MGS V: Ground Zeroes Console Quality Comparison Video

It’s the old-gen versus current-gen in this exclusive video straight from Konami. Judge for yourself in this CQC battle. Console-Quality-Comparison! (2:45)

PS: Use the download link to download the video in 1080p/60 FPS.

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sigfredod1558d ago

Wow ps4 version looking real good

vishmarx1558d ago

why are there no clouds in the ps4 version?
(looks better that way imo but still..)

sashimi1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

cuz its a clear sunny day in PS4 land while its not so much in Xbone land :P

Muffins12231558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

The lighting on objects is noticeably nicer on the ps4 version.theirs also more detail on the ground for ps4.Also it appeared a little bit sharper.Xbox one still looked good.What surprised me was how good the 360 version looked,looks allot better than the ps3 version. But the 360 may have just looked better just because the xbox one version did not look that good when they went back and fourth between them and made it feel like the 360 version was closer to " next gen "

Bathyj1558d ago

Ps4 does need the cloud.

Modi19841558d ago

PS4 is the definitive edition
and the other 3 is last gen ?

Eonjay1558d ago

Download HQ Video to see it in 1080p 60 FPS. Allows you to see real differences...


fr0sty1558d ago


because only XO has the power of teh cloud computing.

Army_of_Darkness1558d ago

Huge difference between ps3 and ps4..
as for x360 and xbone, not so much. matter of fact the xbone version appears only slightly better than the current gen versions.

kopicha1558d ago

@vish @bathyj

that is because PS4 is the only version that support simulated weather effects where it just happen to be clear blue sky while the video is captured. While the other platforms have a static sky with clouds

zeee1558d ago

Hmm, lets see...

PS4 > X1 == PS3/X360

Bathyj1558d ago


Sorry, wrecked my whole joke.

Why o why1558d ago

'Sorry, wrecked my whole joke.'

I was thinking that.....but I gave you too much credit for trickery so thought it was purposeful....smh

Not only is the ps4 version better in fidelity its also got other back end tech tricks that the others lack. I wonder if ANY of the reviews reflect this in their scoring. I remember some sites doing that occasionally last gen when the disparities were smaller...... hmmmm, whadya reckon

erathaol1558d ago

I found out through NeoGAF, why the PS4 version doesn't have a cloud sky box.

"...the Fox engine can simulate the atmosphere, so the light and its colors gets graduated correctly.

That's the reason why GT5/GT6 and Drive Club looks so realistic.

It seems that the PS3/XBone/360 doesn't support that and the atmosphere is just hidden behind a "simple" cloudy skybox.

Bathyj1558d ago

You overestimated my trickiness. ;)

No, I dont think most sites will reflect the differences in their scores. As you said, they couldnt wait to hold every pixel up to the microscope last gen, now suddenly things like double the framerate, double the pixel count or even total systems like the simulated weather are strangely irrelevant.

How come we arent seeing any Lens of Truth comparisons on here anymore? Whats up with that? I think not having them says more than the actual comparison would.

They are conspicuous by their absence.

GameSpawn1558d ago


I think Lens of Truth has been voted down enough on this site to not show up again. That or they are unable to knitpick their way to bias the Xbox version in their favor.

Also, I find it funny that Kojima STILL finds a way to make the PlayStation version more favorable. He has always had a PlayStation bias since the PS1 and if it were up to him there would never be an Xbox version of ANY kind, but I'm sure some Konami higher-ups are trumping Kojima's PlayStation bias and forcing him to make an Xbox version. Just because he has to make an Xbox version though doesn't mean he has to make a "polished" Xbox version -- in his mind.

amiga-man1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

That is kind of embarrassing for the xone, closer to the 360 than next gen and to think you pay a $100 less for the far better PS4 version is just pouring salt into the wound.

amiga-man1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Those pics really are telling Morganfell, anyone denying the clear difference graphically between the xone and the PS4 are simply lying or desperately need glasses.

Whats more worrying is how close the xone version of the game looks to last gen on their supposedly next gen machine.

pedrof931558d ago


Some details where highlighted where Ps4 wins here.

morganfell1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Exactly amiga.

And pedro, in addition to dynamic weather the PS4 version also has guards...Guards! Guards! We're guards!

mewhy321558d ago

wow get the nachos and cheese!!!! It's time to watch the PS4 give lesser consoles another beatdown. I am so glad that I bought a PS4.

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Pixel_Enemy1558d ago

Is it just me or does the Xbox One version look incredibly similar to the 360 version?

blitz06231558d ago

Well both are at 720p, only the X1 version runs it natively while the 360 is upscaled so that's where the difference comes in. Don't forget both X1 and PS4 runs at 60fps though

JAMurida1558d ago

They all look similar to me. Of course the last gen ones are more blurry and less detail, but still looks fine to me. I think it should more of a surprise that the PS3 and 360 still have it in them to run the game.

The differences in MGS V is nothing compared to the differences in Watch dogs current vs last gen. There you WILL see a big difference.

Pixel_Enemy1558d ago

Here is a gif showing PS4 vs Xbox One. Tell me they look similar again..

zeee1558d ago

blitz0623: Seriously? You need to get your eyes checked if they look similar to you.

frostypants1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

The PS4 version definitely appears to have much better AA. Skip to 2:10 where they show Snake running and check out the big radio tower in the background. The One version is almost as jaggy as the PS3/360.
The lighting on the PS4 version also looks more natural. The PS3/360/One versions have that washed-out look.

Truthfully though, I'm not incredibly impressed by the graphics of this game on either the PS4 or One. As with CoD Ghosts and AC4, it just looks like an upscaled last-gen title. Yes, I know, open world. But I still can't help feel that it was held back.

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teknx1558d ago

It is hard to believe that this is only first-gen graphics on the PS4. Imagine what games will look like 5 years from now once developers start taking full advantage of the architecture.

karl1558d ago

it isnt really.. compared to last gen ps4 and xone version of this game are not that impressive..

games like the order do look next gen and made me wonder how games will look in 5 years

frostypants1558d ago

Compared to PS4 games coming out this year, this isn't very impressive.

rafaman1558d ago

it doesnt compares to killzone or ryse.

I didnt like the graphics at all

PSX041558d ago

Xbox 360 version and xbox one version are the same

ovnipc1558d ago

In my heart I wish the Xbox version to look better, but I have to admit the ps4 version looks way better, even the 360 version looks very similar. Anyway i think this game its a waste of money $40 on next gen for 3 hours game play. Gamefly will deliver this one, on my PS4. Same with thief Im renting that one on PS4.

Bathyj1558d ago

PS4 definitely looks the best, but even more noticeable is X360 definitely looks the worst.

They all look great though.

Oner1558d ago

I'd like to see some comparisons between the PS3 and XB1 just for reference.

KiLLUMiNATi_891558d ago

Way to start the hype train

They did a great job on all platforms it seems like, ps4 and x1 versions look identical if you ask me.

GentlemenRUs1558d ago

"ps4 and x1 versions look identical if you ask me..."

You might need these: http://www.eyewearconcierge...

R3ddBuddah1558d ago

Thank god no one is asking you.

hiredhelp1558d ago

Even old gen looks good on this engine

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majiebeast1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Use the download link in the description of the video, Gametrailers videoplayer is worse then Youtube.

Clear winner is PS4 and its not even close or resolution only. Bone version looks closer to 360 and PS3 then it does to the PS4 its a whole nother beast.

vishmarx1558d ago

that was very clear from the screenshots we got yesterday

76erz241558d ago

Your statement loses credibility when you call the Xbox "the bone". Calling something a derogatory name automatically makes your opinion biased, therefore useless.

Bathyj1558d ago

So if Michael Jordans dad said Michael was the greatest basketball player that ever lived, his biased automatically makes it not true?

devwan1558d ago

@76erz24 It's the given nickname now, it's not meant to be a put down. Calling it "boner" would be more akin to what you're saying and would rightfully harm and opinion given alongside it. But if it really hurts inside when you see "bone" and you simply have a hard time taking anyone seriously who uses it, unfortunately you're going to have to learn to #dealwithit

OT: The video shows all anyone needs to know. ps4 version is premier league, the others are looking like they're going to have a tough relegation battle ahead in the depths of the championship.

megazero121558d ago

looks good. Just a word of note, this video was made before the xbox one scaler got fixed.

Yo Mama1558d ago

Then Xbone users should be thankful for that or it could look even worse than it does.

sobekflakmonkey1558d ago

after the scaler got "fixed" it made games look even more I don't know what your point is..

FlameHawk1558d ago

Wow the Xbox One version doesn't look that much different from the PS3/360, but the PS4 version is on another level.

PLASTICA-MAN1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Look at Neogaf gifs from Neogaf link I posted, just wow.

Edit: at majibeastbelow, there is NO embed button on this video, only download and share buttons. I am on mobile, if there is an embed button + embed link, plus PM me or post it. Thank you.

majiebeast1558d ago

Sorry its off topic but.

Please just embed the video, for the convenience, some people might not want to download it. Plus its a requirement when posting videos from gametrailers.

RadioActiveTwinky1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )


RadioActiveTwinky1558d ago

Heres a better video. You can really tell the difference on this video



This is the HD download link provided by gametrailers under the video, i just noted that in my description PS.