Titanfall Beta Preview – Next-Gen Shooter or Call of Duty with Robots?

David Jagneaux of The Koalition writes: "Every new console always has that one huge title that everyone looks forward to – the system-seller, as it’s called. Everything is lining up for inFAMOUS: Second Son to be that game for the PlayStation 4, for the next Super Smash Bros. to be that (late) game for the Wii U and for Titanfall to be that game on the Xbox One. Granted, Titanfall is releasing on PC as well, but that’s irrelevant to the “console wars” and decisions about whether you should buy an XB1 or PS4."

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Agent-861396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

I have to agree with a lot that this author has to say, especially this quote: "At the end of the day, I find myself absolutely satisfied with my experience in the beta, but I fear for the game's longevity." I had fun with the beta as well, but some things bothered me.

1) It starts to feel the same after a while. I've played over 15 hours and it started getting boring to me. There's a "sameness" with the matches. I know there are only 2 maps, but I never had this problem with the BF betas, for example. Bad Company 2, BF3 and BF4 only had one beta map, but I never really got bored. Each match played different and different strategies got deployed each time. With TF, matches started being the same: kill each other and bots....wait for Titan, then Titans battle each other....rinse and repeat.

2) Matches on Attrition are way too short and they need to up the ticket count to win. These matches were over in an average of 6 minutes. This is even more annoying with the long wait between matches. They need to double the ticket count.

3) This might be nitpicking, but I wish there was an option to turn off the announcer on Hard Point mode. It is really irritating and I hated it on COD games as well. I can see all the points and if any are going down or I'm capturing them. I don't need this annoying announcer giving me the constant updates. It really takes away from the immersion and makes it too "game-like". I don't mind the Titan letting me know when I'm going against more than one enemy Titan....that seems like a natural warning device. However, the "in-game" announcer just annoys me.

4) On the PC, at least, there didn't seem to be a way to join friends. Hopefully, the full game will have this feature. Plus, why no server lists? I'm really not a fan of matchmaking especially when there seems to be dedicated servers. I like to choose my server based on ping, modes, map selection, etc. Plus it makes it easier to join a friend if I can just pick my server and let him know where I'm at.

5) I agree with the author that 6v6 should be expanded...maybe with some other modes? There are just too many bots more than actual players. How about some different classes, other than pilots and open them up to other players? Maybe an engineer class, that has extra powerful anti-Titan weapons, plus maybe a repair kit to repair friendly Titans.

I don't know; I'll have to see the complete game to make a decision. I can pre-order a CD key right now for as low as $42, but I'm still a little iffy on it. I don't know how good it will be for the long haul. It's a great first effort and fun pick up and play game. It just could have been so much more that I'm kind of disappointed.

Agent-861396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Oh, and if anyone was wondering, here is where I found the cheapest CD key pre-order ($42, that's 30% off the list price). They use PayPal, so it's a good bet that they are safe site. If there's ever a problem, PayPal has a good resolution system.

jaggernaut251396d ago

Hey man, thanks for the kind words and I agree 100% with all of your comments. It is always nice and refreshing to see someone online (especially N4G) backing up your argument in an article.


Allsystemgamer1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

I was thinking to fix the player issue. Only pilots can get titans. They don't have anti Titan weapons. The engineer or anti Titan soldiers can't use titans but get the heavy weapons. Something like that.

And you invite players through origin to play with friends. It's a pain but that's EA for you.

Once you get into the core gameplay it ends up being more like unreal than cod. In the sense of movement anyway. Hard point was all I played due to it having better player on player action.

Agent-861396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

I like that suggestion: "Only pilots can get titans. They don't have anti Titan weapons. The engineer or anti Titan soldiers can't use titans but get the heavy weapons. Something like that."

That makes more sense. Then, you could open it up to 12v12: 6 pilots and 6 engineers per team. That would really expand the game up and cut down on the number of brain dead bots (get rid of the minions and leave the spectres). That could also alleviate some of the "sameness" I was experiencing during matches and could open up new strategies.

Also, thanks for the Origin tip for joining friends. However, I really do hope they have server lists on the release version. I've never been a fan of auto-matchmaking and like to pick my servers.