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Submitted by MariaHelFutura 720d ago | news

Forza 5 Fastest-Selling Racing Game In Xbox History

More than one third of Xbox One owners have bought the Turn 10-developed racing game, which launched alongside the console on 22nd November. (Forza Motorsport 5, Industry, Xbox One)

Muffins1223  +   721d ago
Fastest does not mean best selling in xbox history.Its not like there's that much to buy on the system yet anyway.You could say the same for killzone shadowfall.
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iamnsuperman  +   721d ago
There is also the flip side to it. Since they only have moved 3.6 million Xbox One's they were never going to sell more than Forza 4 (which was around 4 million). There was also a lot of games to buy at launch
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onyoursistersback  +   720d ago
correct me if I'm wrong but, isn't Forza racing games always have low sales???
InTheLab  +   720d ago
No correction necessary. Forza generally sells 1 to 1.5m on it's own and all other sales come from bundling like how F4 was bundled with a 360 and Skyrim.

So it's not surprising that F5 sold what it sold but it will be shocking if it sells more that 2m as a standalone title without a massive price drop.
Muffins1223  +   720d ago
Forza 3 sold 5.39 million,what are you talking about.
onyoursistersback  +   720d ago
@ Muffins,
im comparing sales to another great racer/simulator.

"Gran Tourism"
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Magicite  +   720d ago
even first forza on original xbox has sold more or about the same as 5th, while all other are far ahead (except horizon)
3-4-5  +   720d ago
Advantage of being a launch title.

Also happens to help that Forza has always been good.
Gamer666  +   720d ago
I disagree...

Deadrising 3 is a lot of fun, Powerstar Golf is a fun extreme golf game, Killer Instinct is an awesome fighting game, Ryse is a solid action game, Forza 5 is a solid racing game, Halo Spartan Assault is a solid top/down shooter, Max and the Curse of Brotherhood is a really good platformer, Peggle 2 is a very cool game, Crimson Dragon is even good after the updates to it. Lococycle is the only really weak launch game for X1.
Axios2  +   721d ago
So over 1.1m, well done.

Add DR3 and Ryse and the top X1 games are well over 2.5m
Unreal01  +   720d ago
Yep, Forza deserves it, it's a great franchise.

Congrats Turn10.
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christocolus  +   720d ago
dude you edited your

ontopic: congrats to ms and turn10. well deserved.
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Unreal01  +   720d ago
I only edited it a tiny bit haha.
AutoCad  +   720d ago
Wouldnt think otherwise its a great racing enjoying it alot.
NintendoYouth  +   720d ago
when X1 launched at my Gamestop every purchaser pretty much wanted Forza #1 and Ryse #2.

Both those games are still very popular and we run out quickly.
noctis_lumia  +   720d ago
ryse popular ?
that piece of crap god of war QTE edtion wannabe ?
lol ms fangirls must be desperate
NintendoYouth  +   720d ago
Ryse sells a lot.
Not my business what people play.

You may hate it but some people really enjoy it.
from a PS4 owner.
noctis_lumia  +   720d ago
meh ppl already forgot ryse lol
and will be buried once the king of the genre god of war will be released on the ps4
bobsmith  +   720d ago
I wish I got xbox for this ps4 tricked me with driveclub
LogicStomper  +   720d ago
You could always get both.

The_Infected  +   720d ago

Sony isn't rushing Driveclub so it want be downgraded it will be upgraded. The wait for Driveclub will be well worth it just wait and see.
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GamingNerd013  +   720d ago
Agreed yo look at forza 5 easly the worst forza game in series they downgraded everything about it less cars less tracks no weathers no night and day missing content from both 4 and 3 like storefront gift able to choose some cars as a award after competing and level up in SP mode bad online modes and lobby and use 2 be the horrible microtranaction. I'm glad Sony delay DC cause I know we will get a true full next gen racer expronce that will blow our minds with its graphics cars tracks weathers night and day wich it has and if they manage to get it 60fps with all the thing I just said then I'm just going to say MS devs suck so bad compared to sony who put their soul into make their games a complete exprince.
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D-riders  +   720d ago
welll duh it was the only 1080p launch title
sashimi  +   720d ago
but we can't tell the difference btw 1080p, i wonder why MS decided to even bother with that resolution lol
takohma  +   720d ago
I think I'll get this game. Hearing word about micro transactions kind of detoured me. I love racers and Gt5 kind of let me down a bit. Havnt evened bothered with Gt6. So I'll get this game.
Kiwi66  +   720d ago
You do know that you can still play this without using microtransactions as i've not used them at all i do it the hard way by racing then using credits won to buy the cars i need , it's not like you hit a certain level then can't go any further
takohma  +   720d ago
Wasn't sure of the details. I will get it since I have a $45 gift card for bestbuy but titanfall might get that. I never bothered to look up the details on all that. Although it is good to know that you can earn everything without paying for it. Thanks for the info.
360ICE  +   720d ago
Not to be smug, and I admit that this isn't very relevant, but GT6 selling 2 million says a lot about how much GT can sell. It's at the end of PS3's life cycle, it sold 25% of what GT5 had sold at the time and still it sells better than its main competitor.
Mrveryodd  +   720d ago
You don't need to use micro transactions to play forza . I am level 78 and I haven't spent a cent on them . If you are very impatient or can't drive you have a choice to spend some cash. I can't talk about gt6 but forza kills gt5 as a driving game ( and yes I owned a ps3 ) it may not have weather effects or night racing but the AI of the CPU drivers is the best I have driven yet and that new controller rocks for driving games.
Kiwi66  +   720d ago
Wow i like how you get disagrees just for saying how i play the game without needing microtransactions guess i must be doing it wrong then

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