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Getting Married Anytime Soon? It Could Earn You a Free Xbox One

Junkie Monkeys: Perrywinkle’s Fine Jewelry is offering a new kind of eternal bond incentive. The company is currently offering a free Xbox One with the purchase of an engagement ring. (Xbox One)

chinlu  +   598d ago
Lol alright.
JoGam  +   598d ago
I'll take a PS4 and stay single.
AutoCad  +   598d ago
you have no choice
DragonKnight  +   598d ago
@AutoCad: That was weak.
Mr Pumblechook  +   597d ago
@AutoCad: That was actually kinda funny!
Qwagy UK  +   598d ago
Well that's worse than finding your bride to be in bed with your best mate!
joel_c17  +   598d ago
Lol MS trying to get rid of Xbones any way they can
Fireseed  +   598d ago
Do you ACTUALLY think MS is behind this? I have to know!
Kiwi66  +   598d ago
of course people do what else did you expect lol
strigoi814  +   598d ago
sounds like a desperate move just to grab a Xbox One..

and just learned today that engagement rings are a scam, go to youtube and search lmao
ginsunuva  +   597d ago
you JUST learned they're a scam??
Noctis  +   598d ago
I'd resell that xbox one right away to get some money back
Hicken  +   597d ago
We've only been dating for about a month, but I think I'll ask her to marry me, for a quick bit of income.
ginsunuva  +   597d ago
They probably upped the prices on those rings by $500 beforehand anyway.
Evolve  +   598d ago
I think it's really great idea from Microsoft and much greater for new married couples. Watching porn channels on 1080p is the best thing that this TV box can offer.
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nevin1  +   598d ago
What an weak incentive.
DragonKnight  +   598d ago
Calling it an eternal bond is so apt, but not in a good way.
Ducky  +   598d ago
There's probably a red ring joke somewhere in there.
TheSaint  +   598d ago
And divorced.
_FantasmA_  +   598d ago
How about I ask her to marry me, and then at the altar I do a 180 and leave?
MegaRay  +   597d ago
MS want to spy on couples! Bad MS bad...
quenomamen  +   597d ago
Yea, get screwed twice.
paul-p1988  +   597d ago
"Buy an engagement ring, get a free Xbox One, then have your fiance hate you as you obviously want to play games more than be with her"

That's pretty much how ALL women are going to see this promotion... gg...
LightningMokey  +   597d ago
Four rings of marriage...

Engagenent Ring
Wedding Ring
Red Ring
Hicken  +   597d ago
Best comment possible.

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