Deadly Premonition Permanently Drops to $20 on PSN

Hardcore Gamer: Horror gaming fans take note - Deadly Premonition has been given a permanent price drop to $20 on PSN.

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LogicLee949d ago

Wonderful news. I couldn't justify paying the full price.

ChaosKnight949d ago

It's well worth $20. At that price, even if you hate the game mechanics, the "so bad it's good" factor takes over.

badz149949d ago

Horror? Seriously, tis game is more a comedy if anything!

Chupa-Chupa949d ago

One of the greatest games this past generation. Well worth $20 and more.

KwietStorm949d ago

This game is like one of those movies that comes on HBO at 3 in the morning.

chronohill948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

great game.worths every penny...