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Submitted by WutangClam 718d ago | screenshot

A Dozen New Elder Scrolls Online Screenshots Released

Today brings a dozen new screenshots of the upcoming MMORPG to the masses, featuring combat and stunning scenery. (PC, PS4, The Elder Scrolls Online, Xbox One)

LAWSON72  +   718d ago
Did not care for gameplay but the visuals are definitely good looking
Ryanbob  +   718d ago
These screenshots have been floating around for a few days now ever since the embargo lifted.
Anthotis  +   718d ago
Looks better than it plays.
Maxor  +   717d ago
A lot of the negativity around this game is centered on the bland MMO like solo play in the early levels. Well duh!

The preview of the group content however is awesome, and that is where MMOs make their money. Just like SWTOR and many other MMOs, the end game will determine if this game is a success or not. So far the group content is up to the task.

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