UK politician rages about Battlefield 4 crashing on PS4

UK MP Tom Watson recently vented on Twitter how Battlefield 4 "crashed for the fifth time today".

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pedrof93887d ago

*Crying from a far distance*


RexLex887d ago (Edited 887d ago )

hahaha ,.. well, they have priorities ,.. so funny
OMG UK ,.. Still have humour.

Neonridr887d ago

And in other news, parliament in the UK is in shambles..

but back to Battlefield 4.. :P

Garethvk887d ago

You would think they would have better things to worry over.

PurpatraitorMGS887d ago

Guys...... at least politicians are trying to be like us lol.

fhizikz887d ago

hes bashing ps4 lets make fun of him

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