just a terrible dub.

About GTA5: that WAS released with English voices in Japan. They had 2 language-options: Original English, and Japanese. And if the English would have been missing I would have agreed completely with them if they would have complained or refused to buy it.

They SHOULD still complain btw, cause I believe there's been some censorship.

I couldn't find the info about TLOU, but I would be very surprised if that came without the English voices.

I'm in Europe. They seem to be able to throw in 4 or 5 languages for many of these games (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, whatever). So why would it be a problem to include the original Japanese voices? It's ridiculous.

Fact is, I will always vote with my wallet, and I'll also always voice my opinion about these releases so these criticisms are KNOWN. Not to moan, but I'm sure many developers and publishers also read sites like N4G and Gamefaqs, and perhaps one day they'll start giving a damn.

BTW, a game like Persona 4 Gold, which obviously has a massive appeal to people who are into anime, who are into 'Japan'... that's a pretty big demographic who usually do want these kind of things in their original language! And are pretty fanatical about it. It's clearly aimed at an 'anime' crowd, so why release a dub-only game, knowing that crowd usually prefers Japanese with subs!?

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DCfan1553d ago

The vita is a focused on niche games. Its finally getting a good bunch of japanese games, Toukiden, Dangan Ronpa, HDN RE:Birth and many more in the upcoming month.

vergilxx31552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

And that's the problem most of people don't want the japanes games but system sellers like god of war grand turismo and many others
I enjoy japanes games but I want more western games like Borderlands 2

DCfan1552d ago

Meh, God of War is ok. GT is supposed to be played with a wheel so its a bust.

vergilxx31552d ago

look on your vita at top selling psp games amd you'll see what I mean

No 1. God of war
No 2. Grand turismo

DCfan1552d ago

I agree that they're popular, but GT belongs to home consoles. The reason Vita isn't selling so well because of its niche library, there is no FF or MH or GTA on Vita, there is just Sony's new IP's and a slew of Aksys, NISA, aTLUS and these titles aren't popular in the mainstream crowd.

respekanize911552d ago

completely agree...JRPG are so niche and non system sellers in the west, if you think those games will save the vita (dont need saving in my book) you might as well have your black suit dry cleaned

lonelyplayer1552d ago

I love my vita but a demons souls game on it would be highly appreciated.

Hicken1552d ago

So, just wondering, but when did the PSP have constant model changes? Or a limited library? Or expensive memory cards? I don't recall any of these things being a problem for my PSP.

Inception1552d ago

That's the funny thing Hicken. I only recal PSP got their model changes with PSP Go. Besides that, PSP only had the slim version (2000 & 3000).

And limited library? Damn, PSP got tons of great games. From Crisis Core, Birth by Sleep, Dissidia, Tactics Ogre, GTA Liberty / Vice City Stories, GoW Chains of Olympus / Ghost of Sparta, MGS Peace Walker-Portable Ops-Acid 1 & 2, etc.

I never ever had problems with PSP library. Don't understand why the writer type this. But i guess that's normal, because the writer confessed he NEVER bought a PSP and he came from an XBOX site. So, you get the picture.