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The Creepiest Urban Legends In The History of Gaming

Gamers have carved themselves their own independent culture. In this culture they have their own slang, rules of etiquette and folklore. Everyone loves a good creepy urban legend and gamers are no exception. This list is going to tell you the story of the creepiest urban legends in the history of gaming. (Arcade, GameCube, Nintendo DS, PC, PS2, Xbox)

SpiralTear  +   404d ago
What about the "Hell Valley Sky Trees" of Super Mario Galaxy 2? Talk about out of place.
tanookisuit  +   404d ago
# 10 - Creepy, but can't find video for it, unfortunately.
# 9 - Wouldn't someone have asked a S.E employee about this?
# 5 - Oddly enough, some patch logs for Minecraft say "removed Herobrine".

This list/article was fantastic btw, a lot of them I never knew about.
MxRBrobaFett  +   404d ago
Here's the YouTube vid of the guy crying

tanookisuit  +   403d ago
Never gets old ;)
NarooN  +   403d ago
The Minecraft patch notes that said "removed Herobrine" were just in-jokes by the devs. Herobrine was never actually in the game, not counting fan-made mods and such.
tanookisuit  +   403d ago
Yeah, I had a feeling that was the case, because my little cousin was showing me that the "removed Herobrine" line appeared about 3 times, in various patches.
2pacalypsenow  +   403d ago
I litteraly got chills reading this especially the morrowind one
mayberry  +   403d ago
i used to play Berzerk, and after reading this article, I got freaked out a little...
TWB  +   403d ago
4 and 3 are such bullshit.

Especially 3. You cant just run any game you want in Dosbox...
ni99awha7  +   403d ago
Damn - definitely just had to turn the light on in the middle of reading that lol
mayberry  +   403d ago
I know! Very creepy indeed!
cheats  +   403d ago
hahaha you got me!
mayberry  +   403d ago
I know there arevother games with creepy backstories, but I didn't know about some of these!

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