Microsoft Plans On Approaching Some Of The Ex-Irrational Devs About Coming To Work For Them

Microsoft Plans On Approaching Some Of The Ex-Irrational Devs About Coming To Work For Them.

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AngelicIceDiamond1064d ago

I understand MS went on a hiring spree for its 1st party devs. They could use more. In fact as many AAA devs as possible to strengthen their talent of 1st party power.

And Irrational devs will do just that.

If everything works out this is significantly big if possibly huge for MS.

these are talented devs that made the award winning game of the year Bioshock: Infinite

jhoward5851064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

Agreed, MS can sure use the help. I wish MS good luck.

thereapersson1063d ago

Hopefully they actually do something with that development talent if they plan on bringing them aboard, instead of once again shuffling them around into a kinect-laden future. I'm more than willing to give MS the benefit of the doubt on this one should anything pan out, but I'm still skeptical considering the way they handled the studios they acquired during the 360 era.

lolCHILLbro1063d ago

Sony and Microsoft both look to be bringing the games this generation, CANT WAIT

mcstorm1063d ago

@lolCHILLbro I agree. Its good to see Sony and Microsoft now look to use there own IP's instead of relaying on 3rd party games. I think this new gen is going to be better than the last in terms of quality 1st party games from all 3. Nintendo are on a high at the moment for me as Mario 3D world, Windwaker, Pikmin 3 and Lego City have been a lot of fun. Add that to Forza 5 and KI on the xbox one and the 1st party lineup has got off to a great start for me.

We still have the big name from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft to come too like Halo, Mario Kart and UC.

thereapersson1063d ago

Yes, agreed ChillBro, there are a lot of promising titles across the board due in the remainder of the year. This gen should be a lot of fun.

Kryptix1063d ago


I totally agree with you. Looking at how they handled Rare, which contained some of the best developers in the 90s makes me skeptical till I see them use all these developers they acquire for really good use.

And if they do learn from the past and use these ex-Irrational devs to make a very fascinating and great game, then the gamer benefits and I applaud them for improving their ways.

Can't hate for what Microsoft is doing now since that means the ex-Irrational developers can get back on the job and that's what I want for them because of how amazing their games were...but if they ruin this one more time like what they did to Rare for over a decade, then I can't trust MS anymore in that particular subject of bringing all these known veteran devs on board.

Giul_Xainx1062d ago

Trying to grab developers coming out of a company that size is like trying to slow a tidal wave with a boat. Their henchmen are just going to get run over. These devs have their eyes set on the indie scene.

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christocolus1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

Rod fergusson worked at irratonal games just before joining Black Tusk. i bet he wouldn't mind coaxing ms into bringing some of his former colleagues over to work with him at Black tusk.

im glad to see ms working really hard to expand their in house studios.


how many kinect only titles have been announced for the xbx one? i dont think all ms internal teams will be churning out kinect games and the new direction ms is going certainly proves they learnt a lot from their mistakes with the 360. rare also made viva pinata, kameo and banjoe k: nuts and bolts and while those games sold quite well the biggest seller was still kinect sports(more than 5.5 million copies),but i believe this gen rare will return to their roots with a lot more adventure games.

thereapersson1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

Which is why I said I'd be willing to see if MS does anything major for the One or if they just absorb labor, shutter studios and focus mostly on Kinect and the casual market (once again). Rare is probably the biggest example; a studio that had many great games (Banjo, Perfect Dark, etc.). Now what do they have to show for themselves? You can't deny this is still a worrisome topic with MS.

hulk_bash19871063d ago

Good on Microsoft for trying to strengthen their internal development studios. I wanna also wish a good luck to all the Irrational Games employees who lost their jobs. You are all a talented group of people and thank you for some amazing game experiences.

forcefullpower1063d ago

Black tusk just went from a new ip studio to mediocre milking ip studio. I wouldnt recommend anyone joining black tusk now.

lolCHILLbro1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

@thereaperson, Maybe RARE just couldnt adapt to the new generation (360)? maybe the team fell apart on its own? maybe they make alot of money or did off kinect games? if they were with nintendo they would also be making motion games

Kryptix1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

Nope, according to ex-Rare employees, there was a lot of mismanagement at Microsoft with the studio.

"“We were being asked to make the games we’d always made for an audience that didn’t want those sort of games. The reason we did Black Widow, Crackdown and aged up Kameo was because we were trying to bridge that gap but Microsoft wouldn’t let us.” -

"At first it seemed that [Microsoft] wouldn't interfere much, but it was soon clear that they were more interested in using Rare to help aim at a younger market. This stifled a lot of creativity, Rare was renowned for their diverse portfolio, so to not be involved in making mature games was a real blow. There [were] numerous projects that were put forward that I believe would have been huge hits, but Microsoft rejected them one after the other. I remember seeing a couple of prototypes that Chris Seavor (the creator of Microsoft) had designed and was working on that looked amazing, but alas they got shelved." -

And that's all the info you need to know why Rare became what it currently is. Not because of themselves, but because of Microsoft.

Kryptix1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

Chris Seavor (the creator of Conker)*

Chris Seavor also spoke against Microsoft in his Twitter posts, dropped out of Rare and led him to working for Nintendo.

"After Rare was bought by Microsoft he remade Conker's Bad Fur day for the Xbox. Conker: Live & Reloaded launched in 2005 with dumbed down content and Live-enabled multiplayer.

After that, Seavor headed up multiple Xbox 360 projects that never saw the light of day, including Conker 2, Perfect Dark Core, Ordinary Joe and Urchin. He saw Kameo 2, a motion control game called Savannah and more fall by the wayside." -

Can you believe there were plans for Conker 2 and a new Perfect Dark before they got shelved? Another reason why Microsoft's acquirement of Rare was a big mistake to the gaming industry.

otherZinc1063d ago

The PS4 is the console that has no games.

Where are the ge changers for PS4?

Plants vs Zombies
*TitanFall: The Game Changer
Kinect Sports Rivals
Project Spark

PS4 has:
Infamous Second Son
Infamous Second Son isn't a game changer.

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iNFAMOUZ11064d ago

Keep buying more devs and opening more game studios for the one microsoft, we believe in you!!

ABeastNamedTariq1064d ago

"we believe in you"......

*implied facepalm*

Eonjay1063d ago

You mean higher devs...not buy them. You pay people, you don't purchase them...

AnEwGuY1063d ago

You mean hire devs...not higher them. SMH....

Eonjay1063d ago

Yes LOL thanks for that.

a08andan1063d ago

Higher devs would be awesome :D Who knows what kind of crazy shit would come out of that :D

Bathyj1063d ago

Slavery is bad M'kay?

-Foxtrot1064d ago

Sony should swoop in and get some of these guys for NaughtyDog, SuckerPunch or Sony Santa Monica.

Kayant1064d ago

You keep telling yourself that.

Allsystemgamer1063d ago

But they could afford to develop a cheaper more powerful console with less restrictions and not have investors wanting them to sell their gaming division.oops. Did I say that?

Skips1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

But yea, they obviously can't afford to with the way PS4 is selling (aka smashing the competition into the ground). /s


Bathyj1063d ago

Since when has Sony needing money ever stopped them from spending it on making games? Even ones that arent likely blockbuster sellers.

While another company has all the money in the world and gives so little back.

Ulf1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

He's right. You guys realize that like half of Zipper now works for MS on games like Halo, right? And that Halo 4 was a vast improvement over the stuff Bungie had been shoveling after H3?

Sony couldn't afford to keep them, either. I don't see how they could afford to hire a bunch of devs in Boston, given that they have no studios even close to there, and paying for folks to move ain't cheap.

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TheForwardUnto1063d ago

Why did you fuel the ongoing Fanboy War?

JasonKCK1063d ago

Sony isn't really in a place to go on spending spree's.

GuruMeditation1063d ago

They likely already are. The core talent remains with Levine for the new slimline post-'Irrational' entity, while the remaining team will be recieving the standard open - invitations from right across the industry.

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DigitalRaptor1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

This is great news. Is there an article about how Sony Santa Monica is also ready to accomodate?

Santa Monica has one of the best studio cultures around, so it would be a perfect fit.

I_am_Batman1063d ago

"We want the best of the industry to come work with us on our new IP, and Irrational Games are resident pros at that"

This is great news. Glad the talented people at Irrational get so many great offers.

Bomberman_641063d ago

Get them working at RARE to reboot Perfect Dark

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