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Mikefizzled1280d ago

Just read this and I cannot believe it. At least they ended on a very very high note. Good luck to everyone for their future endeavours. They deserve it.

Nitrowolf21280d ago

This is so unexpected. Best of luck to all the meployees

guitarded771280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

WTF?!?!? Why? I guess they're quitting while they're at the top of their game. They have enough money to go do small passion projects for a while. Maybe they'll come back with a big game after a few years.

ABizzel11280d ago

That sucks.

I was really looking forward to seeing more from them. Bioshock was one of my favorite IP's from the last generation. Best of luck to all of them, and if I could I would buy a good bunch of you up, and we'd be on our way to making greatness for the current generation of consoles.

Volkama1280d ago

Where are irrational based? What other studios are in the area that may take advantage of the talent that just became available?

Studios close, talent (hopefully) moves on and continues to deliver.

Black-Helghast1280d ago

Wow.. What a sad day to be a gamer :\ I just recently got into BioShock games and now irrational closes? </3

ABizzel11280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )


They're in Boston. They said other 2k teams will be picking people up, but outside of 2k Bethesda is the only developer I know close by.

Let me win the Powerball or Mega Millions, and I'll pick them up :D

badz1491280d ago

MY GOD! WTH? This news came out of nowhere! Does this means that the promised Bioshock for Vita is gone too? Sad day indeed but I think they just disband so they can get out of 2k and they are forming their own studio ala Respawn or Bungie! One can hope, right?


What about Bioshock PS Vita ?

blackbeld1280d ago


Sad but its real.

Aggesan1280d ago

Before you leave, where is that Bioshock for Vita that you promised me?

mewhy321280d ago

Well i hope that they have a great future but I would have liked so see what they could have done with the PS4.

pyramidshead1280d ago

it's beyond upsetting :(.

The future of BioShock games won't have Levine at the helm is devastating, that's on the assumption 2K decides to even make a next gen one. 2KMarin did a real good job on BioShock 2 to be fair.

Definitely going to be keeping an eye on what ever he makes.

Just feels like an unnecessary closure and end of an era.

Next gen BioShock games look bleak now, and that's a damn shame, despite showing some franchise fatigue and massive delays it was one of my favourite game franchises just because it was all quirky mostly playing on the FPS taking it out of the long line of military FPS shooters.

Kryptix1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

That's very surprising since Irrational Games set a new level of story telling with Bioshock and are in no financial struggle.

According to Kevin Levine, he wants to work with a small team for his next project which in a way, doesn't make sense since he can do that while having the rest of the employees work on something else. There's so much talent at Irrational Games and the fact they have to part ways saddens me but hopefully a lot of them join other studios to share their talent with.

I wish them the best of luck and hope that they're being taken good care of after the layoffs. Enjoyed their work with all Bioshock games so they deserve the best they can possibly get.

MWong1279d ago

This is so random and it sucks. I loved their games, I will miss the studio. I wonder what will happen to BioShock now?

EeJLP-1279d ago

@people above

Why would you want a dumbed down Vita BioShock when they can make a PS4 BioShock and you could play it on your Vita with remote play if you really wanted to? What a waste handhelds are in my opinion. (I own a Vita)

Yes, I know, for travel, etc. when you're out of range of remote play. Still, a big waste IMO.

Kidmyst1279d ago

Why do I have a strong feeling it has to do with Obamacare since several companies nationwide are "restructuring" to get around the new laws with it. It seem like he could just downsize and still turn over Bioshock to 2K anyways but keep the name and history of the company going. Most don't shut down a successful business, they either sell it and make Millions or continue to grow it.

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-Foxtrot1280d ago

This is a sad day

I can't believe it, who the hell is going to create the next Bioshock games then. I mean I felt like they added the...

"There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man. There's always a city"

So they had a good reason to expand the Bioshock series into new directions. New themes, new characters, different setting, unique styles etc

So who will continue it now :|

SmielmaN1280d ago

Definitely unfortunate for bioshock fans, but he and his 15 man crew heading to Take-Two will be something to keep an eye on.

I_am_Batman1280d ago

"Who the hell is going to create the next Bioshock games then?"

I think they should put that series to rest. It's hard to imagine a Bioshock game without Ken Levine working on it. I do however look forward to see what Ken can do with a smaller team. Best wishes to all the talented people that have to go now. I hope they'll find a new job at another studio.

RetrospectRealm1279d ago

Irrational had nothing to do with BioShock 2. 2k Marin did it all. BioShock 2 is in no way a bad game, so we're not necessarily doomed.

Volkama1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

It's a weird one. Studios closing down because it's a cutt-throat industry is not uncommon, even good studios. But that isn't the case here, there is no indication of any financial difficulties at all.

While I don't know the full story, my initial impression from this statement is that Ken should be taking better care of his employees. It seems a bit of a jerk move to put good people through redundancy just because you feel like doing something else. Social responsibility starts with those around you.

Having said that I don't know the full story, and I don't know what kind of support they're giving to the people being laid off. Hopefully they're doing right be them.

Good luck to those out of work.

torchic1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

"I'm bored, so you're all fired"

a bit from a tweet I just saw on twitter that completely summarises the whole situation.

but I refuse to believe that is the case, far too cruel and unkind. if Ken wanted to go into a new dirrection he could've easily pulled a West & Zampella and started a new studio somewhere else and take a few talents from Irrational with him.

lack of money or Take Two giving orders has to be a part of it.

Deadpoolio1280d ago

Ken Levine is closing the studio, to start a smaller studio...It's not closing because 2k closed it or Infinite didn't do exceptionally well

Flavor1280d ago

The games industry is so unstable, with no long term employment guarantees, where the end of a project means having to find a new job and move with your family somewhere far away.

How could they do this to a successful talented team? Just because Ken wants to make casual 'indie' budget games with a higher profit margin than a big budget AAA title?

Yeah, that must be it. The money you get for making 2d low budget pixel garbage that you can play through in an hour is just as green as the cash you get for a AAA title that requires hundreds of talented people - who have to paid.


wow! first the fat boys break this!

WeedyOne1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

It is strange...

"In time we will announce a new endeavor with a new goal: To make narrative-driven games for the core gamer that are highly replayable. To foster the most direct relationship with our fans possible, we will focus exclusively on content delivered digitally"

I like all of that except for the part that says we will focus on content delivered digitally... That combined with a small team, are they making a phone game?!? I hope not!

It could mean they are going to focus on PSN games or Live arcade games... I mean every AAA type game has had at least the option to buy disks...

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Xsilver1280d ago

all the good news today then boom they hit you with this life is real, i loved Bioshock 1 and infinite wish them the best creative minds like ken Levine will without a doubt create another memorable game.

BX811280d ago

wow. this really sux.

Anon19741280d ago

Unexpected news. Bioshock was an absolute classic in my books and I'm just playing Infinite now and loving it. Good luck to their employees in their future endeavors.

starchild1280d ago

What the hell? This came out of nowhere. What a sad day...

Monolith1280d ago

Just finished Bioshock Infinite a few weeks ago. Finished in part of my major back log of games catch up time before all the ps4 games start rolling in, which starts in March in to the future!