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How 5 game companies do (or don’t) listen to the fans

GamerFitNation: In the age of social media and comments sections, how much influence should popular opinion have on the game industry? Enough influence to make fans want to buy, but while still leaving the developer with their own creative vision.

I’m confident that most big game companies are reading what the fans say, but what knowledge do they consider and what do they do with it? I’m going to take a brief look at five companies, five game franchises, and how they deal with fan feedback. (3DS, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Final Fantasy XIII, Kingdom Hearts 3, Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Godmars290  +   532d ago
Yeah, despite Deep Down and anything else which might be considered positive, its well past time that Capcom fans admit that the company hates them.
NarooN  +   532d ago
Resident Evil fans: "Plz Capcom-chan, take Resident Evil back to its roots!"

Capcom's response: "Nope, RE5 got us too much money somehow! MOAR MICHAEL BAY-STYLE ACTION, ZOMBIES WITH GUNS, YOLO!"

Mega Man fans: "Plz Capcom-sama, give us Mega Man Legends 3!"

Capcom's response: "Say what? Keiji left us because we suck ass as a company? We'll get ready to release a demo and then CANCEL DA GAEM LOLOLOL #SWAG"
CLOUD1983  +   532d ago
Square Enix (Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy XIII series)

"Personally, I loathe it and have detested the very idea of its sequels."

"I can’t help but feel that it has wasted this generation..."

Exactly how I feel SE literally waste a whole generation with XIII-1,2,3 & so on... they invest so much time in a game most of us never ask or want to play anyway that's how much they care about what we want & that's why their sales keep on dropping with every new game they make, keep on doing what u r doing for the past years SE & a bankrupt announcement won't take too long to come so start this FFVII remake every1 ask for to have it ready by the time everything go south u know that's the only way to save your @ss.
Godmars290  +   532d ago
Square overstepped themselves trying to upgrade production to HD, and either had too much pride to admit such and scale back, or they've yet to realize such as they move forward.

What FF13 became as well as, especially, the sequels was likely the same thing as what happened to the original FF14 which was bad - if any - oversight. Toriyama was given too much freedom, Wada expected too much when they the title went multi, and they tried to make up for mistakes with "redoes". Only the sequels have further ruined Square's credibility.
Geekman  +   532d ago
If I don't get a new F-Zero I'm gonna fly to Japan, learn Japanese, and curse out everyone in Nintendo HQ.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   532d ago
Might wanna do the first two things in reverse...XD
XtraTrstrL  +   532d ago
Crapcom has let each and every cherished IP go to hell. Street Fighter still has a team behind it that makes sure it is polished and balanced, though I was never keen on the Focus Attacks in SFIV, mainly because the motivating factor that caused them to implement it. They were doing the same lame thing they did with Capcom vs SNK 2 EO, trying to add some easy function to bring in more casuals. The game is not made for casuals, it's not even the type of game a casual gamer wants to play. So, why ruin it with crap that will just bring the value and hardcore aspect down. Focus Attacks definitely aren't as bad as 'Easy Operation' was, but it's still corny just for the reason they added it.

They outsourced Strider, a classic that doesn't come out to play very often, to the same team that I personally feel ruined Killer Instinct recently. They took a big diarrhea dump all over RE and Megaman. Now the creators of each respectively are making true spiritual successors to the core of what each of those series started out as. The Evil Within should end up being a true survival horror, and Mighty No. 9 a brilliant 2D platform shooter.

If Mighty No. 9 does well, then Crapcom decides to make a Megaman, then they are extreme douchebags. Either way, I'm still not nearly as excited about Deep Down as I was for the initial trailer. Which, by the way, the game doesn't look anywhere near as nice as. The game has amazing lighting, particle fx and the fire is just as good as the trailer basically. Other than that, it's a humongous downgrade. That cavern in the trailer with all the detail and intricate high poly environment was crazy. The game has very flat surfaces though, and all the dungeons basically look the same, just with a shallow overlay of ice or whatever on the brick to make it look like a different dungeon environment. The enemies seem dumb as rocks, and not that interesting. Then, the fact that it's just an isolated dungeon crawler, you just teleport right into a dungeon, it's not an RPG where you go around the open world to towns and forests and find these dungeons. Everyone was hoping it'd be a Dragon's Dogma sequel, instead its a more shallow little f2p game that they are gonna try their best to nickel and dime us on anyways. It's really just a test for their Panta Rhei on PS4 imo, nothing more.
denero1  +   532d ago
This is what I intend to happen as soon as Mighty 9 is a hit Capcom will pop up like

"Guess what fan's :) "wink" what you all have been waiting for is coming MegaMANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN"

Ohhh that won't be the jest of it tho they will implement in-game purchases imagine beating a boss getting his transformation then having to pay to upgrade it to it's full strength
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wonderfulmonkeyman  +   532d ago
Microsoft isn't listening to the Rare fans out there.
Nuts&Bolts is proof enough of that.
IVanSpinal  +   532d ago
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   531d ago
Tried it. Extensively, thanks to my room-mate.
Doesn't live up to the glory of the originals.
REDBEARD  +   532d ago
Capcom are the biggest trolls in gaming. While I do believe companies should do what they want with their IPs, you don't want to ignore your fanbase entirely also. (like the mega man fanbase)
Inception  +   532d ago
One of the reason i bought 3DS because Megaman Legends 3. But when Capcom canceled it, i really really reallyyyyyyyyyy dissapointed!!!!

Capcom, you OWE us Megaman Legend 3. And for God sake, when will you put those Megaman Legend 1, 2, and Tron Bone for PSN/eshop?!?!
Geobros  +   532d ago
if the companies were listening to fans, we would play the same games that 25 years ago.....
Roccetarius  +   532d ago
Capcom is probably one of the best examples of ignoring fans. They quite regularily shows them the middle finger, and makes games for a ''wider audience'' that's just not there.
DxTrixterz  +   531d ago
Anyone heard of Running with Scissors? Those guys keep updating their over 10 year old game (Postal 2) with FREE content updates. Is there any other company that bother to update their games that are older than 1 year? Oh that game is sick as hell.
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Realplaya  +   531d ago
I don't believe you can always give the fans what they wan't I do believe you can't outright ignore them. Example make a game has HD graphics for $100 million and only make a 10 million dollar profit because you only sold 5 million games.

Hate Nintendo all you want but you don't here them complaining the windwaker cost more to make than it made.

IMO these studies better wake up if they want to stay afloat and keep paychecks rolling in.

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