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Rayman on Xbox One is somehow dramatically smaller than PS4, Wii U and last-gen

It isn't clear at the moment but it appears that somehow Rayman Legends on Xbox One is significantly smaller in size (gigabytes) than all other versions. This is especially weird since its supposed to feature uncompressed textures. (PC, PS3, PS4, Rayman Legends, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

megazero12  +   439d ago
and looks just as good
GribbleGrunger  +   438d ago
More regions, more languages?
SlavisH2  +   438d ago
m$ owns some of the best compression patents
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sigfredod  +   438d ago
If that was the case the 360 version will be equally smaller
TheRedButterfly  +   438d ago
lol The disagrees can't handle the fact that XO can output the same as PS4 at 1/2 the install size. XD
medman  +   438d ago
When you have a 500gb hard drive that is full at 360 gbs, you have to make up for that deficiency somewhere.
TheRedButterfly  +   438d ago

lol! XD I'll give you that one. Well played! +1 Funny bubble for you
Shok  +   439d ago
Huh, that's odd.
BoneBone  +   439d ago
Power of the Cloud.
Hellsvacancy  +   439d ago
Day 1 13gb update
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Metallox  +   438d ago
That made my day xD
DanManDantheMan  +   438d ago
The cloud, man, the cloud! *shakes vigorously*
Soapboxhero  +   438d ago
Does seem a bit bizarre, but I guess as long as it doesn't affect quality or load times, doesn't really matter.

Digital Foundry did a thing on it and they didn't really spot any differences.
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Geekman  +   438d ago
What? I don't understand why a console you pay 500 dollars on falls back on a game that isn't graphically challenging to run.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   438d ago
Dunno, but I don't see how it matters.
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stragomccloud  +   438d ago
Because it's an amazing game and numbers of polygons don't equate to a better game.
Rockstar  +   438d ago

Geekman  +   437d ago
I never said they did.Would I own a Wii U if I believed in that ridiculous philosophy?
Godz Kastro  +   438d ago
Very pretty game.
donnieboy  +   438d ago
Took advantage of tiled resources.
SpiralTear  +   438d ago
Definitely curious, but considering that you can't upgrade the Xbox One's hard drive, it's not like it's unwelcome.
WPX  +   438d ago
Well maybe the packaged game is better compressed.
Like when uncompressed music as WAVs compress better than MP3s(since it's already compressed).
dirkdady  +   438d ago
Ps4 and wii u have to support more regions/languages at the moment. X1 not out in as many countries. Simple as that.
TheRedButterfly  +   438d ago
If you think that language files equate to 4.7gbs worth of data, I've got some bad news for you...
PsylentKiller  +   438d ago
I bought this yesterday for $59.99 only to find out that it is selling for $39.99 today. Luckily Microsoft is awesome and refunded me the full amount so that I can buy it at the lower price.
I had noticed the price on my PS4 as well as the download size which was 8.3GB. Then when I checked the Xbox store I saw it was the same price and immediately contacted MS support.

The game is awesome. The art style is wonderful. I didn't play this on last gen and so I thought it was time I picked it up on my XB1 as I have two XB1s so I can take advantage of Home Gold.
Geobros  +   438d ago
That is really strange.....:o

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