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The PS4 Is Not Immune To Loeb Pressure

The PS4 is performing incredibly well, but that doesn't make it immune to the sort of pressures that are currently plaguing the Xbox One and Microsoft. (PS4, Sony)

Eonjay  +   280d ago
I really don't see the problem with spinning off units that are unprofitable. It really makes sense to me. Not that the PlayStation Unit is generating profits, they don't want other units to pull it down. Its kind of the same situation people are talking about at Microsoft. Selling Xbox could allow them to invest in their larger business market. Neither brand is going away. Just seems like people want to shift things around to unlock some profitability.
Thepharaoh  +   280d ago
When you open your mind to the realm of possibles Microsoft could do very good for the Pc gaming market if they ever did sell the xbox to someone else.

They certainly have enough franchises and money to make a true killing.

I doubt a sell off will be all that soon but whit their heads cleared with the xbox in someone elses hands they could POTENTIALLY be the most renowned pc developers out there
Thepharaoh  +   280d ago
Wait. if you read this article in it entirety then there's a Piece at the end that says that this article was written simply to balance the rumors about the xbox one being so off Seriously.

I get that the intention is to let people that a sell off is capable for both sides but that motive leaves alot to be desired

And can someone please tell me when all of these random people on the internet suddenly became financial experts who knew the way billion dollar investors at Microsoft and Sony thought

Never have i seen so many unqualified people making assumptions about two companies that they barely know anything about
jgrigs09  +   280d ago
Google duhhhhhhhH! That's how we learn now!
adorie  +   280d ago
"Never have i seen so many unqualified people making assumptions about two companies that they barely know anything about"

It's called discussion. #dealwithit
Thepharaoh  +   280d ago
That's what you call discussion ? I wonder what you call actual intellectual conversation then.
adorie  +   280d ago
"That's what you call discussion ? I wonder what you call actual intellectual conversation then."

Look. If you want to pick and choose what *you* deem as "intellectual" -ly appropriate for discussion, then, by all means, go ahead, but discussion is discussion. Any way you slice it.

As for this article? Yeah, I guess I can agree with you there, journals shouldn't pretend their analysts, if that's where you're getting at.

Journals also shouldn't pretend they know a lick about hardware, if they don't.
Agent_hitman  +   280d ago
I don't think that the Sony or SCE board will be pressured by Loeb's proposal to sell the other Sony division. Since PS4 is kicking and building steady momentum
KakashiHotake  +   280d ago
They say PS4 isn't making a profit but it is making an additional $19 per sale. Microsoft on the other hand is making $29 per sale, that's a whole $10 more than PS4 is making but it's really not that big of a deal. Historically consoles would sell at a loss but that's not the case this time because they are both profiting even if by a small margin. The bulk of the money comes from the games and services these consoles provide. So with 5.3 million units sold in just 3 months, and huge sales on games and PS Plus membership, PS4 is in great shape.
sgtGanGreen  +   280d ago
What a stupidity lol

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