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JoGam982d ago

This is great news. Best multi-player on a handheld.

PoSTedUP982d ago

yeah i cant wait. the MP is so fun and smooth.

Aggesan982d ago

Nice! haven't played is for a while, but this will get me into the action again.

Monolith982d ago

Finally. Still think it's the best in the series.

RyanShutup982d ago

oh hands down the best... campaign, multiplayer, everything

only thing I wish they did away with was the ammo box support ability... how useless is that thing??? just add the crates back to the maps guerrilla geez!

PoSTedUP982d ago

@ryanshutup- i dont agree with campaign being the best. KZ2 has it for me.

and the ammo crates woulda been cooler. but i like the ammo support too; i like firing off a lot of shots at people (spray, supress, over whelm the enemy etc.) it comes in handy for me.

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dcj0524982d ago

Now we're talking. About time!

RyanShutup982d ago

Sweeeeeet!!! I love this game, can't wait for the new maps.

krontaar982d ago

Guess it's time to dust off the ol' ps4.

Aggesan982d ago

This is for Vita, buddy. But go ahead dusting off your PS4 anyway!

Rikuson1982d ago

Cambridge needs to be in charge of making Killzone 4..

PoSTedUP982d ago

agreed. i hope they keep it KZ (e.g. same weapons, grittyness, dark, intense etc.)

bjmartynhak982d ago

Grittiness, dark, intense, oh yeah, Killzone!!

I can't understand the excitement people were having that KZ SF would have "colours". F* the colours, Killzone is gritty. No wonder I loved chapter 8 in SF.

PoSTedUP982d ago

yep. tho i havent played SF yet, i dont feel a need to because of KZ:M, the MP is exctly what ive been wanting and im satisfied.

vergilxx3982d ago

Hah I live in Cambridge so I might Kick there ass if the maps are bad ^.^

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The story is too old to be commented.