"Irrational Jobs" Trending on Twitter: Former Employees Looking for Employment, Industry Responds

Earlier today Kevin Levine, the co-founder of Irrational Games, announced that he’s significantly downsizing the studio responsible for the Bioshock series.

This meant that most of the employees have been laid off, barring about 15 developers. Since then, an interesting hashtag has made its rounds on Twitter.

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Omar911556d ago

So does this mean bioshock for vita is a no go? wasn't this rumored or even announced a few yrs back?

WeAreLegion1556d ago

Oh crap. I forgot about that...

Skate-AK1556d ago

Depends. If BL2 sells well they will probably make Bioshock Vita. Buy BL2 if you want Bioshock Vita.

Sevir1556d ago

Probably Not! I do believe thats a deal Sony struck with 2K... Ken also said that 2K has taken over the reigns of the Bioshock IP so the game could very well be going forward... also, Sony just formed a new Studio that handles 3rd party production of games. thats why Borderlands 2 is coming to Vita Next month, the Vita version is handled by SCEA 3rd party Production not Gearbox. So they could very well be working with 2K and Ken to see Bioshock come to Vita in some capacity, be it a new game of Bioshock 1,2 and infinite!

Volkama1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Ports aren't usually handled by the devs that make the original. 2K probably licensed the work out to another studio in which case it'll still be on the way.

Personally don't see why you'd want to play a game so seeped in atmosphere on a Vita though...

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No FanS Land1556d ago

Wow, much support to everyone out there!

WeAreLegion1556d ago

The industry does this every time a studio closes down, especially a great team like Irrational. These are some of the most talented people in entertainment.

Godmars2901556d ago

You mean the studio heads take off with sacks of money leaving the grunts to fend for themselves until another studio forms up to take them repeating the process?

You honestly don't find anything wrong with that?

denero11556d ago

this is what I was thinking -_- all those people out of jobs I haven't read ken's reasoning but it's sad that they didn't break up because of bad games or not making profit but because a few wanted to move on

WeAreLegion1555d ago

I do find something wrong with that. I'm talking about the rest of the industry taking in those without jobs.

Godmars2901555d ago

"I do find something wrong with that. I'm talking about the rest of the industry taking in those without jobs."

How about the lack of job security? Of having to go through the same interview hoops multiple times for a job you might have for a only a few years if not months. Of being expected to put in 10+ hours a day while working with an egotistical a-hole who's only making garbage. Garbage which you may have to put on your resume for the next job which could fold up over night without warning or back-pay.

Sevir1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

These guys are amazing!!!! I hope hey are snatched up and fast... its sad that Irrational is done!

MS, Sony, Rockstar, Crytal Dynamics, Bethesda! These guys need to snatch up this talent! hell. Sony or MS should hire them all and have them form a new studio to make games exclusively for their platform! Sony Preferably! :) But seriously. this pool of talent should be at home at a studio where their talents are best used, sad to see them go.

AnEwGuY1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

MS seriously needs to snatch up as many of them as they can, and form a new team under MGS. I'm still sick over how they let BioWare get away; no JE2, or KOTOR3 is a travesty.

EDIT: @ Sevir...LOL, we must have had a mind link going on or something.

Skate-AK1556d ago

Bioware could still make KOTOR 3 for PS4 and Xbone if EA let them. Too busy with Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

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