PS4: "Series of Massive Significance" to be Finally Confirmed Next Month for Sony's New console

Looks like PS4 users are in for a treat next month, as the Official PlayStation Magazine UK teased something big coming next month, and to be more precise a series of “massive significance,” to be confirmed on the console.

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abzdine1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

i'm thinking Legend of Dragoon.
i hope we hear some news about JRPGs soon!

...but yeah, Crash will be a massive thing if it's true. imagine all the fanbase from 1995 buying PS just for that.

Mainman1527d ago

I wanna say Uncharted, but that one has already been confirmed right?

Unreal011527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

All aboard the hype train! I love these moments.

But yeah. I'm going for a Titanfall PS4 release.

Edit: I just completely ignored the word series. My bad! So, in that case, I'll go for Crash Bandicoot.

Razmossis1527d ago

If it's Crash, then do you really care?
I don't know how a Crash Bandicoot game could stand up against other games after so many years of video game progression

ErcsYou1527d ago

Legend of dragoon will probably never happen. I have been hoping for the same thing for the last 13 years or so. I hope it's not Crash because I wasn't a fan in nine five and I'm not a fan now.

thorstein1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

It's in the announcement: Massive.
It is an MMO. Massively online.

BitbyDeath1527d ago


Massive Action Game 2


Faztkiller1527d ago

Sounds like it could be Mass Effect

ThanatosDMC1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

I hope it's not Crash because that's just disappointing. I hope it's a new IP or MAG2 or Planetside 2 ps4 launch.

White Knight 3. I'd end up playing that non-stop.

pedrof931527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

You guys fail.

It's Half Life 3 obvious.

LOL This or Planet Side 2.

lociefer1527d ago

crash of shenmue 4: logan's fortune

Abriael1527d ago

@pedrof93: planetside 2 has been confirmed months ago.

ZodTheRipper1527d ago

God Of War? MAG 2? GT7 (Prologue)?

Hmmm ...

frostypants1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

No offense, but no JRPG outside of Final Fantasy could ever really be considered of "massive significance" to the mainstream western audience.

I agree with the thought that this sounds like a MAG pun. Granted, MAG wasn't really a major success, but as a pun it works. Also, MAG's biggest problems were graphics, fluidity, and plain level design. The PS4 would solve a lot of that.

sinspirit1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

RPG/JRPG's are always my favorite announcements.

If it is a massive title that would be confirmed next month then it is nothing we have seen yet. I am guessing it would be something we haven't had or heard much about in a while.

Also, noting that it says "finally confirmed" and "massive significance" means a lot of fans had requested and speculated about it for years, and that these titles played an important role in Playstation, likely the PS1 era. Legend of Dragoon and Crash Bandicoot are the most likely, I think. Jak and Daxter is sure overdue and had a massive following at the time. I really wouldn't mind if they finally announced that they were developing Demons Souls 2, though, I really think it is going to be an older franchise to be revealed.

But, them saying "series" could mean the game already has multiple titles. Legend of Dragoon was one game. Following the clues of Crash Bandicoot no longer being an Activision property recently, and the game having many titles and spin-offs I would put money on Crash Bandicoot for sure, but at this point I am JRPG deprived and look forward to LoD anything.

360ICE1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Haha, it's so never going to be Legend of Dragoon. Don't know why people still expect it to be.

Though, after writing that I feel like the chances of me eating my own words just got higher. Hmm...

Best case scenario, it's Crash. But typical of these kinds of reveals is that it was something we didn't think about. Like Ace Combat, Red Dead Redemption or something else entirely. (They did say confirmed for PS4, but I'm not quite sure that has to mean that it's exclusive. It's OPM, after all).

Basically, it could be anything.

GarrusVakarian1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

GTA5 or Crash.

The industry will flip out if a next gen Crash Bandicoot gets revealed. So will i, it's one of the first games i ever remember playing.

People on GAF are saying that it might be Mass Effect 4 because of the use of the words 'massive' and 'watch this space'. Not sure i agree but it would be cool nonetheless.

Patrick_pk441527d ago

No one has mentioned The Last Guardian...I feel like everyone has given up all hope. At least I am hoping that's the announcement.

pandaboy1527d ago

There is no way it is mass effect as some are suggesting. It's not consistent with the cover being "one of the most exciting in OPM history" nor is it consistent with a "series of massive significance finally being announced for PS4." The 'finally' suggests a rumour that has been circulating for a while whereas mass effect 4 is virtually a given.

It has got to be something like Crash. That's my bet especially given the playstation trailer we saw alluding to it.

UltimateMaster1527d ago

Crash? They did re-purchase the rights to it.

Jak & Daxter?


New Games?

Withdreday1527d ago

Please don't be Syphon Filter...

Shooters are getting old and that would have been better for last gen.

My bet is maybe Crash or Jak 4.

1527d ago
b163o11527d ago

What if Sony comes out and says the ps4 is only operating at 60% of its true potential lol,

Can't imagine what there 3rd generation games will look like. I hope Sony's developers continue the trend of helping each other out, could you imagine what [email protected] and ND could come up with? (O.o)

xxShadow-Shockxx1527d ago

Why the disagrees both would be great, I would want crash more.

MysticStrummer1527d ago

Oh man… I doubt it's MAG2 since Planetside 2 is coming, but I hope it is.

Matt6661527d ago

I will only buy Crash if it like Crash 1-3. Anything after that started to go downhill.

Sharius1527d ago

damn, if it's the legend of dragoon i'll piss rainbow

gatormatt801527d ago

Its got to be GTA V. It doesn't mention anything about the game being PS4 exclusive.

Yi-Long1527d ago

It's Shenmmue 3. Sega dropped the license, so I'm sure Sony grabbed it up.

Kryptix1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

"Finally being confirmed for PS4..."

Meaning that this game has been speculated or seen before by fans but forgotten or still talked about. Last Guardian and Crash Bandicoot come to mind.

"Series of massive significance..."

This could mean one of two things; either it's the return of a series or franchise that once represented a genre, for example, Crash Bandicoot represented platformers on the Playstation or "series" could mean "many" as in, we'll see not just one, but a couple of reveals next month which I hope for.

Can't wait to see what it exactly is next month, this got me hyped up. A lot of good news this week so far for the PS4 and the people that bought one.

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ThunderSpark1527d ago

Not sure what this massiveness is, but if it's bigger than the Order 1886, then it is official. PS4 is the place to be this gen.

3-4-51527d ago

Sounds like it might be Bigger than Order 1886. I mean, at least if they are announcing it as they are.

Irishguy951527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

XD...seriously? The Order has shown nothing except it's graphics yet. Literally nothing(unless you count a QTE as impressive). We've heard it has destruction(haven't seen it) and we've seen one segment of a player shooting a gun. I'm amazed, PS fanboys try to underhype Titanfall, when it was first announced a full gameplay vid was shown which immediately garnered hype. Suddenly when it wasn't coming to PS4 nobody cared anymore.

Now the Order is coming out, has shown next to nothing and is being made by albeit a talented handheld dev, but not experienced on this level of hardware. And now it's the biggest game to come to PS4? Seriously? Infamous has had a VASTLY more impressive showing that the Order has so far. And it's coming from a proven dev. I just don't get it sometimes.

Abriael1527d ago

The Order: 1886 is very hyped, but as a new IP it's still not "big" IMHO :D

It's awesome, mind you, all I've seen of it is jaw-dropping. I just have a different idea of what big means.

sinspirit1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )


It showed seamless transitions from cut-scene to game-play, outside environments, inside environments, cover system, shooting mechanics, hand to hand combat, variable routes, and destruction of the environment.

The quick-time events shown were fantastic. They were fast-paced and have multiple choices based on your own observation, like if you noticed the knife like the played did he grabbed that but instead if he pressed the button looking at the mains head he would probably just punch him or snap his neck instead.

Sharky2311527d ago

It's syphon filter or the getaway!!

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ABizzel11527d ago

A series of MASSive Significance....hmmmm?

New MASS Effect Trilogy.

Other possible ideas:

GT7 Prolouge reveal
God of War

sonic9891527d ago

i will be super happy if its not a shooter

Retroman1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

From JoGam "damn what can it be?"


@ SONIC above

at lease not another FPS shooter maybe GRADIUS or R-TYPE shooter.

Chaoticmoon1527d ago

Demon Souls 2? Announced in the month Dark Souls 2 comes out c'mon it would be perfection!

TheRacingX1527d ago

I loved Primal Rage, played it in the arcade ALOT. I miss that mid '90's arcade fighting game revolution. Everything was a fighting game

medman1527d ago

I really wish these companies would stop issuing announcements about upcoming announcements. It's enough already.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1527d ago

If it isn't Jak 4 I'll simply cry and go to bed.

wsoutlaw871527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

with their words of finally being confirmed for ps4 makes me think it is last guardian or something like gta V on ps4. But, maybe, crash

Angeljuice1527d ago

KENGO-BUSHIDO BLADE Reboot, that would absolutely blow my mind.

vivid831527d ago

oh shit that game was awesome !!!!!!!

Audiggity1526d ago

Dude. I'd buy a PS4 tomorrow if they rebooted Bushido Blade. One hit kills and hyper accurate hit detection?

showtimefolks1527d ago

the last guardian for ps4

crash returns to sony and coming to ps4

syphon filter

agent now on ps4

getaway series reboot

irishyort1527d ago

.... just for a bit on controversy.....

Massive significance

May elude to something massive significant on a competitors machine...

Just for fun, what if this was

jwatt1527d ago

I want to say Gears of war

1OddWorld1527d ago

The long awaited remake of FF7

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DialgaMarine1527d ago

Please no one kill me for this, but dare I say it...

Crash Bandicoot

The rumors are there. Only time will tell.

RyanShutup1527d ago

What is that image from?!

-Foxtrot1527d ago

The PS4 "This is For the Players" trailer


You know where they show a ton of PS references and third party ones which have or will appear on their console

The Crash one is just too obvious, either that or they are trolling HARD. Apparently after though Crash disappeared from Activisons site even though they came out after and said Crash was still with them I don't know, they could just be saying that you never know.

If they wanted to reference Crash then they would of just had the bottom picture of his silhouette or maybe his silhouette inside the old Sony logo but they went a step farther

diehardmetallicafan1527d ago

I'll shit in my pants if it's crash!

Chitown712911527d ago

Illuminiati man *Please detect my sarcasm lol*

Edsword1527d ago

Actually that is what I was thinking too. I'm sure that would be disappointing to some, but I would really like to see some of these type games coming back. PS2 had a ton of platformers, RPGs, and just about every other genre you can imagine. That is why it was the best selling console of all time. It appealed to everyone before online FPS games ruined everything. (I'm not knocking online FPS, just like variety)