Getting Married Anytime Soon? It Could Earn You a Free Xbox One

Junkie Monkeys: Perrywinkle’s Fine Jewelry is offering a new kind of eternal bond incentive. The company is currently offering a free Xbox One with the purchase of an engagement ring.

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JoGam863d ago

I'll take a PS4 and stay single.

Mr Pumblechook863d ago

@AutoCad: That was actually kinda funny!

Qwagy UK863d ago

Well that's worse than finding your bride to be in bed with your best mate!

joel_c17863d ago

Lol MS trying to get rid of Xbones any way they can

Fireseed863d ago

Do you ACTUALLY think MS is behind this? I have to know!

Kiwi66863d ago

of course people do what else did you expect lol

strigoi814863d ago

sounds like a desperate move just to grab a Xbox One..

and just learned today that engagement rings are a scam, go to youtube and search lmao

ginsunuva863d ago

you JUST learned they're a scam??

Noctis863d ago

I'd resell that xbox one right away to get some money back

Hicken863d ago

We've only been dating for about a month, but I think I'll ask her to marry me, for a quick bit of income.

ginsunuva863d ago

They probably upped the prices on those rings by $500 beforehand anyway.

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The story is too old to be commented.