Titanfall Uncovered - Everything you need to know

MWEB GameZone takes a look at all the information data mined from the Titanfall beta files, including game modes, perks and maps that will most likely be in the official release.

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HanCilliers1523d ago

I really hope Titanfall is the next big eSports title. It's something fresh and different to the typical military type shooters that floods the eSports scene.

Sillicur1523d ago

Fully agreed, i just hope it can be balanced properly, so far it looks great!

Choc_Salties1523d ago

What I've experienced so far is rather enjoyable with interesting play mechanics. It also plays well, even though local ping rates aren't that great - makes for an interesting change versus other games like the CoD and BF series

Sillicur1523d ago

It will be very interesting to see how it all pans out in the end.

DesVader1523d ago

So far, I don't think that the game has a built in spectator mode, which is REALLY needed for competitive eSports...both to help administer a tournament and also to create live streaming from multiple perspectives. Lets see if that is built into the final release version.

Sillicur1523d ago

Very much agreed and balance is also an issue!