Check Out All 50 Titanfall Burn Cards

MP1st - In Titanfall, players can earn what Respawn Entertainment calls Burn Cards that grant your soldier special abilities for the entirety of one life.

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Sovereign591493d ago

I've played for 8-10 hours and I still haven't been able to call in an Ogre or Stryder Titan. I was hoping to be able to test at least one of them out before the beta ends tomorrow, but it looks as though it just may not be IN THE CARDS for me. HAHAHA. I hate myself.

RedSoakedSponge1492d ago

the saying is "on the cards" but i do approve of your pun haha :P

brich2331492d ago

The stryder gets 3 A button boost instead of 2. Instead of the Damage core like the atlas it gets infinite boost and you can spam that, I just used up my card on the PC beta. I didnt get it on the xbox one beta though, i dont think they have it there.

sgtGanGreen1492d ago

I tried Ogre, it's my favorite. You can counter mele other titan, grab one of his arms and pull out other and hit him with his own arm lolz.
I love it

colt-of-tipton1492d ago

Can really add depth and tactics to the game these burn cards especially at the start of matches .