Project Spark News: How The First Next-Gen RPG Is Coming From A Tennessee Teenager

The next-gen has been hard on RPG fans. But the first RPG will be coming soon, not from a major studio, but from a Project Spark community member.

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christocolus1552d ago there a trailer for this game (elderfall)?

thereapersson1552d ago

Don't know why more people aren't paying attention to Project Spark. Easily one of the coolest things in videogames, and I think it's understated how important it is to Microsoft's development stable.

Mr Pumblechook1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

If this young dude really is making a RPG using Project Spark then it is an amazing bit of software. It means that new creative types can focus on designing a game world without the programming learning curve. They could then use their games as a calling card to get a job in the industry.

SlapHappyJesus1552d ago

Could really end up a very important tool set for designers and creative leads.

digim01552d ago

Best part is it's free. So lots of people will have it and lots of people will use it and lots of people will get to play cool things. Project Spark is definitely not getting the attention it deserves.