PS4 Version of MGS: Ground Zeroes uses Atmosphere Simulation for the Sky

Hideo Kojima revealed that the PS4 version of MGS Ground Zeroes is receiving a special feature.

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WorldGamer1553d ago

I wonder why this couldn't be done on the X1. Serious question, wouldn't sky simulation be perfect for Clout Computing? Just seems strange that this would be omitted from the X1 version along with the lower resolution.

I'm interested in hearing any thoughts as to how/why this could happen.

MasterCornholio1553d ago

Kojima is a lazy developer who refuses to program with Xbox Live Compute.


Riderz13371553d ago

Theres actually some people on Neogaf saying Kojima is lazy and doesn't take advantage of the Xbox One's full power...

I'm just sitting here laughing at them thinking to my self..."What power?"

thereapersson1553d ago

For once I agree that the cloud could actually benefit the XOne version of the game. We can do physics simulations and other things via the cloud, and we can also simulate protein folding and genetic research using cloud computing. So weather simulation should be something that I think could be done on the XOne version.

Eonjay1553d ago

The thing with using the cloud for computation is that you have to dedicate yourself to making the game online only. If someone disconnect from the internet, you don't want them to have a different visual experience. And why should he have to set up server just to calculate some clouds... that is dumb. The PS4 is doing it all in-house. Look if you plug the PS4 into the HDMI in port on the Xbox One, you can get the same experience.

abzdine1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Kojima using PS4 power to simulate clouds dynamics :D

b...but...we have the powah of da clawwd on xbox one!!

badz1491553d ago

kinda ironic that Kojima doesn't use the cloud to simulate actual clouds! LOL

johndoe112111553d ago


Spot on chap. Too many people just don't grasp what the implication of a cloud based game would be. That means you won't be able to play it properly should you not be connected online. That is only acceptable if you're playing a online only game like titanfall or a mmorpg or something like that.

No single player game should have to rely on the cloud to operate properly. The day we start accepting games like that is the day we inch ever so closer to that "vision" that microsoft had when the original xbox one was revealed.

Cloud computation has it's place, but not in sp games. And until the day that the internet service providers around the world can provide a more stable and robust internet service to most of the public, it probably shouldn't be used in multiplayer games either, or at least in a very very small scale.

hkgamer1552d ago

well they couod have given that as an option. how much does oublishers need to pay to use azure servers? i always imagined ms to fork that bill for some odd reasn.

i dont think you can plug ps4 into xbone yet because of the hdcp thing. maybe later you can though.

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gameslayer24111553d ago

I asked a similar question in another article. Why is the dynamic weather limited only to one of the next gen consoles? I can understand the lack thereof in last gen but even the slight difference in power between them surely the dynamic weather should be achievable on both.

Eonjay1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

The answer may go back to EsRam. Remember the more you want to be calculate in each frame, the more memory you need in order to do that. And you want the simulation to run at 60FPS. A real time weather simulation may have not fit into the confines of ESRam. I am interested to see if he give an explanation. @720P It is curious, but I don't know how many render targets he stores in the ESRam and other things like that.

Deadpoolio1553d ago

It's really that hard to figure out? The 720p is underpowered and couldn't handle dynamic anything. They can't use da cloud because you have to keep the experience THE SAME for everyone and the first person who doesn't connect online would want to start a class action or cry about how their MGS experience was ruined by not being connected online...The PS4 on the other hand has more than enough power to do so without having to be connected to anything...Plain and simple

gameslayer24111553d ago

Thanks eonjay I wasn't entirely sure it just really surprised me after jumping from my one to ps4 I rarely noticed major differences but this dynamic weather is something that should be a major part of the game especially a stealth based game I imagine that cloud cover, wind, rain, appearing out of nowhere unexpectedly would add an extra level of realism as well as a different gameplay experience all together.

mmj1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Sony have had AMD customise the PS4 GPU to include a lot of extra compute capability, much more than the PC equivalent GPU it is based on.

This is the sort of thing cloud computing could be used for as it doesn't matter about latency, but does anyone really think Microsoft are going to want their network being clogged up with simulated skies and other things they can't charge for?

Soapboxhero1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Quite frankly surprised, had xo been 900p60 and ps4 1080p60 maybe they might have needed to trim some things to maintain frame rate but I find it a bit strange that running at 720 on xo that something like that would be cut unless for example the tech was provided by sony and thus only the ps4 is allowed to benefit. We'll see.

Kiwi661553d ago

maybe because he prefers playstation as thats the home of metal gear

KonsoruMasuta1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Actually, Metal Gear was born on the MSX.

On another note: Who here knows what MSX actually stood for? Lol I bet a lot of heads would explode if people actually found out what the M in MSX means.

Ninver1553d ago

I think he was referring to the Solid series. But yes you are right about Metal Gear first being associated with the msx.

GuruMeditation1553d ago

Yes, the Microsoft connection is pretty well known, as is the fact that Sony actually contributed a great deal to MSX development as well as manufacturing MSX-compatible micros. It was a really cool Microcomputer, with a rich heritage.

hkgamer1552d ago

you mean what ms stands for in msx not just the m :P

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