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LAWSON721374d ago

Ouch Ubi talk about downplaying Wii U

Gamer19821374d ago

If you already own the PC version of this game though whats the point of buying this version?? I mean its under £10 on PC now and looks amazing..

LAWSON721374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

None but I think you knew the answer, lol.

Metallox1374d ago

It's a cool game but it's not the best platformer of 2013.

LAWSON721374d ago

Just curious what is? An indie?

Oh never mind probably Mario 3d World

Metallox1374d ago

I forgot to add " not the best platformer for me" thing, but yeah, it is either Super Mario 3D World or Tearaway. I give you an agree for that.